Zotac Magnus One Test

If you have a small space or want the convenience of a mobile PC will surely benefit from modern mini-PCs, particularly as mini-PCs tend to be priced lower and have more flexibility than similar notebooks. ZOTAC Magnus One is a great example. ZOTAC Magnus One is a mini-PC that is a perfect fit for this class. The mini-PC is now available in two variants. The smaller one for 1,300 euros is based on the Intel Core i5-10400, six cores, and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX3060 graphic card for the desktop version.

The more robust version that costs around 1500 euros includes one Intel Core I7-10700 (an eight-core) and the GeForce RTX 3070, which can also be upgraded to higher resolutions. With the current price of GPUs, that’s a reasonable price, although you need to be aware that these are barebones models with no RAM or SSD that need to be bought by yourself, and Windows isn’t pre-installed. However, you can choose what components you wish to install in addition.

The ZOTAC Magnus One is decidedly small. This 8.3-liter chassis measures 265.5 inches by 126 inches by 249 millimeters, much smaller and lighter than the latest PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles. It can even fit into any backpack, meaning it can be carried through the back of a bag from the office to a LAN or even to a friend’s house to play games. Its compact size, which is a good thing, makes Magnus One an exciting alternative to bulky desktop PCs in case you are working with a small desk or you’re looking to use it as a media center for the living area of your home.

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The craftsmanship makes an impression of high quality. It’s also great that ZOTAC is based on two-piece designs so that the motherboard/CPU and the graphics card don’t heat one the other up. ZOTAC relies entirely on components for desktops, and there is no compromise regarding performance. RAM only relies on SO-DIMM standards, but these bars aren’t much worse than standard RAM bars.

It is possible to upgrade, provided you opt for processors that can be fitted on the custom mainboard using the H470 chipsets, and the size of your graphics card can fit inside the case. In reality, the desktop graphics card used in our test sample, the ZOTAC Gaming GeForce RTX 3060 12GB Twin Edge, does not take up a lot of space because the two fan units have enough power to cool. Two screws must be removed to access the ports and components with any issue. The power supply is 500W, which provides enough capacity to fit additional power inside the box, should an upgrade happen to the cards.

Connections and connectivity leave nothing to be left to be. The 64GB DDR4-2666 SODIMM is available to work as storage. One slot is available for M.2 PCIe SATA, 2.5″ SATA drives are available, and an M.2 PCIe port that can be used for Intel Optane. In addition, 1x Gigabit network 1x Killer 2.5 Gigabit LAN, Killer WiFi 6, and Bluetooth 5 provide all the standard connectivity options.

There’s not a massive number of ports because of space. However, everyone will be content with their choices. 4x USB 3.1 and 4x USB 3.0 (1x of which is Type-C), 1x HDMI 2.1, 3x DP 1.4a through a graphics card, 1x HDMI 1.4 via a board, and an audio input port, are all present. Additionally, an SD/SDHC/SDXC reader is a small perk to creative users. It’s not extravagant, but it’s important because it’s an ultra-computer.

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Being gamers, we looked at the performance of our gaming equipment, and it did not leave much to be wanted. The RTX-3060 version is fantastic for games that require 1080p resolution. On the other hand, the model that is RTX-3070 can easily handle 1440p and can handle all games in 4K, using DLSS and lower settings. Magnus One is indeed louder than other notebooks. Magnus One is louder than the typical desktop PC when fully loaded. However, it can’t be any different due to its small dimensions. We must be thankful that the noise levels of the current notebooks have not been exceeded. The Magnus One is even audibly quieter.

Overall, this ZOTAC Magnus One is a good choice for a wide range of applications and an excellent alternative to the large desktop. It is upgradeable with certain limitations and offers more versatility than conventional notebooks. It is a small and even a mobile PC to use for games, applications, media center, or creative The Magnus One is a recommended purchase.

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