Where to Find All the Mr. Charlie Dolls in Resident Evil 3 Remake

In the game’s location, while exploring The Resident Evil 3 remake, there are twenty Mr. Charlie dolls created by Toy Uncle. The destruction of all 20 dolls will earn you the achievement in-game “Goodbye Charlie! This tutorial will explain the best way to locate every doll.


  • 1 Metro station
  • 2 streets in the City
  • 3 Subway Control Room
  • 4 Substation
  • 5 City Streets (when there is an unlocked picklock)
  • 6 Sewerage
  • 7 Sewer City Streets (after you defeat Nemesis)
  • 8 Police Station
  • 9 Tunnels
  • 10 Tunnels 10 Clock Tower Square
  • 11 Hospital
  • 12 Underground Vault
  • 13 Nest 2

Metro Station

Once you’ve managed to control Jill Valentine and explore the subway station, you shouldn’t rush in the direction of Carlos. Instead, you should turn around and climb the steps. On the top are two newspapers. Between them is a picture that is the Mr. Charlie.

The city’s streets

When you first arrive downtown, you will be able to destroy the two the Mr. Charles’ dolls. Follow the story, go past the diner , and finally get to the secure room of the proprietor at the drugstore. Take a walk along the left side of the wall, and eliminate the zombies. Check the shelves on the top along the east wall to find Mr. Charlie. Mr. Charlie doll.

Beyond the counter selling doughnuts take a look in the right to find the doll near the microwave.

The control room for subways

There’s another doll inside the Metro Office Control Room. Find it under the left-hand right side of the panel.


The north-facing part of the control room, glance towards the west, left and then look at that top shelf. The cardboard box that is next to it is the statue.

The city’s streets (when there’s a lock)

Find the lockpick, and head to the store for toys near the burn alley. Go through the door using the lock that is yellow (using you picklock) and on the counter to the right side is the Mr. Charlie doll.


When you walk to the lab through the sewers (through the tunnels with flooding) be aware of the grate that is nearby, at the at the end. It’s Mr. Charlie’s toy is concealed in the grate.

When you find the battery that allows you to open the doors using empty cells, you will be able to make it to the exit. The battery should be placed in the opposite door (the second-to-last one that you do not count as the one that opens to the safe room) and then go through it, then go back around halfway up the staircase. Near the door, there is a statue.

The city’s streets (after the fight with Nemesis)

This doll is in the home you’ll find yourself in right after you have visited you have visited the Kendo Weapon Shop.

Police Station

Before you enter the station for police, walk down the steps and then go east towards the courtyard. You will see the doll on the lower wall to your left.

When you arrive in the room that has the numbered lockers inside the police station search for the doll in the shelves on the wall behind.


It’s likely that you don’t even be aware of this doll. It’s best to look in the right-hand side of the hallway shortly after leaving the partially destroyed shelter. If you make use of mines to fight the zombies that are in the hallway, you’ll likely destroy the Charlie doll without notice it. Take a look around the rooms that have bunk beds to the right of the hallway to make certain.

Clocktower Square

After you have crossed the subway tunnels You will be at Clock Tower Square. You can go to the west and then, just behind the truck in green, search to the left for Charlie Doll.


When you visit the hospital and taking care of Carlos you can find the Charlie doll sitting on an gurney near the doorway into the emergency room of the laboratory.

Two more dolls are in 2nd floor in the hospital. While you’re on top take a look beneath your feet towards the right side to find another doll. In the room in which you’re hospitalized, near the nurse’s area There is a trash container with an Charlie doll inside. It’s located in an area in the northwest corner.

You’re looking for the forklift on the other side of the elevator which will lead to the vault beneath. There’s the dolly.

The underground vault

When you’ve lit one of the fuse’s, you’ll have for you to fit between both racks. After this, look over the racks, and on one of them , you’ll see an Charlie doll.

Nest 2

The final two figures are located in the final area. After you have taken the flash drive that has cancel code (from that room located on the 2nd floor) then go through the doorway towards the north and you will locate yourself sitting on the balcony. Look around the dark area on your left to the west, and you will find the Charlie doll.

This doll is located in the smallest of rooms that is accessible through an opening in the side in Lab 1.

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