With WipEout, you don’t need a road

Certain games define the beginning of a new generation. WipEout is one of them. WipEout series is undoubtedly one of the most popular. That’s why, in 2012, Sony announced the closing of SCE Studio Liverpool (formerly Psygnosis), which was the original studio in the saga, many gamers were mourning. So naturally, the announcement by Sony of an updated compilation that includes 60fps, HDR, and 4K on PS4 along with PS4 Pro during the 2015 PlayStation Experience did its bit. Comprised of 2048 HD and the along with the later’s upgrade, Fury, here it is!!

For those who aren’t familiar with the game, it’s a series that involves futuristic races that take place on ships that float high above ground. However, there is no requirement to win events to progress to the next level. An award of silver, as an example, can be enough to allow you to participate in the possibility of new competitions, from the novice athlete to the most ardent who only wants Gold medals. There’s something to suit every person. Regarding the ships, however, it is necessary to be daring as only gold medals permit players to access every single one of them.

Graphically, the adaptation is an absolute success. The games are stunning and because of the vibrant backgrounds, we can expect to see lots of attention! Despite the intensity or the speed of the explosions, the screen remains clear and sharp even though it isn’t an issue when you drive ships with speeds of more than 500 km/h—ditto in split screen. When in the past games would fall to 30 frames per second, this remastered version allows you to take on anyone you like in 60 frames per second.

However, there’s one aspect that will not satisfy everyone in the musical element. This time, only the latest tracks that are perfectly positioned within the game’s world will need to impress the purists among those who’d like to play the same tracks from earlier.

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