Watch Dogs 2 test, welcome to San Francisco with CtOS 2.0!

Watch Dogs 1 is now synonymous with displeasure and betrayal, owing to the absence of communication as well as the downgrade. However, it was a major commercial hit to Ubisoft in the years since., the water has poured under the bridge! The sequel is trying to restore the license logo to ensure that it doesn’t sink into the abyss of time. The game is filled with great ideas that were at times poorly utilized. The developers appear to have come to terms with their errors and are providing a new beginning for the license: new characters, a new city, gameplay reviews, and improved and corrected!

Watch Dogs 2 is the result of a lot of thinking in the event that you believe that its gameplay is indeed a re-imagining of the original gameplay by changing it, and offering different possibilities to play in various ways. However, the general aspects have, in a way, transformed! !

Say goodbye to Aiden Pearce and his hopes of revenge in the depressing city of Chicago! Goodbye Marcus Holloway, youngster from San Francisco, California the city of billionaires, with the Silicon Valley.

The game’s mood, better suited to modern times, is reminiscent of that of the Mr. Robot series with the hero’s brand new ” crew” hackers, the collective called DedSec. Watch Dogs 2 is a symbiosis of retro pop culture, with its graphics and codes are incorporated into the menus that extend into the streets. The entire game’s tasks and features are accessed via your smartphone through apps that you can download to unlock the essential elements of the game: Map, GPS music, photo… In addition, you can find cartoons that depict Google Maps, Uber, Instagram, or Facebook in these apps.

CtOS 2.0, Blume strikes back

At the beginning of the tale, your protagonist is having problems in the Blume firm, which is the creator of the CtOS supercomputer, which manages streetcars, traffic lights cameras, and most crucially, your data. A hyper-connected, connected city that gathers the data of its citizens across every device connected to the town for reselling to the most expensive bidders. A bit like our world in a nutshell.

It is believed that the ctOS can calculate the probability of a person committing a crime before them having time even to consider the possibility of it and then taking them into custody. Recognizing that he was an enigma to security, Marcus Holloway as did Aiden who was arrested in Chicago removed his personal information from the computer and set up an rear door to make use of it against him.

Then we would like to welcome you to the DedSec! A cartoonish group of activists consists of a few members who have specific duties. For example, Sitara also known for her role as “the artist” oversees the design that your app displays (we’ll return to that later), Wrench is the tinkerer in the group, and the rest are waiting to be discovered through the game!

The fight against Blume isn’t an easy task, but fortunately DedSec has discovered a novel strategy to defeat the system. An app that your supporters can download to keep track of your actions and act as a bot to help you in your actions in the fight against this evil digital empire.

Welcom you to San Francisco, the land of technology!

This app is one of the most significant new features and functions of Watch Dogs 2. In fact, it’s by engaging in spectacular actions that players will visit and download your application , and simultaneously increase the computational capabilities that comes with the DedSec. The actions you perform are nothing less than your mission and activities that will take down a Scientology-style church, demolish the gang’s hideout, and many other things to find within the game.

There’s plenty to do and all over the place! In The San Francisco Bay Area this is it is a map nearly twice as big as the first edition. It is more vibrant and vibrant than before and features more varied settings between the urban core and the suburban areas of the nouveau riche and its homes that aren’t a thing. Mythical sites are accurately represented all over the bay, like Alcatraz Island or the Golden Gate Bridge. These places are accompanied by small tasks that can be completed using an app for photos (a type of Instagram) which allows you to get a few additional users to the DedSec application. These places of interest all over the city, in tourist areas worth visiting absolutely…

Let’s explore the possibilities of hacking, leaving you completely free to complete your tasks however you want, whether it’s infiltration or not. Watch Dogs 2 allows hackers the chance to hack into city facilities and the phones of people passing by or even guards and to take charge of cars remotely. A variety of possibilities are available via the skill tree, split into various kinds Hand-to-hand, Hacking firearms; piloting, guns… The levels are easily achievable through hacking, and your small wheeled friend, the drone that was previously available as a DLC, is now available directly since the beginning of the game using the 3-D printer which can eventually be utilized to buy new weapons.

The driving experience has improved since the initial part of the license. It is more realistic than before the physical physics are enjoyable and offer an authentic driving experience for every vehicle. It’s still not perfect and the motorbike that tears off the lampposts, however, it cannot resist the smallest street… To summarize, however, it is still informal compared to the efforts put into it in the years since Watch Dogs 1.

Hacking with friends

Similar to similar to Saoul In Watch Dogs it is possible to can enter the game of other players but with the addition of new features like having the ability to put the police inside your pocket to track down the person who is attacking. The co-op is also a component of the game, providing new avenues for infiltration when you hack against Blume.

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