Walkthrough Yakuza 6: Song of Life Walkthrough: Story Guide, Kamurocho-Onomichi Missions, Trophy Guide, All Photos

Welcom back to the Yakuza world. To begin the first chapter of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life all you need to do is follow the story and possess a more endurance. There’s nothing much to do before the mission “Go for Sky Finance”. Learn about the major character in the dream sequence, and then talk to the children in the orphanage in the next few minutes.

Click here to Sky Finance

The first job you’ll have to complete is in Kamurocho located situated on Tenkaichi St.. Aside of a single supermarket there’s little you can do there. The streets are shut off and the center for games is closed as a result of an investigation by police. If you go right from the beginning there’s an information booth branded pink. You can go to it to get the first important item of info (photo taken by Osamu Kashiwagi).

Then, head north and look for an alley off to the left-hand side of New Serena Alley, which will take you into New Serena Alley. When you get there, Kiryu will meet with the policeman Date. You must wait for the incident to occur and then walk across the alley. Use the fire escape to reach the top of the hill and talk to that door at the top of the fourth to continue the story.

Find Information on Akiyama

The office, as expected, is now closed. The deadline has come and gone. Then, look for the entrance to the building that was once home to Sky Finance. When you turn on the elevator that is marked, you may still walk into the one accessible shop in Kamurocho and fill your character’s appetite. It is a great way to experience the advantages of eating while playing “Yakuza 6”

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The next sequence begins of conversation with Mama Kiryu, Kiryu’s former friend. You can ask for information about the draft girl as well as Akiyama and then exit the bar and go back towards the road. The next stop is north, to the northeast. It’s E Millennium Tower Street. Find”Dartslive” here “Dartslive” on this street. Along the way, right behind the alleyway with the playground for children three gangsters are waiting to ambush you. It is a good idea to give something for yourself to increase the amount of EXP you earn.

Once you’ve walked into the shop you’re searching for, Kiryu will also run across an old acquaintance. Discuss with him the subject of Akiyama and Haruka in addition. Then it becomes apparent that there is no other choice other than to visit Little China. Because the area is now closed, you’ll need to go towards via the southern side. On East Taihei Blvd. There is an alleyway in the side, look to it.

The sequence continues for a long time that demonstrates how awful the Yakuza’s situation is during the current time and then wait for the things to unfold until you’re restored to control. The battle against The Chinese Triad ensues; a group of enemies directly in your face, with supported by armed soldiers from the opposite side. Your best chance of winning is to fight right through the enemies ahead of you, then turn around and allow the Chinese take on one at a time. This is the best chance of defeating the mafia members of the enemy.

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