Where Cards Fall Review Review

Game called Puzzle Where Cards Fall was released in Apple Arcade in the year of the year 2019, but it will be released on MS along with Nintendo Switch in 2021. We were awed by the appealing appearance, the game was nominated as an award in 2020 for the Apple Design Award Winner, and with the potential for intriguing puzzles, we decided not to skip it and learn more about the game’s story and where you drop the dice. We’ll also share our thoughts in our review.

  • Producer: The Game Band
  • Publisher: Snowman
  • The release date is 19 September 2019 September 19, 2019 Apple Arcade, November 4 2021 – MS Nintendo Switch

It turns out that the game does not surprise you with the narrative that it tells. The trip through the past of the protagonist proved to be boring and uninteresting. A number of disconnected chapters await you, covering the entire period from childhood to adulthood full of ups and downs.

There aren’t any unexpected twists and exciting events or heart-breaking moments. It’s all about the mundane: relationships, love, efforts to be recognized, or build an industry… Maybe this game can provide a reason to rethink your life, look back and recollect in your head every good and bad thing events that occurred to you. Perhaps you, like me will shrug and sigh and then proceed to the next challenge.

The game’s mechanics of Where Cards Fall is much more enjoyable. The game lets you control decks of cards and create out of them a platform that can overtake the challenges. It’s easy: by moving the deck into the proper spot you can open it and build an edifice of cards on which you will be able to reach your desired goal.

Houses may be either single or multi-story and there are additional challenges that appear at various locations, for example, placing games on cloudy areas that move because of their weight or battle the winds. The game seamlessly introduces new rules for puzzles, which means that the game’s flow is consistent and you won’t become stuck in one of the challenges for a long time. As a last resort there are countless tips that, although they have some time-limits for rollback after usage but it’s a short one, therefore you shouldn’t face any difficulties.

The movie Where Cards Fall is beautifully designed and stunningly animated. Although the image lacks details the visual style is charming, and the image is perfectly mingled with the soothing music. At first, the touch controls are perfectly adapted to the gamepad. However, the boy, who is the main character, needs to be a bit faster. It’s extremely slow when he moves.

So we now have an excellent game worth a look due to its gameplay and its design. If you’re looking for games that puzzle you with a compelling story, you’ll better choose something else such as Portal 2 or The Talos Principle.

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