Warframe guide best mods for any warframe

Warframe isn’t only about the spaceship parkour and genocide across the galaxy. The free game could be a genuine challenging puzzle. One of the most challenging elements is selecting the appropriate mods for your warframes which increase your capabilities in combat.

There are more than 1000 of them currently and determining which ones are most helpful for novices isn’t easy. We decided to assist you select the most crucial and indispensable Warframe mods.


  • 1 1. Flow
  • 2 Streamlined
  • 3 Continuity
  • 4 Fury/Hunter Adrenaline
  • 5 Quick Thoughts
  • 6 Short-Term Enhancement
  • 7 Momentary Mastery
  • 8 Simplified Thinking
  • 9 Overstretch
  • 10 Blind Fury


The most interesting aspect of warframes is the variety of abilities that could alter the odds towards the outcome of life and death. They need energy to make use of which is constantly in short supply particularly in lower levels when you’re still not unlocking the abilities that are later on.

This is the reason why a massive amount of energy from the Flux mod lets you make use of your warframe’s capabilities without any limitations by any means. If possible, you should acquire an Prime version of it when you happen to meet Baro Ki’Tir.


Simplicity is yet another feature you shouldn’t be without. It decreases the energy consumption of your skills and can increase your energy reserves too.

When used in conjunction with Flow, this mod makes warframes more appealing. Both mods enable you to utilize capabilities more frequently. Unfortunately, the version for international players of Warframe Prime does not have this feature.


Certain Warframe abilities have a specific duration and increasing the duration makes your warframe more dangerous or beneficial. These include Loki’s Invisibility and Nova’s Molecular Charge, for instance. other abilities.

This is the reason why Continuity can be an excellent mod to be installed as a default. It extends the life of the warframe’s capabilities (which include it) which means you can not have to worry about activating these abilities, which translates into savings in energy. This mod comes with an Prime version that can be purchased at Baro.

Hunter’s Fury/Adrenaline

We’ll move into more complicated mods. Rage or its equivalent that comes from Plains of Eidolon called Hunter’s Adrenaline are two necessary mods for a warframe that is a heavy user of energy.

They let you regenerate energy whenever you suffer damage. This is more effective for certain warframes, but it is one of the best methods to replenish energy without those Focus Schools revealed later. Additionally, Hunter’s Fury/Adrenaline can turn your warframe into a true tank when combined by another mode…

Fast Thinking

The mod is often regarded as an ideal complement for Hunter’s Fury/Adrenaline. This is due to the fact that Quick Thought is a kind of “panic button” which allows you to transfer damage to energy when your health is at a low (2 HP or less).

Warframes that have high energy as well as that are equipped with the Fury/Adrenaline Hunter mod with Quick Thought transform into tanks. Be sure to have a reliable means to replenish your health, and to become practically immortal until the final game content.

Brief Amplification

We’ll now discuss advanced mods, particularly damage mods. They provide a significant increase in one area while but they also sacrifice the other. For example, with short-term Amplification it gives you an immense increase in power which is unattainable for even the Amplification Module.

The downside is that you need to sacrifice the amount of time you can use warframe abilities. This is a good option for warframes which aren’t very durable or aren’t able to last for as long as they ought to.

Minimal mastery

Mimetic Mastery is a damage mod that boosts the efficiency of energy through time. It is suitable for warframes with regular use capabilities.

This is the majority of warframes. This is the reason why Mimetic Mastery is practically mandatory for all users, as it lets players optimize the parameters of their warframes and not be reliant on their energy limits.

Simplified Thinking

In contrast to the two damaging mods mentioned above, Simplified Thinking is instead focussed on duration. This mod dramatically enhances the time duration of abilities but at the expense of their reach. It is ideal for warframes that have a few areas-of-action abilities.

Additionally, you can easily offset the negative impact of Simplified Mindset by using the great older Stretch mod. This lets you get two birds in one basket using changing slots. Similar solutions are available for other mods that are damaged.


Contrary to Simplified Thinking Overstretch is designed to increase the scope of your capabilities. This mod significantly expands the range but at the expense of power-ups it is particularly useful for warframes that have utility capabilities.

It is possible to observe that players are using Overstrength when using combat warframes because its negative effects can be easily compensated for by Simple Amplification or Short-Term Amplification.

Blind Fury

The final, but not least, is one of the most complicated damage modifiers: Blind Fury. Its primary purpose is that it grants your warframe the maximum power in terms of power to perform abilities.

But, the drawback is the higher energy costs for using the capabilities. It is possible to offset this by Flash Mastery or a variety of other energy efficiency enhancements.

That’s it! Also to that, it is worth noting that the Stretch as well as Amplification modifications and the Health Shield, Health, and Armor modifiers are worth looking into in a few situations.

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