Watch Dogs Legion Guide Where to Find the Default Mask

At present, millions of Watch Dogs: Legion fans worldwide are trying to figure out the game’s intricate ARG puzzle. This comprises QR codes, encryption, and a host of other nefarious features you’d be expecting from the technical experts at DedSec, which is the organisation trying to stop the taking by Britain by the dark private military firm Albion. Instead, the latest game makes an unintentional departure from the core elements of the series, offering players a range of abilities and a powerful tool to beat their adversaries.

However, Watch Dogs: Legion still honors previous franchise episodes and thanks to Easter eggs that take disguises that are hidden. The ARG puzzle we talked about earlier points to a specific area within the maps of London. If you reach this difficult access place at a particular date and time according to your game’s clock, you’ll be taken to a secret room with the bonus mask. It’s an intriguing hidden object that we will explain in this guide. We’ll show you how to locate it through gameplay screenshots.

To discover the secret lair of Default, one of the villains/hackers from the series DJ, from the initial part of Watch Dogs, you need to go to the address indicated by the map below. Start by heading east from the Millennium Bridge in London.

For the area indicated on the map, you have to be at the spot by 2am. Then, go into the tunnel located by the brick structure with stairs that lead into the water. Take a leap and check out the wooden gate that is locked – at precisely 2am, you will be able to use the entrance to let it open.

There is a room that is completely stuffed with mannequins in the bottom, inside an unsettling dungeon. Enter and interact with the drawer beneath the table, a DJ console. It is situated on the left-hand right side of the club. The chest is opened, and you take the default mask. To utilize it, all you need to do is access the inventory menu.

In addition to Aiden Pierce appearing in Watch Dogs: Legion as a playable actor in one of the DLCs, the default mask isn’t the only hint to the game that began the series, but it’s among the most obscure and difficult to locate. The reward isn’t as attractive because it’s the standard mask. But it’s sure to be a hit with those who are avid Watch Dogs fans.

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