Young Souls Review – A Small Town with Big Secrets Review

One day , a couple of teenagers discovers that a fairy tale world exists just behind their everyday world. And, more importantly – practically next to them, live goblins as well as other fairytale creatures. Additionally, they are in two worlds that they can save regardless of whether they wish for it or not. Which is “most teenager” game to play? Young Souls – we tell you in our review.

  • Producer: 1P2P
  • The Arcade Crew Publisher The Arcade Crew
  • Date of release: March 10, 2022

Tristan as well as Jen are twins teens who were orphaned and rebellious young people who are rescued by an odd professor. The two boys frequently leave school early, ride on scooters and are always ready to defend each the other.


A day later, fate confronts the heroes, not with bullies, but rather with goblins who took their adoptive father. They discover an alternate universe accessible via an open portal, as well as the dark schemes of an local villain with plans to destroy both worlds.

In a game that falls under the beat’em’up genre Young Souls contains an extraordinary amount of plot. Tristan and Jen are constantly in conversation and exchange words and every NPC goes in a rant for about a dozen seconds, as well as the dialogs between the characters address significant issues like growing older families, relationships with family members, and moral obligations. The two were very entertaining and following the journey of the twins was really entertaining.

The fight during the match is more intense. The combat system works with a range of kinds of blocks, punches and counterattacks, rolls and jumps. Combats are thrilling, however, they’re accompanied by the flurry of sound effects that it’s difficult to comprehend the myriad of colours. In the end, you’ll constantly be unable to make the right decision since you aren’t sure which character is in the flashes of light. It’s the same for boss fights that could make you even more shattered.
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It is possible to play Young Souls in co-op, with single-screen co-op, where two players fight with the first, and both players are able to choose their responses to dialogues. If there’s no other player in the vicinity, his part is not taken over by the AI A twin or sister will be able to be available at the push of the button and join the fight if the other player has been struck by the assault of the enemy. If at least one twin remains alive, the fight will not be lost.

It’s moderately difficult and is not terribly balanced. Combat feels pleasant and effortless. Characters are able to be outfitted with weapons or gear which alters the appearance and the feeling that the player experiences. If not for the abysmal visual crap that surrounds the battles Young Souls could be loved and, in its finest moments, the game is worthy of being among the best beat’em’up games.

There’s an extraordinary amount of non-story-driven games, as well as “peaceful” activities. For instance, at any moment , you’ll be able to get out of the city, shop and stop at the gym and have a talk to people around you. The most fascinating and interesting training for sports is a challenging mini-games that permit players to improve their character traits of your characters. It also reduces the need for dungeon clearing missions and allows players to relax from the boss battles.

Are Young Souls worth playing? Yes it’s a delightful beat’em’up that has fascinating characters, subtle humor, co-op , and thrilling combat. The game isn’t without issues with the readability of characters during combat, which has the potential to have a negative effect on gameplay. However, if you can learn to live with this limitation then you’ll experience lots of positive feelings from the game.
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