With Updates To Sifu Will Add Costumes – The Developers Are Accepting Requests From Players

Sloclap is engaged in the sweats on free materials for action game kung-fu Sifu. It turned out that Sloclap is also making the very first update due to release at the beginning of May. Alongside his appearance in the game, he will be present to the owners of Sifu Deluxe Edition. Deluxe Edition Sifu.

Sloclap will be working on an exclusive character design exclusively for owners of the full edition. This is a gesture of apology to the gamers. Before the release, gamers bought an expensive Deluxe Edition set because it allowed early access to the action. However, due to problems in the PS Store, the time frame has been drastically reduced.

The new additions aren’t over yet. This team will promise to make more costumes available for all in the future update.

It is important to remember the players that Sifu launched released on February 8 for PlayStation and PC, and within three days, the game was played by more than half a million gamers. The developers had previously stated that their action title would feature higher difficulty levels and accessibility options. Unfortunately, Multiplayer will not be included.

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