War Mongrels Preview – A View from the Other Side Review

The strategy game with a tactical approach War Mongrels will be released in September. We’ve already had the chance to play through the initial games, and get an initial impression of it. We’ll give our opinions on the demo.

  • Developer: Destructive Creations
  • Publisher: Destructive Creations, All in! Games
  • The release date is September 2021

The storyline of the project will be told through the eyes of two German fighters who decide to disobey their Wehrmacht by joining the Resistance in to fight Nazism.

It’s interesting to examine the incidents in World War II from a different perspective, but bear in mind that in the tutorial mission you be required to take out Red Army soldiers trying to escape the encirclement. Certain, other characters will have to confront their own countrymen, however fighting alongside soldiers from their former Soviet Union is unlikely to be a pleasant experience for a portion of the viewers.

War Mongrels demonstrates the horrors of war without softening their impact. It’s a hell-on-the-line and explosions hurling bodies off and soldiers openly killing prisoners. It’s an extremely natural game, and it’s not a surprise since it’s developed created by Destructive Creations, known for Hatred, Ancestors Legacy, and Daymare: 1998, games that didn’t hold back from shocking gamers.

We’ll discuss the plot when we play the game in its release version, but for the moment it’s worth having a closer glance at War Mongrels gameplay. It’s a strategic game similar to Commandos or Desperados, with real-time action, controlled pause and unique abilities for each character.

One of the deer-soldiers can take bottles and throw them and throw them at enemies, causing distraction. Also, he can hurt enemy soldiers by knocking them down by a single strike. If necessary, create the identical bottle “rose” to swiftly remove two soldiers. His accomplice however is proficient in climbing higher with a pocket watch which can be used as bait , and using knives, an extremely efficient weapon.
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Every action of a character generates noise and noise, and enemies possess some visual range, which is displayed as cones. You must operate in a stealthy manner and be careful, as the characters aren’t well-nourished. At some point, I wanted to test my luck by engaging in open fights using weapons that are regarded as trophy… Well, the game put me on the same level, shoving away my opponents from the entire zone.

The final game was an excellent game.

As War Mongrels’ War Mongrels action unfolds in real-time, there’s an adjustable pause you can trigger using by pressing the TAB key. The game will enter the plan mode and be able give your characters commands which they can execute simultaneously as when you have to eliminate guards in the vicinity.

The game is still in the beginning stage of development and there are bugs to worry about, however the majority of them are likely to be resolved before the game launches. Additionally, we’ll include the option to save by hand, the Russian-language translation, brand new gameplay mechanics and additional content. In the meantime, War Mongrels leaves an impression of a promising strategic strategy that has an ambiguous and a naturalistic style to illustrate the real-world effects of warfare.

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