Zombie Army 4 Dead War guide

A comprehensive guide to playing Zombie Army 4: Dead War Customizing your character and making your guns more powerful, unlocking brand new abilities collecting collectibles, mode enemies, and more

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is a multiplayer third-person shooter that has various game modes. Here you can find everything you must learn about the game: how to upgrade your character, weapon, perks and much more.


  • 1 Character
  • 2 Weapon
  • 3 Perks
  • 5 Hand-tohand attacks
  • 6 Collectibles
  • 7 Game modes
    • 7. 1 . Event of the Week
    • 7.2 Horde
    • 7. 3 Campaign
  • 8 Enemies
  • 9 Tips to the Last


In the game’s original version, you have the option of choosing one of four characters namely Boris, Jun, Carl and Shola. You can also purchase Hector as well as Carl the Scout for a small fee. Each character comes with its distinct advantages and disadvantages and are all listed by their description (in red and green, respectively).


In Campaign mode, you have the option of choosing an arsenal set:

  • The primary weapon is a kind of rifle equipped with the ability to see telescopic.
  • A second weapon is an undermachine gun, shotgun.
  • Pistol.

As you advance through the campaign, you’ll discover improvement sets. Each set can be utilized to upgrade a weapon. Each weapon has three levels of upgrades: three first-level upgrades (available as default) as well as three second-level upgrades (available when you have boosted your character up to Rank 10) and six upgrades for the third level (general after you reach Rank 20). There is only one upgrade set that is available for every promotion.

Note. Sets of enhancement can be earned by passing additional tests or by achieving certain levels.

Apart from weapons, there are various types of explosives used in the game. They can be mines, tripwires that are placed on the ground, and grenades (fragmentation electric, incendiary, electric decoys, incendiary, etc.). You can, by default, keep just fourexplosives such as four fragmentation grenades or two fragmentation grenades: one electric grenade and one landmine.


In addition to choosing and upgrading weapons, you also have the option of unlocking numerous advantages. They fall into three groups: offensive and defensive, and others. Explore each one. You’ll discover what you have to do to unlock it. Meet the prerequisite. Additionally, every perk comes with three levels. For example, to change a bronze perk to gold or silver, you must satisfy other requirements (again, these are all explained).

You must “enable” the perk by putting it into the slot that is active in order to take advantage of it. There is by default only one slot that is available however, you can unlock four slots later (after you attain an appropriate rank, that you earn points for experience).


This is the final section of the menu for character settings. When you visit it, you’ll discover a wide array of consumables, each with two “locks” on top. These “locks” become open when you attain certain ranks and let you earn passive bonuses when you use specific items. For instance, when you use fragmentation grenades, the first bonus will increase the number of scattered fragments flying. Also, they must be enabled within this menu.

Gun attacks

As you progress through ranks, you will be able to allow you to unlock new melee attacks. Certain types allow you to inflict electrical damage on your opponent, while others let you put them on fire. It’s as simple as that! Charged attacks take time to perform (i.e., it comes with an uldown).


There are collectibles at each level, and you’ll know the exact number before you go. There is usually one item, such as a comic book, zombie hands, and an improvement set for each level. Rarely will you find heroic actions?

Collectibles can give you additional experience points. Additionally, the four perks can only be acquired after you have collected eight comics and books each, eliminated eight hands, and completed two heroic actions. The initial stages of the perks offer you different bonus features. Once you have collected an aggregate of 16 documents and comics, eliminated 16 hands, and carried out five heroic actions, you’ll improve all of these skills to level 2. Then they’ll be used as indicators for collection.

Each perk can collect items of a specific kind: comics, documents, hands, hands, or even extraordinary feats. To see the missing collectibles, you’ll need to activate these perks and then play them again (or create the new one). There is no reward for keeping on top of the upgrade sets!

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Game modes

There are three primary game modes, including “Event of the Week” is directly tied with “Campaign”. Let’s discuss them in more specific detail.

This Week’s Events

In this mode, whose rules are changed weekly on Tuesdays, players can replay specific stories in the campaign with different conditions. For instance, you’ll be denied additional weapons and given unlimited ammunition for your rifle. In other words, you’ll be required to kill your enemies using a pistol or rifle (as explosives). In addition, this will enable you to collect various stickers, colors and weapons-related items, and additional experience points.


When I was running the story campaign, I was attracted by the Horde mode and decided to explain it in the available guide. This is likely true at all the levels of Horde. However, I have only completed the first level.

The mode you choose to start only gives you the gun. Then, the zombies begin to appear. They will appear in a total of twelve waves. When the wave is over at the end of the wave, the remaining five to six mutants will be identified using yellow marks (and the white “skulls” be visible on screen and change into “red” if the enemy is killed). You will notice that the difficulty increases as each new wave is launched as more enemies and more diverse mutants appear, and they’re easy to eliminate. If you hurry to begin to play “Horde” before the beginning of the story’s campaign, you could be stuck and not know how to deal when faced with an enemy.

There is a pause between waves of 10-20 seconds. Additionally, there could be new stands for weapons and ammunition boxes, unlocking new parts of the area, and much more. First-aid kits are rare, and I highly recommend using the bonus “Second Chance” and other powers related to restoring health points.


The campaign is a story mode that spans nine chapters. The campaign is a story-based game divided into nine chapters, each of which contains at least three distinct missions. A specific challenging task accompanies each mission, and there are several collectibles to choose from (written in the previous paragraph). In a separate article, we guide you through the initial chapters to complete the game’s first chapter.

There are a variety of objects can be used to interact with:

    • Ammunition boxes. They are divided into four kinds. If the box is only showing ammunition, it will replenish the ammunition of the whole weapon. If the box displays the type of weapon as a pistol, rifle, or submachine gun/shotgun, it refills ammunition specifically for that kind of weapon only. Additionally, ammunition can be placed out in the open on shelves, on tables, on the ground, etc.
  • Expandable boxes. They are tiny cubic containers that contain explosives or first aid kits in them. They usually have four in the container, and two are explosives (and only one kind). If you do not like explosive mines, you could quickly replace them with fragmentation weapons. For example, you’ve got two fragmentation grenades and two high-explosive mines in the inventory. You can switch to the mines (so they’re highlighted at the lower-left corner on display) and then walk to the container of fragmentation grenades. A replacement request will pop up.
  • Big Chests. These yellow containers house weapons boosters (at first, they’ll be electrical boosters, but later, other boosters will be added) and temporarily boost the weapon with damage and other elements. Heavy weapons can also be kept in these containers. Heavy weapons cannot take over the main weapon, but you’ll have to throw them away for a new one.
  • Workshops. They let you improve your character’s weaponry and personalize the perks.
  • Turrets. It is possible to get behind turrets and easily eliminate enemies. In contrast to other games, Zombie Army 4: Dead War turrets are limited in ammunition! Also, shortly, you’ll be able to gain access to the perk that lets players acquire massive weapons from the turrets. This means you can utilize them as a machine gun and, at the same time, move around the area.


The game Zombie Army 4: Dead War there is a vast variety of enemies. Just a tiny fraction of them:

    • Ordinary zombies. You can try to get them near with your bare hands or with a melee weapon. Take them down with precise head shots or shots to the limbs. Hit them with your chest is more difficult and requires more ammo.
  • ZombiesMedics. They are distinguished from normal mutants through armbands that are white “with an X” on their arms. The zombie must be killed and then walked over to its body and run over it to restore health.
  • zombies with guns. These enemies may use various weapons; however, from what I can observe, it is the pistol or another weapon (submachine gun). Like the medics, when you take out zombies, you could smash them down and obtain ammunition for your weapon.
  • Crawlers. They move swiftly on the ground on their hands and feet. Attacks with jumping: as they come up to you, the first freeze and then jump up.
  • Kamikaze Zombies. These monsters are loaded with explosives on their bodies and try to get close to you and then explode. You don’t need to take them down from a distance. You can lure them towards your location and then escape before they explode.
  • Zombie Commanders. These Nazi creatures can be equipped to summon normal zombies with red eyes. They are more violent and quicker. Do your best to take out the commander before he can summon helpers. Most commanders return to life at least 3-to four times.
  • Dark Commanders. They are more like tall shadows. They summon a group of mutants who crawl on the ground, attempt to swallow you, and eventually get toward the commanding officer. The commander must be killed to ensure that the mutants disappear. There’s no other method to eliminate it.
  • Acid zombies. These enemies are trying to fill you with acid by firing green spheres from any distance. The spheres fly from their chests.
  • Acid Zombies.
  • Zombie using machine gun. The adversary is well-protected and has the power of a machine gun. This can be turned to your advantage. You must get in between him and the normal mutants. The enemies will attack his friends. Try to target that monster’s head, eliminate the helmet as fast as possible, and then eliminate it. Once you’ve killed it, you’ll be able to grab the enemy’s weapon.
  • ARmored Zombies. They only attack close, which means you’ll have enough time to kill them before they become close to your persona.
  • Zombies.
  • Zombies using an armed flamethrower. To stop them, shoot at the red cylinder they carry on their backs. It is possible to use the rifle as well as the slow breath mode.
  • Zombie Snipers. They generally encounter open areas and go from rooftop to roof and then attempt to kill you using a sniper rifle. You can observe their aim in the green laser beam.
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Tips for last

  • Check your stamina levels as well as health bar. Stamina isn’t just used on the treadmill, but firing in close combat and holding breath when firing a gun.
  • Upgrade your most loved weapons. There are many upgrades available within the game. However, you won’t have enough to replace all of your weapons. Therefore, upgrade only the weapon you are using the most. Pick a submachine gun or shotgun, the sniper rifle with the highest damage and a lower rate of fire, or a rapid-firing weapon with less damage. Then, use the workbench!
  • Make an investment in an essential damage improvement. It’s available on every weapon.
  • In the event of death, the player will be returned to the checkpoint you last visited. But, the first slot should be filled by that “Second Chance” perk, which allows you to revive your hero if he suffered a lethal injury. However, there must be a zombie in the vicinity to finish the zombie to accomplish this. The perk will be redeemed when you get to the new checkpoint.
  • Patches should be only used in the last instance. Stomp and kill the corpses of medics in all other circumstances and then employ melee attacks which allow you to take out the enemy and regain some HP (recharges for every 10 , 10 times).

  • Completely complete chapters with challenges

    Every mission comes with a task. It’s often much easier than it seems. For instance, if you’re required to take out 75 enemies with explosives, that means enemies will be grouped together in the course of the game and you’ll find containers of consumables around.
  • Ammo boxes are never-ending. You can refill your ammunition as often as you’d like.
  • Ammo box are limitless.

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