Why You Should Play Disco Elysium – The Final Cut Review

One of the top RPGs available and now comes with the option of a Russian translation, a full voiceover as well as new quests, gameplay improvements and more.

  • Producer: ZA/UM
  • Publisher: ZA/UM
  • Date of release: October 15, 2019 / March 30 2021

The 30th of March saw the release of the updated edition of one of greatest RPGs not just of 2019 but also in general. We’ve covered the fundamental Disco Elysium in detail in our review, and we won’t go into explaining the fundamentals again and instead focus on the key points that will make you want to go back to the game or even play it in the very first place.

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  • 1Extended script
  • 2Russian translation.
  • 3More content.
  • 4It’s free!
  • 5Claim.

Extended scenario

Disco Elysium takes you to an uncharted realm that you’ll explore along with the main character. He didn’t come to this world from far-off lands, it was just that he lost his memory due to several days of drinking binge. Not only memory, but also identification cards military weapons and clothes … maybe even name! Then there’s the need to find out just behind the motel where the main character is staying, a petty man is shackled up.

A simple case can turn into a maze of intrigue, contradictions and mystery. Revashol is the location for Disco Elysium, is a beautiful, ugly location with similar set of people. There’s plenty of rambling dialogue, a lot profanity, political views or intolerant words, as well as obscene narcissism. And your character could be anything you’d like to be, whether an angry, petty jerk or star.

There’s a lot to read and pondering and that’s the only downside. It’s not a mockery of those who don’t have of their knowledge and gives an opportunity to reflect You can’t “click” to read the dialogs, and very quickly, you’ll lose the thread of the story. If you persevere, you is rewarded with an intriguing story worthy to be placed on your bookshelf.

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This Final Cut edition contains several new questions about political beliefs. They include a range of brand new dialogues to the game and offer the option of embracing any of the following ideologies: the liberal, communist as well as fascism, moralism, and fascism. It doesn’t alter the story but it broadens the realm of play.

Russian translator

The first Disco Elysium was hard to comprehend even without knowing English. A person who has the language in school was at risk of being in the same place in the same way as someone who isn’t aware of the language. Complex terms and uncommon constructions are made more complex by jargons and borrowings from other languages, and a myriad of swear words.

There’s no need to study in linguistics or employ an instructor: the game is translated to Russian and is performed by experts who are committed to the task.

Localizers have mastered the art of adapting the translation to suit the Russian player. They added the words needed and were not afraid to use offensive language. However “not shameful” is an overstatement that a large portion of the dialogues include foul language which is why you shouldn’t suggest this video game to the grandmother you love. Furthermore having fun with Disco Elysium added a couple of new words to my vocabulary.

The game has been fully voiced in English in contrast to the original game, which only had an unvoiced voiceover. Every character now feature their voices and they are all great especially for the character of the terrifying Kuno whom you are likely to hate more.

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The voiceovers in the game are in English.

Additional content

Disco Elysium is mostly RPG (with some elements from other genres like visually novel, or even quest) as well as progression is a major factor. In addition, the creators have added more clothes with various features that let you easily alter the character’s attributes. It’s free! .

Absolutely isn’t for everybody, and only people who bought Disco Elysium. The new version of The Final Cut will install in a seamless manner, and it will bring back previous saved games. The game’s creators suggest starting a fresh playthrough to assess the changes they’ve made to the game.

If you were unable to purchase the game prior the release of the full edition but you’ll not be able to afford it. Disco Elysium – The Final Cut costs 725 rubles for PC and 2849 rubles for PS4 or PS5. This isn’t a lot for a sluggish twenty-hour RPG with millions of voice-overs.


There’s no other game similar to Disco Elysium. It’s an original adventure certainly worth a try. Also, the Final Cut is the edition which gives you the most comprehensive experience. However, be aware that If you’re more inclined to act instead of talk (in this instance, you read) Then this is not the game for your needs.

The Final Cut

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