Xbox Series – The Generation With The Highest Sales In Xbox History Despite Supply Problems

In November of 2020, Microsoft announced they believed that their Xbox Series set the record for sales in Xbox history. One year after, and that’s still the case, regardless of supply issues, the circulation of the latest generation is higher than that of the previous Microsoft consoles.

Fil Spencer confirmed this during an interview for New York Times. He stated that Xbox production numbers are greater than they have ever been. However, they’re not keeping pace with demand, which is why there’s an overall lack of gaming consoles. Demand soared during the pandemic and remains very high.

The pandemic first started in March/April of 2020; we have sold out in a way that we’ve never seen before during April and May. It was all due to the enormous surge in demand. Our supply chain was drained. The team was able to meet the demand. We are, in some ways, still striving to improve it.

If you’re looking to buy an Xbox or a brand new PlayStation and PlayStation 2, you will find it difficult to find on the marketplace. This isn’t because the supply isn’t as plentiful as they are. The supply is greater than they have ever been. For everyone, demand is higher than supply.

The current generation of Xbox consoles Xbox Series X and S more than any previous version of Xbox to date at least one year or two after the launch. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to provide the items needed.

Spencer has, however, not been named, which is Microsoft policies in the past. In November, Spencer explained that in the current business environment, it’s not just the number of devices sold but the amount of active monthly gamers that matters. The company claims that Microsoft would not reveal Xbox sales, even when higher than PlayStation sales.

But Sony does not seem proud of their achievements: as of the end of July in 2021, PlayStation 5 sales have more than 10 million copies, an all-time high for Sony’s consoles. Most analysts think that PlayStation 5 has more sales than the Xbox Series.

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