What’s new in New Horizon Exploring the massive update for Outriders Review

The release of New Horizon in the role-playing shooter Outriders has added more content to the endgame with a variety of innovations and many improvements based on player feedback. The developers introduced New Horizon DLC to the media and discussed their project’s current work and future goals.

  • Producer: People Can Fly
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Date of release: 16. November, 2021

A roundtable discussion with media, including People Can Fly’s marketing director as well as Outriders game balance designer.

“As you’re probably aware, Outriders is our biggest project to this point. We are firmly convinced of the game and plan to invest our efforts into improving it and further developing it. The initial steps of Enoch weren’t easy. The players were faced with a host of issues, including faulty servers, lost inventory items, and a host of other issues we needed to address in the shortest time possible; however, thanks to an active community, we have discovered a lot.”

The players discussed the numerous bugs they were able to resolve in the first few days following the start of the project quickly. They smoothed out the bumps with each update. The technical team of People Can Fly struggled with servers that refused to cooperate until the volume of negative feedback they received on their efforts was eliminated. Today, according to the creators, one of the primary problems with Outriders has been wholly eradicated.

New Horizon was released. New Horizon there was finally solved bugs that led to the demise of players in sessions, and inability to invite other players to join the group mistakes that made it impossible for players from taking part in specific adventures and quests and a variety of issues with the use of modifications and class abilities like being affected by the texture of the turrets “Technomancer.” People Can Fly noted that getting rid of the worst bugs allowed them to be active players.

“We’ve received a lot of complaints regarding the game’s balance, and we’ve tried to fix these issues to make the game more enjoyable. In actual fact, New Horizon is a DLC built on the community’s demands, which we couldn’t make happen prior to the technical issuesbeforellet-build nerf that we thought would force players to different places was a must-have which allowed players to hear from the players and work on polishing their game, specifically through mods.”

For instance, players have cited”Fortress,” the “Fortress” mod that has been revamped and is now able to increase the strength of your armor and character by 5% per level they get when they shoot, and at the highest level, grants gamers a 30 percent boost in damage over ten minutes.

Balance edits affected a variety of adjustments, skills within the tree of development, and bonuses to equipment set for the four classes. Disrupters and tricksters got better protection Technomancers, pyromancers were stronger, and damage multipliers in the most popular mods increased.

The main issue that came up in the discussion of New Horizon was one of the most significant innovations made. The developers eliminated timers for expeditions from Outriders that previously required players to move the fastest they could to reap higher rewards. Timers can be used by default, but it’s not an obligation anymore.

“Due to the limitations on time of the expeditions, players were forced to modify their builds for offensive play, leaving the tank and support roles vacant. We decided to eliminate this method so that every playerspende their time playing around with different designs and reaping similar rewards. The game was originally designed as a game for multiple players, and now single players can have fun completing their expeditions, and groups can assign roles and fully realize the potential of each.”

Alongside this, players can select three legendary items from the inventory to reward them for completing The “Eye of Storm” high-end quest. People Can Fly noted that since the launch of New Horizon, Outriders has become significantly more generous with loot and less demanding of players in terms of time.

“Speaking of generosity and generous, let us also talk about the latest transmogrification technology, which, with no cost or hassle, and for free or at any point permits the user to change the appearance and appearance of one thing to its counterpart. The item’s appearance of the itembe altered and the sound effects associated with the item. This system was designed to encourage players to keep playing the game and purchase new gear. We are thrilled to see that aliums are experimenting with the appearance.”

There are plenty of things to return to. In addition to the base set of missions, There are four brand new ending-game zones available within Outriders, Each with different stories”Scorched Subsoil” “Scorched Subsoil” players will go to find abandoned equipment in the mountains covered in snow, “Wanderer City” will welcome Aliums to visit an old Pax settlement, while in “Marshall Complex” they will fight rebels testing new weapons while within “The The Source” players will seek ancient treasures hidden in ruins.

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The developers mentioned that they have plenty of plans to increase Outriders’ features (new weapons, upgrades armor, quests and quests, skill trees, etc.) However, New Horizon should be seen as the last stage in developing the game’s foundation. The developers hope to make the most of it in the coming Worldslayer add-on.

“For example, boss battles. After collecting feedback from all players, We’ve looked into the bugs and plan to make boss battles more exciting and diverse in the future. It’s the same for the scale and synergy system we’re going to keep working on.”

When asked if crossovers might be being planned for the future, the developers replied that the idea isn’t yet being considered, but not due to technical issues, but rather due to the policies of different services. Outriders permit the transfer of developments across its Windows community (between PC and Xbox); however, this scenario isn’t yet possible concerning Steam or the Epic Games store.

In terms of the possibility of porting Outriders on to Nintendo Switch, the game-makers have so far stayed clear of making any specific statements, instead of limiting themselves to speculation about the market demand for the game shortly that’s still hard to forecast. However, they haven’t ruled out the possibility, citing the case of their Bulletstorm game, which was successfully portable to the portable console.

Then, after the roundtable discussion, participants were informed about changes to the quality of life that were introduced as part of New Horizon. New Horizon add-on, such as the possibility to alter the legendary selection and purchase random legendary weapons from Thiago’s store. The developers also made it easier to read the description of mods, as a result of which while playing with the Xbox, it was difficult to figure the use of the different fonts as mentioned on the cover of the impression review.

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In the end, People Can Fly admitted that, despite the good response and the strong support of Square Enix, Outriders didn’t launch in the way they wanted it to, which significantly affected the perceptions of players as well as critical reviews.

“I think we’re able, to be honest, and admit that we were extremely dissatisfied with ourselves at that time. We had been working to develop this game for nearly five years and had invested a lot of effort into it. It was difficult for us to overcome these obstacles. In the same way, the collaboration together with Square Enix and the support from the community has allowed us to build Outriders and gain the courage to develop the game.”

“It was an extremely rewarding experience. We were able to realize that Enoch is a real game for players, and the most effective way to help them is to take their feedback into consideration. Feedback, which has been the main theme of our discussion currently, is the essential tool to launch the first game. Therefore, New Horizon seems like the ideal time to show the world how we’ve learned from the feedback we’ve received from them. We thank you all for your continued support. We look forward to new perspectives!”

It’s important to note to remind you that New Horizon is a free update for Outriders. To mark the release of the update, the game’s creators have created a festive fireworks event for all players, including those who have never played the trial versions in the game. When Outriders is released between November 16 through November 30th, The most experienced player character will be given an item from the legendary armor. The item will be added to the inventory of the character or the storage vault in less than 48 hours of signing in to the game.

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