World War III Under Retrovave – Announcement Of Warno The New Rts From The Creators Of Wargame And Steel Division

The Eugen Systems studio continues to release RTSs set in real-world warfare settings. This time, the studio has revealed WARNO which is the next-generation successor to Wargame. Wargame collection. It is which is described as “a future-generation finalistic World War III combat simulator.”

The year is 1989. Two years ago, an extremist group of communists orchestrated a coup and defeated Gorbachev’s administration. Then came the gloomy summer in which there is a change in the Cold War turned into a hot one, and with NATO and the Warsaw Pact, armies deployed in the middle of an engulfed Germany. War is on the horizon – the troops are waiting for that inevitable preceding order, the help of which World War III will begin.

In the game WARNO WARNO, the armies of six nations meet in a battle of the nations: The United States, West Germany, Great Britain, and France battle with their counterparts in the Soviet Union and East Germany. The creators promise the world’s largest military unit, more than 600 comprising those of the M1A1 Abrams tank, Mi-24 helicopter, and Su-25 attack aircraft in addition to Special Forces, SAMs, interceptors, and various other combat units.

The features that are included include:

  • Different types of battles, including 10-on-10 battles, as well as single-player multiplayer, cooperative and single player matches.
  • Four massive strategies based on turn.
  • Stage operations that allow you to challenge your mind with tactical thinking.
  • A variety of gameplay tools that allow you to make use of your strategic advantage in the field, build smoke screens, take down fortifications, complete tasks off the map, and so on.
  • Several improvements over the earlier Eugen game with pre-battle troop deployment and rules of engagement, and intelligent AI-enabled orders.

WARNO will be available in early access on Steam beginning on January 20th, 2019 (the store’s page has a glitch that says it’s released on January 20th; this is likely an error – other documents do not mention January 20 at all). The developers say that the early access program will run for six to eight months, meaning that the game will be released within the second half of 2022.

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