Ys Ix: Monstrous Nox Test

To a new adventure

In the most recent spin-off, Ys IX: Monstrous Nox, Adol lands in the prison town of Balduq and is arrested a few minutes after and later imprisoned. However, Adol isn’t Adol had he not immediately begun planning his escape. This is the way things run their course, and ultimately … is why we do not want to reveal too much. However, we can inform you that the latest Ys episode contains some intriguing moments and an excellent structure for the narrative overall. In all likelihood, we were thoroughly entertained even though there was one or another long section.

We’d instead get back to the action since, in the end, the Ys’ adventures are about action-packed battles. Monstrous Nox also has a handful of these. The system in Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Dana provides the foundation that lets you control Adol and the other adventurers that join your team during the story. You’ll be able to alter them with the click of one button and without spending much time. A unique feature is that every character comes with a “monster” character in addition to their normal appearance. This gives them special abilities. They can, for instance, slide along walls, run across in the air for a brief duration, or even teleport to locations that are not far. These features add a new dimension to the game and, at the same time, provide an extra dimension. But don’t expect to solve a lot of challenging puzzles.

However, the Montrum characters carry an extra significance. In transformation, you can access a alternate universe known as Grimwald Nox. In the Grimwald Nox universe, you’ll encounter many creatures that require to be defeated. When you’ve accomplished this, you’ll slowly remove increasing barriers within the prison town, which would otherwise hinder your access. This battle between monsters Grimwald Nox and Balduq’s city Balduq is a significant part of the gameplay. As you progress, you’ll be able to unlock new areas, eventually giving you the impression of a vast game world.

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Incredible Combat

Let’s look at the game’s main attraction, the battles. They are heavily influenced by the previous match and distinguished by velocity and plenty of energy, making them an excellent choice for the more laid-back players. Mainly, the rapid changes between characters give battles an additional edge. This isn’t just a matter of staffing; sometimes, it is essential: The more enormous bosses and monsters have specific weaknesses that can only be attacked by using specific characters or specific attacks. Additionally, some several strong special moves and attacks build upon each other. This appears more complicated than it is. Most of the time, it is possible to win by using a halfway blind button. But, there’s entertainment over the long term, and this is because of the effects-rich stage.

My first experience in 2021 was playing Pirmin. Today, with the action JRPG Ys IX: Monstrum Nox.

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