Walkthrough World Of Warcraft: Legion The Night Fortress Guide: All Wings, All Bosses & Tips

The First Boss Skorpyon

Within the known as Arch Aqueduct – the first part of the Night Fortress in the Night Fortress initially encounter the monster known as Skorpyon. It is a huge scorpion which poses a serious threat to every player, and not just for its hugely massive stinger.

The most fundamental rule to follow in this game is that aside from tanks, no one should stand directly in the direction of Skorpyon. The Arcane Slash ability would otherwise be able to hit any player who is in the front of the adversary. Instead, we suggest the so-called tank switch where two tanks fight Skorpyon alternately and both benefit from the debuff “Arcane Slash” and to limit the damage in the long term.

The remainder of the player base divides into smaller groups placing themselves on the sides as well behind Skorpyon. It is important not to be near to addition creatures scattered around, since they may also interfere in the fight, making it much more challenging.

Once Skorpyon makes”Call of the Scorpion” “Call of the Scorpion” then the previously mentioned Adds come in, which the tank that was previously assigned to this job must take advantage of immediately. The damage classes target the add monsters as swiftly as they can and eliminate their spawns without fail. Take note that adds with red coloring cause damage to the area when they die, and this is particularly hard for melee fighters. Refraining quickly can prevent losing.

Rapid reaction is also needed to be able to use the ability “Shockwave” which is an attack on every player in the vicinity. There is only one way for players to get around the impact lies in hiding crystal fragments which have already dropped off the ceiling. Additionally, Skorpyon occasionally attacks a particular player using “Focused Explosion.” This power does not just cause injuries to the target but also causes them to be stunned for a short period of time. So, it’s advised to leave the danger zone quickly in the event that you are being in the path of. So, you’re able to aren’t causing any unnecessary harm during the stun phase.

Spells that strengthen such as Heroism, Time Bend, or Battle Frenzy should be saved by the team for the end of the battle. Scorpyon is less damaged when it first starts the battle, which means that the benefits of these buffs might not be fully utilized.

Quick reactions, quick summarizing and good positioning as well as a swift off-tank (for the added monsters) are essential for this battle. If you’re prepared, the scorpion’s size shouldn’t cause too much issue.

2nd boss Chronomatic Anomaly

In the role of the boss in the aqueduct that is located on the ground, Chronomatic Anomaly is just waiting to take down the adversity group. In order to survive the battle it is necessary to have at minimum two tanks in the group. In general, it’s crucial that all participants form a line as wide as they can, while not staying outside of the attacking distance This is crucial for fighters who are ranged.

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The division of the group offers several benefits or motives simultaneously. The first is that it is easier for each player to stay clear of the threat of “Burst of Time” through this manner. The impact of the attack can cause catastrophic injuries to a variety of characters when a group has been created. Additionally, individuals are often hit repeatedly by the “Time Bomb”. If this is the case, that player needs to move as far from the group as fast as is possible in order to minimize the harm caused.

However, tanks need to be alert during this battle. Once the added monsters show up, they must be eliminated promptly. Following that, tanks will briefly gain access to the power “Temporal Shattering”. This is essential for interrupting the boss’s spell when casting “Overwhelming Force” and reduce the effect. In addition, a tank swap is crucial when fighting Chronomatic Anomaly. The reason is that the tank suffers an affliction known as Chronomatic Particles which gradually count up. If the spell reaches nine stacksor more, then it causes area damage to every raid. Thus, any change to the spell should not be made more than eight stacks. To do this the reason, agreements are crucial.

The healers are also given the responsibility of tackling their opponent Chronomatic Anomaly. During battle, players are provided with an absorption shield known as “Time Tethering.” When the countdown has expired the players affected explode in proportion to the absorption remaining. This is why an earlier assigned healer should immediately start “counterhealing” after a companion has received the shield.

Furthermore, the team must be attentive to the usage for “time flow” that is a way to speed up every skill, and it primarily impacts the debuff spells as well as their effects. When in those “accelerated phases” an increased focus is needed. The utilization of Heroism, Time Bend and Battle Frenzy is therefore recommended for slow phases. In particular, when eliminating add monsters as fast as you can to grant tank the power of “Temporal Shattering”, such an increase in power is extremely welcome and can help the add phase tremendously. It is crucial to keep in mind that the anomaly can suffer more damage in the event that it was struck by the shatter prior to. So, damage classes must be able to perform well in this brief phase.

The Third Boss Trilliax

The final boss of The final boss of Arch Aqueduct will be Trilliax who was a former servant of the Aristocracy in the direction that of Nightborn. However, he was almost tossed aside over the years and has transformed into a very murderous scoundrel over the course of time.

In general, the fight is divided into three phases, which correspond to the various characters of Trilliax. Each phase is followed by a change to boss’s abilities, which means that players must be aware of the phase they are currently in.

The tanks’ camp must again bring two tanks to this battle – that’s the minimum requirement. Some groups even have three tanks however this is mostly dependent on personal taste. The role of the damage-averters is to drag Trilliax across the edges of the room and the other members of the group are gathered in the middle. Through this strategy, you’ll never be ashamed to walk into one of the frequently appearing pools of water on the floor that can be very harmful. It is also essential that you have two tanks close to Trilliax to stop Trilliax’s Arcane Slash ability. Although only one tank will ever be affected by the debuff that comes with it The damage will be spread out to each character.

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In a group, it’s essential to create an order that allows each member to take the poisonous cake. Consuming it is crucial as it lessens the damage, however simultaneously, it triggers a debuff of duration of one minute. Because of this, it is impossible for a single player to consume two cut in rapid consecutively. Additionally, Trilliax travels into the middle of the room each now and then, firing an alternating laser. Since the damage it causes is destructive, it is essential to be aware of it. To avoid this it is advised that everyone gets very close to the boss. It will be more able to react to the laser’s shift in direction. If the distance from your boss’s location is large it could happen that timely dodges are impossible.

The difficulty of the battle is that Trilliax uses the spell “Skipping Gang” multiple times. The spell effectively connects two players to one another. If they do not cross paths with one another in a timely manner each one suffers a huge amount of injury. In particular, in the chaos during battles, it could occur that the connection is not noticed. Because tanks may also suffer from this issue, it’s sometimes essential to act swiftly, as tanks are essential for catching “Arcane Slashes”. A tip for you when a melee and ranged combatant are both affected through “Leaping Gang” the ranged fighter must be able to move towards one of the melee players. This will ensure that both fighters will be able to take the damage. If the melee player were to get away from the boss they could be losing a significant percentage (or two) of the damage that would be dealt at the conclusion of the battle.

In contrast to the other bosses of the first section, the buffs for all players Heroism, Time Bend, and Battle Frenzy come into play in the beginning of the battle. There aren’t any special moments in which Trilliax deals greater or lesser damage or vice versa, and there aren’t any time limitations. It is worth noting using lasers is not the best option, as most of the time, the members of the party have to move themselves around and are unable to cause any harm, or at least less.

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