We Were Here Forever Test

“A city that is only an invasive mushroom! ” This, for example, is one of the many stylistic blooms that, through a combination of dismay, flashes of inspiration and confused frustration, totally dominate the communication at the point at which they become completely dominant. The gameplay experiences in We Were Here oscillates in the constant revolving of focus on the puzzles that were originally created and unrestrained laughter in at the utter failure to get them solved and awkward moments that could ruin friendships since the only thing you really would like to do is shout at one another.

An axle for a round vehicle the toilet flush

We know We Were Here after three parts. But like the previous parts were a little larger better, prettier and more complicated with each game The fourth part takes one step further again. Writing down mysterious symbols is something that you can do in your dreams. We Were Here Forever regularly goes one step further. To the symbolisms, which can be well-described with “A car axle that is only circular” Then, sounds are added. You can try to explain to her what sounds like flushing from a toilet or, even worse, mimicking the sound …

Our story starts in a dungeon in Castle Rock, which already served as the narrative’s central point in the previous installments and from which we believed we were already free in the third chapter. Why, for what reason, is it that we are back and must escape yet again? It’s not a matter of concern, since the story is simply the thread that the different puzzle pieces are connected to each other, and they are organized in a more transparent manner this time.

The predecessors were strict in their structure, We Were Here Forever allows us to choose different paths starting at a certain point. Do we go first to an underwater location that has a maze of statues that are obscure and cryptic statues, or do we prefer to go to the cemetery in which we can dig the correct graves on the basis of cryptic descriptions? The aim of all initiatives is to locate the three parts of a machine so that we can use them to get out of the castle and eventually the kingdom that is cursed.

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The distinctive puzzle design is at the center of the gameplay experience in any case with the game presenting yet another huge problems and taking it up one notch over previous versions. We Were Here Forever is an extremely heavyweight of brainteasers. Each one that requires different strategy. Sometimes, the objective is to lead your companion through a maze. Other times , you’ll need to make different potions together and under pressure to finish when you are solving the next game, different items must be switched around between players until they have the correct symbols to be able to solve the puzzle.

The central element of the puzzle’s design, namely the fact that both players are separated physically. The player isn’t aware of which side is where and what he is seeing and why it is crucial to completing the puzzle. Communication is essential to determine what the purpose of the task is, or at the very least, what it is and what clues or objects are in the available, and how they can be applied to think rationally. Only when you can effectively exchange information can you find the answer step by step with many detours due to errors, misunderstandings and curses. Because the programmers know what the potential pitfalls of communication are, and will help you avoid them.

In one chapter, for instance in another chapter, we need to convince a gigantic octopus to let us free our submarine which is being held in its slithering tentacles. One player is able to only view the huge creature in the distance and is trying to explain his partner the sound it’s making, and what symbols it is showing its eyes as it does this, the second player attempts to draw the appropriate conclusion from the descriptions in order to translate the description and then provide the correct answer.

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In puzzles that are creative like these, the puzzle can be elevated to the highest level. Like the predecessors, however, there are puzzles where a significant portion of the work is given to one person , and the other person is able to follow his instructions. For instance, when certain music pieces must be performed in a specific sequence on an organ. One person is the only one with the required information and can figure out which keys need to be used at what moment. The other must sit and wait, hoping that the person who is his partner is aware of what’s happening.

Familiar weaknesses

The latest installment of the We-Were-Here family shines because of its wide diversity. Each area offers a distinct and unique experience and provides a relaxing series of fairly easy-to-solve puzzles and ones that can send players to insaneness. In particular, at the beginning but some puzzles are repeated too often and can cause you to extend certain chapters that are unnecessary.

A constant issue in the seriesis the technical aspects. While the quality of graphics has been progressively improved as games progressed however, it has not got to a point where it could be considered modern with a clean conscience. The most recent version has no problem in this regard the characters and textures are at times so blurry and lack of details that we often thought that a 10-year-old game was actually running on the most basic setting. The fact that the frame rate decreases abruptly from time to time shouldn’t be a problem.

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