Walkthrough Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Walkthrough: Campaign, Enigma Codes, Collectibles

Kits to upgrade weapons and their benefits

To accommodate your specific playing style To accommodate your specific style of play, there are two upgrades to consider. Enhancement kits do what they promise and improve your weaponry by providing more penetrating power and bigger magazines, in addition to other features. Combat mods, meanwhile, change your skills. For instance, you’ll be able sneak better as of now and you’ll be more able to stand up when fighting with lead. It’s important to keep in mind that these abilities are only available at the end of the game.

Improved kits can optimize your weapon with more penetrating power as well as bigger magazines, in addition to other things. The most effective initial purchase is:

AdvantagesWith small-scale challenges, like the number of headshots that you have predetermined to unlock new skills slowly, and then divided into three distinct categories. The most beneficial skills to begin with are:


In the majority of the game, you are able to attack in silence, in ambush. Particularly at higher difficulty levels, it’s recommended to not alert the commanders to early, as they’ll be able to summon reinforcements. If you want to strike silently that are not visible, you can use an axe, or even throw it. For the initial weapon upgrade is to purchase the silencer for your pistol, since it permits you to be unnoticed from the distance.

Particularly at higher difficulty levels, it’s recommended to not alert commanders too early , or they’ll be able to need reinforcements. All enemies are fairly easy to eliminate on their own however, in large numbers even the simplest soldiers are prone to becoming dangerous. There are numerous ways to sneak past the enemy, hide behind railings or crates or make use of air shafts in order to get close but not be noticed. In a melee attack, you are able to kill without a sound, even from an in-wheelchair.


You’re stuck and run exhausted? Utilize the speedy running of your suit to sprint towards better positions. A lot of enemies move at a slow pace which means you are able to take a breather. If someone throws a bomb into your new hideout? There’s no problem. If you can see the appropriate symbol, simply throw it back towards the person throwing it.


BJ Blaszkovic’s most recent exploration zones are bigger than they were before, so it could be that you’ve never are able to figure out what you should do. Do not fret! With “control pads down” on the gamepad, or “G” in the keyboard, an indicator can appear for you at any moment to show you the fastest route to your next goal.

The best tool to do the job

The game Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus In Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, you’ll come across both robotic and organic counterparts. Organic targets such as foot soldiers are susceptible to conventional ammunition and head injuries, particularly. If they’re wearing helmets, shoot the legs that are not protected. Laser or explosive weaponry is better. The majority of them have weak points that are glowing in the dark. For instance when you’re an ultra-soldier using a laser rifle it’s the hands.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Walkthrough Campaign

Childhood Trauma

The cutscene is long and ends by playing a flashback of your childhood, during which you protect your mother from the wrath of your father. There’s nothing you can do here but at the very least taking the vase pieces scattered around and throwing these at the man. It’s impossible to stop him from grasping you and raising you. Then, shortly after, you’ll be required make a decision on whether you want to shoot the dog of the family on his orders. If you do not, your father will be the one to kill the dog.

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Radau in wheelchair

Now moment, you awake in a submarine’s cabin. But, you’re slightly weak on your legs as you are undergoing an extremely difficult emergency procedure in front of you. Since you are aware it is set attack by Engel’s troops you pull out your chair and then walk toward one of the Wiesenau soldier. He hand you a submachine pistol, that you immediately test on your adversaries within the corridor.

Next, you can collect ammunition and medicines before firing two more soldiers that are coming down the steps. Because you are unable to take any stairs, can use the elevator to climb to a higher floor. Through a glass, you’ll witness soldiers of the enemy in a blaze of. Turn to the left and stop right in the middle of the buzzing devices. There’s an oven trap in this area and is set by your friend. Set will disable for you. Once you are at his front door, a scene ensues.

In the corridor that follows it, do the same thing and then set the trap to complete the guards. Make sure you deactivate the traps again or you’ll get grilled. As you descend the stairs, you’ll come across some enemies before arriving at an area with two massive gears that are that are moving. You can place yourself on this machine and climb one level higher. Then, you can go upwards a second time setting yourself up on platforms that move. In addition, you’ll often find useful medicine and ammunition packs in the odd crates that are laying all around.

Problems on the loose

From the corner, you can go through a pipe and into another area. Take care of the few soldiers and then climb the stairs. They will take you to the conveyor belt torpedo. You travel for a short distance until the conveyor belt suddenly goes in a reverse direction and you crash out of the chair. You still are armed with your rifle which you aim at enemies that are approaching. Get back in the wheelchair, and then reverse the conveyor belt by pressing the button.

Go back to the room that has the conveyor belt. Grab those four guards. When they’re finished then get onto the conveyor belt and take it up. The cable will follow you on the floor, through the gear and on to an additional conveyor belt. Then you will arrive at an additional room that has an elevator platform. If you use this elevator the cutscene will begin where you’ll end up on the ship that flies Ausmerzer.

At the helm of the Ausmerzer

Wear the armor of the engine then you’ll be able to stand on your own again. Angel’s daughter Sigrun is waiting to open the door to you. The butterfly attack will smash the floor plate marked and then climb the shaft. Inside the area, grab the axe from the bag that is on the wall and place it to open the shaft. The soldier will be able to sneak up on you and take him down using the blade. Take the ladder up and across the machine onto another ladder. When you reach the top, grab the pistol, then break the shaft.

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In this chapter, you’ll be able to learn about leaders for the first time. The higher-ranking enemies may call for reinforcements, and also leave their mark Enigma codes you can use later on to unlock commander missions. A display shows how far from the commander is, and in the direction you must look for him. Therefore, sneak up on your first leader and take him down silently. It is already clear that there is a other one. However, he’s very guarded to be able to sneak past. Therefore, shoot him first and then protect the other soldiers. On the wall with glowing red dots you’ll discover a map of the level.

Go up the ladder and make use of butterflies to fall into the area that is closed off. Utilize the lever to open the door leading to the current room as well as the armory from where you can pick up the grenades. Make use of one to explode the designated gas tank. It will make an opening in the ground. Through this, you’ll enter an area that has an officer and a large number of soldiers. Make your way to the commander in distress fairly quickly to ensure that he does not need to call in additional reinforcements.

A different type of laser tag

Once you’ve removed the zone, climb the steps to the outside. Take out the two guards and enter the generator room . let the submarine out via console that is attached to the flying ship. A cutscene follows. Retrace your steps back to the beginning and you’ll encounter an armored opponent using a laser rifle. These massive hunks of fat can cause some serious damage, so keep moving forward in the fight. In the event that you do not have an effective weapon in your arsenal then you could shoot at the weapon’s hands that are typically broken.

When the soldier is dead then pick up the laser weapons and make use of it in order to break down the gate marked. Laser weapons are in a position to open various yellow-marked objects, like doors, manhole grates, and crates. When the weapon is empty and recharged, it can be recharged with the helpfully located blue glowing charging stations. After you’ve defeated a variety of foes, you’ll get to a gate which is opened. In the back is an outdoor area that houses the cannon of a ship, and two commanders and soldiers are waiting. After you have met with the commanders you have collected their Enigma codes and entered one more gate you’ll return to the room where you first met commanders.

Reading Tip: “

p”>The path will lead you north to a door that you can now open. Shoot the shooters at you from the upper floor, then enter the escape pod. Anya as well as Sigrun are waiting to greet you. The cutscene starts before you head back to your submarine.

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