Where to Find All the Padded Bags in Resident Evil 3 Remake

We will tell you where to locate each of the bags made from loincloth found in Resident Evil 3: Remake, and how to expand Jill and Carlos the capacity of their inventory.

To conquer Raccoon City in Resident Evil 3 Remake, full of zombies. need to be at your best. Jill’s inventory is tiny and consumables are abundant. Weapons, ammunition, grenades medicines and other essential items fill up their spaces. At first, you need to determine what you can take and what to keep in the trunk until you have a better idea. Similar to the classic games in the series!

This can be made easier by using hipbags, each that increases the amount of inventory available by 2 cells. When you advance throughout the gameplay and discover new areas there’s a chance to uncover a number of bags. The majority of them is located in a prominent location. We will go over the essential information you should consider when you are looking for the hip bags. With us, you will be able to maximize Jill and Carlos the capacity of their carrying!


  • 1 Raccoon1 Raccoon City (substation)
  • 2 Raccoon City (subway station timer)
  • 3 Raccoon – City (sewer)
  • 4 Police Station (west office)
  • 5 Hospital (lobby)
  • 6 Hospital (underground vault)

Raccoon City (substation)

This is probably the first one and simplest to find. It is located inside the room for control of electrical substations. Check out the stepladder just located to the right to the right of the control panel, and the typewriter. It’s nearly impossible to miss.

Raccoon City (subway station timer)

Second hip bags of Raccoon City asks you to complete a challenging puzzle. In particular, you’re required to complete a few additional steps. This is the clock-shaped monument which is located at the station of the subway. It has three slots that hold three gems. It is clear that you are the only one to need to locate the gems. One of them is located in the toy store and another one is located in the shop just across from it, while the final is located in the bakery (safe area). Take them all in before going back to the subway station, where you’ll need to get away away from Nemesis. You’ll require a lockpick for access to the toy store as well as bolt cutters to access the normal shop.

Raccoon City (sewer)

After you’ve gotten your battery (story object) within the sewers, climb up the stairs that are near to where you fell into the tunnels that were flooded. In the next floor take out the gamma hunter, and then place the battery in the slot near the door. After you’ve opened the first door, walk around in a circle, open the lattice and remove the battery. Return towards the right. There is an entrance into the room. For opening it, simply insert your battery in the slot. It’s an optional space and you might have passed by it.

Station of the police (west office)

You’ll need to open the safe which is containing the next hip bag. This safe can be found in the office in the west at the station in which you’ll be able to get into after you have killed a lot of zombies. The code for opening the safe is identical to that used for Resident Evil 2 Remake (which is understandable). If you aren’t able to remember it, or wish to locate it in person, you’ll have to go to the safe and look over the paper in the room that is dark. The code number is 9 left 15, right, 7 left.

Hospital (lobby)

After you have discovered the vaccine, and playing Carlos then you’ll need to shield the hospital lobby from zombie attacks. While you’re in during the battle the lights will turn off, and the hunter will open the door that is behind the desk at reception. When you’ve defeated your opponent, and the lights come on, you must enter that room and grab the duffel bag.

Hospital (underground vault)

The final hip pouches is exposed. It will be visible when leaving the hospital and go to the vault underground. Look over the area near the typewriter located in the room near the entryway into the storage facility. It is at the point that you must search for three fuses.

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