XEL Overview Review

Indie-based adventure XEL is a love-letter towards the original Zelda games and other wildly over-the-top action RPGs, despite the fact that it’s not much of stars in the sky (which is ironic given that the story is set in outer space) it is able to win gamers’ hearts by its unique atmosphere and soul. You can read more about it in our review.

  • creator: Tiny Roar
  • Publisher: Assemble Entertainment
  • Date of release: July 12, 2022

The story begins by the crash of an spaceship. The pilot, a young girl known as Reid is unable to remember her name following the crash and is replaced by the attention of a cute robot and begins to explore the unknown world she discovers herself in.

After an accident, the girl discovers herself in a strange location. The man informs her that the heroine was thrown into a space ark believed to be carrying humans to their new place, but then stopped and is now floating among the stars. A new acquaintance introduces this girl before the elder and after that, it’s all canonical: “we need your help therefore, head out into the dangers while we rest inside our settlement.” Raid, despite her sharp tongue, does not want to speak about such propositions, and abides by any orders. In fairness, she’s rewarded with upgrades, as well as other benefits.

The problem is that XEL has an isometric adventure game that has labyrinthine levels where you have to fight enemies and solving problems. Sometimes, the locations are difficult to navigate: the designers haven’t spared the simplest of bridges, corridors and staircases, which means searching for the path can be quite tiring, and backtracking can be a hassle.

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The heroine isn’t sure how to jump, but rather jumps at random in the designated areas, and the knee-high curb turns into an impossible obstruction. An insufficiently detailed map is not the best way to get a good position in the air. In general, with regard to the ease of finding research sites XEL relies on the unknowable “three”.

The puzzles were a lot more engaging. Although they’re not very innovative, and typically involve the activation of switches and levers Sometimes, the puzzles require you to work your brain.

The more Reid is taken on his journey the more difficult the tasks become, and we’re not simply moving boxes and searching the region to find keys. We’re now instead jumping across the present as well as changing levels on move by using electricity and water to unlock a lock on the gate and figuring out how to split two batteries into three. This is what made me stay on the screen and keep me captivated throughout the whole playthrough.

Combat is more opaque. If you want to call it thrilling, don’t as the robots are slack and upgrading weapons made from junk is difficult and you cannot describe the fights with bosses as exciting. The most common battle strategy is using the combo of “shock and dodge” and the shield may not be utilized as the range of adversaries isn’t amazing that we have to come up with different strategies to fight these battles. Additionally, killing monsters provides no satisfaction, so if you’re not averse to fighting them, you are able to avoid them. loot can be obtained from the crates located at the corner of the map.

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In the case of an isometric camera the creators didn’t consider to make the blind spots transparent and, therefore, if you crash into a machine in the crown of a tree or at a corner you won’t be able to see your character or the adversary. It’s very handy (no).

Despite its shortcomings, XEL has a pretty likely chance that you’ll be a fan. Although the settings are confusing, and the combat is dull and the graphics, in an attempt to disguise the budgetary issues however, are very cautious. On the other hand, there are enjoyable puzzles, very good jokes and an elusively “lammy” atmosphere of space-post-apocalyptic adventure. It’s possible that the game isn’t better than its predecessors, such as Zelda. Zelda series, but it’s an enjoyable game and can lighten some evenings.

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