XCOM 2 cheats and console commands

XCOM 2 can be a violent game that will not allow mistakes to be made! Even if you’re not used to the turn-based strategy, the entire team could quickly die in the initial battle without knowing the circumstances.

If you’re tired of this, you don’t need to be frustrated – there’s an escape route, as there are numerous games console controls and cheats to play the game through Firaxis Games. We went for the most beneficial, which are listed below!

First, various commands and hacks for consoles enable players to modify XCOM 2 gameplay in several ways, ranging from getting total security to minor boosts in the resource.

Before beginning the process, you need to turn on the console. There are two ways to accomplish this:

  • If playing XCOM 2 on Steam, you must right-click the icon for the game within your library, then choose “properties,” and then set the launch options you want to use:
    • In the new window you can write “-allowconsole autodebug -log”. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to access the console within the game.

  • If you are using GOG.com to play XCOM 2, then right-click on the shortcut to the game and then go to “properties” then “shortcut” and then type “-allowconsole autodebug -log” within the “Object” column. This option is also possible if you play the pirated edition of XCOM 2.

Then you can access the game console by pressing the keypad tilde (>) key.

This is an inventory of cheats and console commands that can be particularly beneficial for XCOM 2:

Cheat/Console Command


God mode is enabled, there is you don’t need to charge (must be entered during every mission)

Units are no longer able to take on damage.

Unlimited number of actions points

100% chance of taking the ultimate hit

GiveActionPoints [Count GiveActionPoints [Count
It adds the specified number action points to the unit.

Transports the soldier you have selected to the cursor

Do not miss the AI (computer)

All building materials must be secured.

It allows you to immediately construct objects

MakeSoldierAClass [Name] Grenadier
Changes the soldier selected into an Grenadier

MakeSoldierAClass [Name] PsiOperative
The chosen soldier transforms into an agent of psi.

MakeSoldierAClass [Name] Rookie
Changes the soldier selected into an applicant

MakeSoldierAClass [Name] Ranger
The selected soldier transforms into the role of a Ranger

MakeSoldierAClass [Name] Sharpshooter
Changes the soldier selected into the role of a Sharpshooter

MakeSoldierAClass [Name] Specialist
The selected soldier transforms into Specialist. Specialist

ProvideResource Supply [Quantity]
Provides the amount specified for resources

GetResource Intel Quantity
A certain amount of intelligence

GetResource EleriumDust (Quantity)
It gives the specified amount of crystals made from elerium.

GiveResource EleriumCore [Quantity]
It gives the number of electron cores

The GiveResource AlienAlloy, [Quantity GiveResource AlienAlloy [Quantity
It specifies the amount of alloys.

It is also possible to employ hacks and console commands to gain access to certain technologies:

  • GiveTech ModularWeapons
  • GiveTech MagnetizedWeapons
  • GiveTech GaussWeapons
  • GiveTech PlasmaRifle
  • GiveTech HybridMaterials
  • GiveTech PlatedArmor Sheet Armor
  • GiveTech HeavyPlasma – Heavy Plasma
  • GiveTech PlasmaSniper – plasma rifle (research)
  • MakeTech AlloyCannon It is an Extraterrestrial Alloy Cannon
  • GiveTech Tech_Elerium Ailerium
  • GiveTech PoweredArmor – power armor
  • GiveTech WraithSuit – Ghost suit
  • GiveTech WARSuit Combat suit
  • GiveTech Psionics – Psi technology
  • GiveTech EXOSuit Exosuit
  • GiveTech SpiderSuit – Spider
  • GiveTech AlienBiotech – alien biotechnology
  • GiveTech AutopsySectoid – Autopsy Sectoid
  • GiveTech AutopsyViper – Autopsy Viper
  • GiveTech AutopsyAndromedon – Autopsy andromedon
  • GiveTech AutopsyFaceless – Autopsy the Faceless
  • GiveTech AutopsyMuton – Autopsy Muton
  • GiveTech AutopsyBerserker – Autopsy Berserker
  • GiveTech AutopsyArchon – Autopsy Archon
  • GiveTech AutopsyGatekeeper is Autopsy Gatekeeper
  • GiveTech AutopsyAdventStunLancer – Autopsy the Advent lance player
  • GiveTech AutopsyAdventShieldbearer – Autopsy Advent Shieldbearer
  • GiveTech AutopsyAdventTurret Opening the top of the turret “Advent”
  • GiveTech AutopsyAdventMEC – disassembling Advent MEC
  • GiveTech AutopsyChryssalid – dissecting cryssalid
  • GiveTech AutopsySectopod: breaking the sectopod
  • Autopsy the GiveTech AutopsyAdventTrooper Advent Soldier
  • GiveTech ExperimentalArmor – – experimental armor
  • GiveTech Bluescreen — Blue Screen Protocol
  • The GiveTech Skullmining process enables skull penetration
  • GiveTech HeavyWeapons
  • GiveTech AdvancedHeavyWeapons
  • Advanced Heavy Weapons
  • GiveTech Battlefield Medicine – military field medicine
  • GiveTech PlasmaGrenade – plasma grenade
  • GiveTech AdvancedGrenades – Advanced Explosives
  • GiveTech Skulljack – – Skull Auger
  • GiveTech ExperimentalAmmo – experimental ammo
  • GiveTech ExperimentalGrenade – grenade for experiments

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