World of Warcraft Shadowlands Review – First Steps in the Darklands Review

An event that has been awaited for a long time has happened and forced the players of the most loved game in the world for over 16 years – The World of Warcraft to congregate in their capital cities of their factions. Take a seat while we talk about our impressions of what we saw , and the results of our initial tour of the Darklands.

On the 24th of November, at precisely at exactly 02:00 Moscow hour, Darion Mograin appeared near the fortress of Thundermarsh in Orgrimmar and, following an exuberant speech and a narration of what transpired opened a doorway that led to the Citadel of the Ice Crown. In the Citadel of the Ice Crown, the Helm of Dominance, destroyed by Silvana and the swarm of ice, was rebuilt, and Balvar Fordragon led us the route into the Darklands.

What’s will we go from here?

As we introduce our heroes from Azeroth to the characteristics associated with the new realms Darklands as well as our future mentors, the environment where we’ll spend the majority of our lives and are ready for the journey of the ever-expanding Tower of Torgast. The tower lives its own existence and rewards bravery and courage by providing the unique ingredients required to make its legendary items thanks to our new friend, Rune Carver. In a short time, we start battling Nafria Castle and we need to build up our strength in order to prevent the sound of Illidan’s voice through our heads during the time of the wipe, saying “you’re not prepared!”

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However, the decision is yours. Four covenants, four distinct worlds, await your choice and will graciously honor your dedication to their world with armor sets, mounts and help with the long climb to the top of the mountain.

We’ll be bringing you more information shortly on the covenant you should select, the new balances for classes and dungeons, raids as well as other new and exciting activities. Keep an eye out!

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