Watch Dogs Legion guide where to find spies

Spy agents are highly valuable operatives who will surely become the perfect addition to your group on Watch Dogs: Legion. However, many are confused about where to find a spy and how to get the stealthy member of your team. This is exactly what we will discuss in this article.

In the story of Watch Dogs: Legion, the main goal is to free London, which is under the control of an authoritarian regime that has taken over the UK due to a highly sophisticated surveillance program called ctOS. This will take an amount of effort, which is directly linked to the recruitment process of the team. That’s why knowing the exact location of the spy will be beneficial since this person can be precious for any squad.

One way to ensure that you recruit an operative for Watch Dogs: Legion is to alter the status of Westminster as “oppressed” to make it “unruly.” This way, when Westminster is empty, it will complete the mission is called “Like Watch.” To gain access to your spy’s account, you need to activate the computer. The computer is located on the upper level on the top floor of Big Ben.

Another excellent place to explore can be the MI6 building located on the west in the Lambeth district. Whatever the clever and quick the spies may be, the building is, in the end, their base of operations.

It is worthwhile visiting also the SIRS Intelligence Agency, the Blum Corporation, and other government structures. Additionally, it is important to be cautious when you visit London since it’s possible to encounter a spy on the street. Be aware that the chance of finding such a person through an accident is far less than for other recruits.

What is it that makes spies unique, and why is it indeed worth looking for of them? First, they’re outfitted with the gun that has a silencer that allows you to quickly take on any adversary as well as an alarm watch that blocks guns from being able to target any nearby enemies as well as a distinctive spy car that shoots rockets from the headlights, and also has an electronic cloaking system to avoid pursuits.

As you can observe, the spy can be an excellent addition to your squad. Remember, however, that if you wish to recruit someone from the street, it will require something to get them into the team.

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