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It’s about: a film that is hardly known by anyone. It is a video game that even fewer have any idea about. The game is, in turn, an homage to a game that is not widely known at all, at least in this country. Even though the game originates from no other than the famous developer Ubisoft which also produced the accompanying movie. It’s just released on Blu-ray and DVD, and we’re taking it for an occasion to showcase to our readers. So, ladies and gentlemen, here are the first supposedly good game adaptation!

Huh? Film adaptation? What is the game, please tell me?

Werewolves Within is based on the concept of “There goes a Bi-Ba-Butzemann,” initially only in Russian as well as Eastern European countries, later mainly in the Anglo-Saxon nations; the game has become popular as a parlor game analog in the 80s and 90s in which it has evolved from its initial purpose of an experiment in social psychology in universities to a fun party entertaining evening game that can be enjoyed with your friends in a group of chairs, surrounded by a beer crate and handful of chips. In essence, it’s a mature version of “There is a Bi-Ba Butzemann.” This is precisely the kind of circle that the film is intended to create to be a sly mockery of famous horror movie clichés that are best enjoyed by a group of people and often during a drinking game or bingo quotes. In essence, like that Ubisoft has a relatively unknown game that was made into a film, and, most importantly, instead of seeking to earn big bucks by launching big brands like Splinter Cell and Far Cry, It may sound odd, to be honest, however, after the failures of the Assassin’s Cursed as well as the Prince of Persia film adaptations (hand in your heart Are you thinking “oh that’s right, there was one like that too” today? ) It seems like an intelligent decision to let the creative spirit determine the topic for the film instead of an examination of the cash register. Maybe it’s because the first “Social Deduction Game,” which is what it’s likely to be known today, been the subject of several film adaptations in the 1990s that were very successful in Russian television, might be a factor. Regardless, the game’s original setting was based upon the often cited and known patterns of the horror genre. However, these films also work in a completely different way without the accompanying game in the same way as they do with this one.

We’re wolves inside

The new Ranger is coming into town. Since his girlfriend wants to get a “break” from their relationship (i.e., she has left without him realizing it), The charmingly naive Finn is taken out to the sleepy city of Beaverfield to take his thoughts off of the vastness and obscurity of the natural world. Beaverfield is the ideal cliché of the bourgeois small-town lifestyle that is where everyone knows everybody other than themselves and pretends to appear as if all of the inhabitants are supportive of each as a large family, but hidden in the background; they’re waiting for the chance to smack one another’s throats.

A blizzard has trapped ten famous members of this unique species in a mountain hotel that is a bit lonely in which they not only have to contend with the difficulties of being isolated from the world outside and the lack of mobile phone reception and cheap booze, but they quickly discover and find the first body that has died in their group: One of the werewolves is required to be disarmed promptly, before being hunted down each one by one.

Werewolves Within is not a horror film; however, it is a postmodern parody of it which translates to the makers are aware well that you’ve watched a lot of movies that follow the exact similar format and are aware of the basic tenets that underlie it and how to distinguish the cliches. Therefore, watching the film is not the actual excitement and enjoyment but rather the satisfaction of recognizing cliches in different ways and seeing them exaggerated pointedly or slapped across the screen. In essence, it’s similar to Scream that can only become a severe and serious-looking slasher in the sense that it demonstrates how slasher films aren’t considered severe anymore.

The appeal of Werewolves Within is that it doesn’t proceed as clear and compelling as Scream; however, it writes its humor more subduedly within the lines and doesn’t degenerate to pure persiflage, which tends to seek its redemption through the exaggeration of shocking characters and splatter-filled scenes to get the flat thigh Slapper. Werewolves Within is a film filled with smirks and well-planned running gags that are easily missed without paying attention. (For instance, be aware of the “weapon” that the wolf was fighting with at the end and what the movie is alluding to). It’s a tribute to its creators’ immense passion and thorough genre knowledge. They joyfully dissect using a scalpel and reveal its cliches in a flash without making it a target for mockery.

In essence, it’s pretty similar to the previously mentioned Cabin of the Woods though the latter was more clever and was more closely connected to the genre despite the somewhat ambiguous approach; however, Werewolves Within, strictly speaking, isn’t a horror movie anymore It is more of a provincial farce, which dress as the genre of horror, as the absolute terror isn’t the werewolf, but the backwoods ideology, narrow-minded neighbors and small-bourgeois bigotry.

For instance, the stereotypical couple of rednecks who are aware of “left” is not an expression of direction; however, it is merely an adjective to refer to the bogeyman of politics. or the creepy hermit that is, for no reason, wearing a stuffed wolf in place of his winter jacket, and allows anyone who enters his property 10 seconds before shooting him even if it’s just the mailman. In reality, it’s the postwoman (“gender is crucial”). She, in turn, is assumed to be the town’s beauty and yet is as if she’s so inconspicuously genre-free and normal that one could be sure to find her in some way as good as the sly inexperienced newcomer Finn. Particularly at the moment, she exposes Finn to the hidden secrets of the local sport in a manner slightly more sly and provocative than what is appropriate for her. Darts. However, with an ax. This is basically … Oh, I don’t know, I don’t care.


Werewolves In The Inside are best enjoyed with a group of friends with a couple of bags of chips, coke, beer, and if you want, an alcohol-related game. Then play the accompanying party game immediately afterward. It’s very old-fashioned, sitting with a circle of chairs with a pen in hand and a piece of paper. With a smile across your cheeks.

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