Yupitergrad VR review – “Spider-Man” socialist Review

Are you enrolled in NASA’s space program? Are you ready to contribute to the future of the space, folks? Welcoming to Yupitergrad Comrades, a new Acrobatic VR game developed by Polish GameDust. GameDust.

  • Producer: Gamedust
  • Publisher: Gamedust
  • Author: August 27, 2020

In Yupitergrad where players are wearing honorary spacesuits for candidates. Candidates will be taken straight to a space station of the highest quality created by the Reds close to Jupiter. Under highly secure conditions, they are working on the first fuel type, PEKOL (Peoples Cosmic Fuel), One canister that is sufficient to guarantee the future of everyone in our society.

The issue is that previous candidates failed in their mission. All you need to do is to insert an instrument into a specially designed machine and then press the red button inside the room for synthesis. The generator, however, appears to be in disarray. Additionally, the pumps are not working, causing the cooling system to work less. There’s a control area in front of the door. However, the door is jammed. So you’re free to go into the mine But beware of cutting saws!

The game is heavily based upon the principles used in Portal and other game puzzles. The players will also explore the station, working on missions and tests, but instead of GLaDOS, players will be led by space program director Vladimir Varnikov and his virtual assistant Aisha. They’ll also receive a “high-tech” vehicle that has suction cups instead gun portals (not plungers, not even).

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What I loved about

  • Cozy gameplay. First off, Yupitergrad, oddly enough, isn’t car-sick even once. Players each have cannons equipped with suction cups, which can be fixed to the blue surface. Ropes are attached using winches, and players such as Spider-Man and Tarzan on vines can be free to move through the complex levels using them. Like how you interact with the world, pressing buttons, grasping objects, moving objects, and the gas pedals on the gloves permit you to play, swing, or even glide for a short time. It gets you used to it quickly, becomes rapidly involved, and then tremendously enjoys the physically precise gameplay.
  • The game features fantastic sound and voice acting. It’s a great game with fantastic voice acting. Comrade Varnikov and Aisha talk with stunning Slavic accents and make humorous cranberry jokes that are serious expressions. There’s an enchanting attraction to this.
  • The game throws spatial puzzles and challenges to players, gradually increasing difficulty. Yupitergrad includes more than fifty puzzling levels. Every room is perceived as a brand new threat and an exciting and crucial but somewhat scary element of the game.

What I didn’t enjoy

  • The game does not have Russian localization. It’s not about the sound. If it were voiced, it’s not as appealing. A text translation would not be a bad idea. English isn’t that difficult, but certain phrases can be difficult because of their humor and could be complicated.
  • The game’s content isn’t enough, and the layout of certain rooms is a source of concern – often need to move quickly, and markers are not easily visible or are almost unnoticeable when you look at them from certain angles. However, the developers are taking the right path!
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Gamedust will be available for purchase through PlayStation VR and Steam, and on the 28th of January 2021, it will be available in Oculus Quest. “The Wireless” version is extremely comfortable on the first generation headset, too, as I have confirmed.


Yupitergrad isn’t trying to compete with the primary virtual reality titles, but it is an excellent fit in the indie market. It’s a very well-crafted VR puzzle game with eye-pleasing graphics and easy-to-use controls, and it uses the potential of the platform in a unique way. If you’re a fan of games that require spatial thinking, you’ll likely enjoy Yupitergrad too.

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