XIII Remake Review – Not the remake you’re looking for Review

Remake of the game XIII was originally scheduled for release in November of 2019, however the developers decided to delay it until the end of November. When you look at the final product it’s even more fascinating: if it’s virtually inaccessible now, what did the game’s development go when it was a year before? Find out what the designers of PlayMagic studio came up with through this article.

  • Producer: PlayMagic
  • Publisher: Microids
  • Date of release: November 10, 2020

XIII from 2003 isn’t an excellent shooter, despite being it was a failure in terms of sales, it was highly applauded by players and journalists. It was based on the comic with the same title the game was based on the cel-shading style, as well as visual techniques that were adapted from graphic novels, such as screen splits and pop-up “clouds” over the characters and so on.

In the beginning it was a great game.

At first, it was exciting It’s no longer as exciting but it’s still unique. The announcement of the remake of the shooter has generated a little excitement from the public. If you don’t wish to be a critic of the content in the new version, it’s the same plot however, there are minor adjustments but the execution of the game is a bit disappointing.

The comic-style in the initial XIII was quite sleek with a touch of elegance in its visual simplicity. The remake features the typical modern shooter graphics, but with slightly rougher edges of characters and objects. The flickering shadowsand periodic blurring of framerates and V-Sync issues contribute to the absence of immersion.

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Graphics are obviously essential for shooters. However, more crucial is engaging combat as well as AI’s performance. The remake isn’t perfect in this as well. Shooting with different kinds of guns does not create emotions, and the adversaries run around the area and patiently wait for the shooter to deal with them.

As soon as you spot the protagonist, the adversary is frozen for a moment – enough to be able to react and shoot several times. It’s even more fun that your shot mercenaries ‘ bodies freeze for a couple of seconds before falling. And it doesn’t matter if shooting with a pistol on your head, or shooting with a close range, the result is similar. The bodies of your opponents remain frozen in unnatural positions and their bodies bend in unnatural angles. I’m not saying anything about being trapped in things.

These aren’t the only problems with the XIII remake. Incorrectly aligned audio and cutscenes that skip automatically, visual bugs, scripts that aren’t working, and weird hitboxes. In at the banks, the poor execution of the details is a sigh the wires that connect to the clerks’ computers are not working at all, and at the base of the military, the game would not allow me to get the pass I needed to pass the game.

On contrary it’s good old-fashioned. It’s the exact same shooter it was in 2003. Shooting enemies is all you need to do make use of first-aid kits, look for armor hidden in locations, and sometimes participate in stealth-themed episodes. There is nothing more.

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It’s not a reason to excuse the low-quality project however. The developers blame it on the development process was impacted by the influenza virus, but when we look back at the top games of 2020, that were developed under similar conditions this isn’t believable at all. According to PlayMagic they believe that this XIII version will get updated over the coming updates. We’ll see however, in the meantime we don’t recommend the game as a purchase.

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