What to do with the clock in Resident Evil 3 Remake

Let’s discover where you can discover all the gems in the clock of the subway station within Resident Evil 3: Remake. Resident Evil 3 remake, as well as all the rewards that come with finding the solution to the puzzle

One of the initial puzzles found in Resident Evil 3 Remake is a mini-game that requires you to find three other objects. You may not even recognize the correct object. Before you exit the subway and enter the city, there is a memorial in the form of a clock. Look closely to find three boxes that are hidden beneath three gems. The gems are kept in their chests; they are scattered throughout Raccoon City. There aren’t many hidden items; however, finding them can be a challenge, especially when you don’t wish to search for previous locations many times.

To collect all three stones, you must explore a few more places. You’ll need to be patient and keep waiting for Jill to find the bolt cutter and lockpick in the game’s plot to reach these stones. This means that you’ll be required to flee from Nemesis. Here we will inform you about these stones and the rewards hidden within the watch.

Since every stone is stored in the form of a box, you’ll have to locate the packages, look them over, and then open them in your inventory. The box will disappear and leave a colorless stone to be placed within your list. Because you’ll receive an award for every stone you put in, Make sure to return to the subway each time you encounter a new one. Additionally, you’ll be awarded the Magic Watch for making each stone.

The Doughnut Shop (red stone)

This stone will be the easiest to find as it doesn’t require special tools. Find the Donut Diner close to the town’s main road and then look into the back room, which was a converted kitchen into a secure space that houses an old typewriter. The door leads to a locker that has a yellow lock. Alongside the typewriter, you will see a small box. You can open it to find that red stone. If you don’t wish to get back to the station right away, you can place the stone in a chest close by. Keep in mind that you will have access to all pending items in any wardrobe you discover. Bins are usually located close to an electronic typewriter. For example, putting one stone in the clock in the station in the subway will grant you a hand-grenade.

The Grocery Store (blue stone)

To find the second treasure for the second one, you’ll require an ax-cutting tool located in the garage, behind a burning alley. It is recommended to begin by putting out your flames. Next, use your bolt-cutting tool to the chain at the door, then walk into the supermarket. It’s right across from the toys shop, just a few steps from the interesting (or the once burned) alleyway. The counter has a box that has blue stone inside. Putting the blue stone inside your watch (provided you’ve already put in the red one in addition) can provide you with an enhancement to the shotgun you have in your stock.

The Toy Store (green stone)

To complete the final step to complete the last stone, you’ll need the lockpick, which you’ll locate before making your journey to the power substation. The ideal scenario is to go back to the toy shop when you have the lockpick. However, if you choose to start the substation, you must flee from the appearing Nemesis. After you have the lock, open the yellow lock at the entrance to the play store. Inside, there’s a small box that has green stone. Return to the clock at the station where you can put another stone. If the two previous rocks have been placed, you’ll receive the final reward, the waist pouch, which can increase the size of your stash.

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