Where to Find All the Weapon Enhancements in Resident Evil 3 Remake

How to locate the weapons enhancements available to Jill as well as Carlos within Resident Evil 3: Remake. Resident Evil 3 remake

From the beginning, Resident Evil 3 Remake clarifies that brutal combat awaits you in the coming battle against the undead and Umbrella Corporation’s incredibly biological weapon known as Nemesis (unless, obviously, you play the game with a low difficulty). It’s not simple to survive in Raccoon City. However, you’ll have access to many expendable items and different weapons to ease the process. You’ll also need to take additional actions to utilize other weapons for a few of the weapons you receive in the story.

However, it’s not the only thing. Like in Resident Evil 2 Remake, there are a variety of special upgrades to the game that permit you to upgrade Jill and Carlos’s weapons. Here we will show you how to locate every upgrade!

The only accomplishment that comes with upgrading weapons within the games includes the Weapon Master achievement. To obtain this achievement, you need to do is search for and install at minimum one upgrade on any weapon.

Jill’s Gun

The sight of a pistol This upgrade can be located in the warehouse for art supplies across the subway office and next to the bakery. Inside the storeroom, you’ll find a locked safe along with a note written by the deceased proprietor of the store. The note will inform you of the exact location to find the safe’s code. To find it, go to the nearby pharmacy, close to the subway office, and, in the back, look for the poster with the words Aqua Cure. Three numbers are circled on the poster. This is the code for the safe. Return to the storeroom and unlock the safe to access the gun sight. This is the first upgrade to their weapon of, Jill.

  • The code number is 9 left, 1, 1 right, and 8 left.

An enhanced pistol clip and silencer for pistols These enhancements have been removed from Nemesis. An Umbrella case will be released with the enhancement inside when you’ve dealt enough damage to the enemy. If you’ve already gotten the enhancements, an ammo case will be thrown from the beast. The problem is that the cases that have two enhancements will only fall during certain events in the plot. If you don’t receive these upgrades on time (e.g., to escape Nemesis), You’ll miss out on these upgrades for the rest of your life. Make sure you stress that both cases must be thrown out of Nemesis while in Raccoon City’s streets. Raccoon City before returning to the station where you waited for your subway.

There are two ways to do this. One is that Nemesis will pursue you towards your electrical substation. In this instance, you’ll be able to knock out an extended clip. The second scenario is when Nemesis starts to pursue Jill, following the infected one of the zombies with the parasite. The incident occurred near an eatery selling doughnuts. And, in this instance, you’ll have the ability to take the silencer’s casing out of the way of your enemy. The best method of snuffing out Nemesis is to employ explosive barrels that can be found everywhere. When he is near enough and shoot him, do so. Do not forget that you have no other options for unlocking these upgrades.

Shotgun M3

The Tactical Shotgun stock The upgrade is available in a second reward after you solve the puzzle in the station for subways near the city entrance. In Raccoon City, you’ll discover three jewelry boxes (the fourth one is a lockpick) in blue, red, and green. To locate them all, you must be patient and be patient for a while until Jill is armed with the cutter for bolts and the lockpick in her possession.

The first one is in the back of the bakery, located in the kitchen. You can get inside without difficulty. The two other stones are in the store for groceries where the doors are joined with a chain (use the bolt cutter) and in the toy store across the street, with an orange lock on its doors (use the picklock). If you find three of the items (actually, you’ll require any of them), you can put them in the clock in the station. One stone can be rewarded with a hand grenade. The second will be upgraded, and the final one will reward you with a duffel bag. The upgrade will improve the effectiveness and accuracy of your shotgun.

Self-loading shotgun barrel after winning Nemesis in the initial mandatory fight with the boss (when Nemesis will be using the flamethrower to destroy the roof on the site for construction). Soon, you’ll arrive at Kendo Armory. Kendo Armory. Check the shelves in front of the entrance for ammunition, green grass, and an upgrade that boosts the firing rate that the shotgun can shoot.

Shotgun Ammo: You’ll discover yourself inside the underground vault after the hospital. It is a maze on two levels with racks, elevators, and plenty of enemies. Many things are hidden there. You’ll be asked to locate three fuses. Near the end of the storage area is a staircase leading to a tiny room. Pass through the doors and get on an elevated platform. Then lower it and then look at the side alcove, which has drawers. This is where you will find an improved case for the shotgun, enhancing the speed of reloading the gun.


ARGUMENTED barrels for revolver immediately after finding the three safety features that permit you to turn on the elevator located in the vault underground, Jill will find herself in the control room. Before you go through the computer racks, just to the right part of the instrument panel, and you will find an upgrade case for the revolver right next to the window. This upgrade decreases it’s recoil as well as enhances the power of the attack.

Carlos’s Rifle of Assault

Assault rifle sights When you arrive in front of the police station, you’ll encounter the zombie Brad Vickers turned into. It’s okay to avoid the man, but if you kill the man that mutated, you will be issued an ID card that allows you to access cases throughout the precinct. The briefcase that contains Carlos the initial weapon upgrade is located in West Office. To access it, you must go into the office’s reception space located in the hallway to the north. Once you reach an area that is populated with zombies, you’ll be able to find doors that lead to the armory as well as the office on the west. Inside the office, you will find a S.T.A.R.S. team briefcase. Attach Brad’s ID number to it to open it, and then get an improved scope to improve the accuracy of your shot.

Tactical Grip to Assault Rifle The upgrade is located in Spencer Hospital’s courtyard. Spencer Hospital. When you reach the 2nd floor, you’ll discover a couple of broken windows, which allow you to walk into the courtyard and grab other items. The broken window near the door that leads to the nurse’s room will take the visitor to a place that is green and has a case that has a grip for tactical use. It reduces the recoil of the weapon.

Additional video clip of an assault weapon The most recent upgrade for Carlos (and in the entire game) is in the safe in the nurse’s office. To gain access to it, locate the code. The code is located in a note left from the operating room on the 1st floor. To access it, you will need to present the second ID card that is in the room for staff located on the 2nd floor. Examine the note within the operation room and figure out the code. The upgrade inside the safe increases the clip’s capability (from 32-64 rounds).

  • The code has 9 left to left, and 3 left and 3 right.

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