Yo-Ho-Ho And Peppa Pig – My Friend Peppa Pig Got A Pirate Dlc

The comedy has gone so far that it’s an offense to end it! My Peppa Pig’s Friend is a potential contestant for the 2021 World Cup according to StopGame.ru The first of the additions of Pirate Adventures.

Like the title suggests, Peppa and the rest of the crew will change into pirates:

Let’s embark on a unique pirate adventure, where you will take a ride on Captain Hog’s ship and uncover treasures hidden in the bushes! Explore new locations such as Molly The Mole’s under-ground abode or have Breakfast along with Belinda Bear! Bear!

There’s lots to do, such as dance at Danny The Dog’s Birthday celebration and dressing-up at Treasure Island. You can also try hoops or flying a kite or raise a pirate flag, converse with Polly the Parrot and many more.

DLC provides the following features:

  • Three quests to complete – in Secret Cave, Bamboo Forest and Pagoda.
  • 30 fun games “Buzz as a bee look for fossils, and find shells”.
  • Five locations five locations Captain Boar’s hideout Belinda Bear’s home as well as Treasure Island.

“Adventures of Pirates” available on all platforms: PC Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Stadia. A few months ago the game was updated to an update that was not xtgen-compatible.

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