Walkthrough Watch Dogs: Legion Walkthrough, Guide & Tips: All Dedsec And District Missions

The first mission in Watch Dogs: Legions is very linear, and that’s why there are only a few choices to solve the puzzle. From start, you must traverse the narrow corridor and take out the first opponent from behind. You could distract him by using your electronic toy prior to the battle however it’s not required.

The next step is to open a locked doors one by one, jump over a fence and climb up a wall. Then, you will come across another door that you cannot open as easily. Pressing the shoulder button you will be able to see the red glow which will lead the way to an access station. Be careful: on your way to the terminal, there are additional adversaries, and you must eliminate as soon as possible in secret.

The first one is before your eyes If you go towards the door on the right to the right in direction of a small staircase and glance in a diagonal direction to the left, towards an empty dumpster. The attacker is right in the direction of the dumpster and is able to turn his back on you, which means you can also be killed from behind. However, it’s more effective when you use the trap near him from an in-between distance. It will ensure that he receives a punch and falls down to earth.

Then, run down the steps and then walk across the support pillars along with the equipment until you can see your next security guard. You may also be able to take the guard from some distance using the box that is in front of her.

When you get to the box, you’ll find a camera hung over the box that you. If you can hack it then you’ll see the last of the villains within the area. There’s also an unintentional trap that is easy to target immediately using the camera and then blast away. Then, walk through the steps to the left, and then utilize the security terminal to open the door you had opened earlier.

The next space is full of weapons, however, you do not need to be concerned about these. Instead, you need to be on the lookout for three additional adversaries who are at your disposal. You should take cover in the first crate, and then look for two cameras that are located on the right and left edges of the space. Like the previous models you are able to hack between cameras to get to the other and, thus, not be noticed by the magnifying glass.

Directly beneath each camera , you can set traps. You can also lure opponents into the cameras by pushing a button to then activating the trap. Do not worry if any among the others sees something, he’ll be a little nervous and will then turn away from you.

You can turn off your character by using the two traps, at minimum two enemies and switch into your new character. You can now and wait for the third antagonist by keeping him at a distance and then kill him from behind.

The room is crossed by the corridor that winds around until you reach an unlit door. In the back, you’ll immediately climb out from the sewer and be on top of the structure above.

When you are able to move, you glance at the detonator marked yellow located just in front of your face at the end of your table. A few minutes later you immediately move to cover yourself and be quick to react as several enemies are preparing to attack you.

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Two are advancing directly towards you and one is even passing by. When this happens before turning around to disorient the person in front of you before you attack. If you’re lucky, nobody will be able to see you , and you will be able to secure yourself once more. Then, make use of the numerous yellow power boxes in the walls and blast them off every time an enemy passes across.

If you’ve used all the traps and boxes and traps, you are not able to avoid an open battle. Fortunately, Rogues aren’t very well protected, so taking two to four shots with the simple gun is enough. It is recommended to kill one opponent after the next and cover yourself in between to recharge. If the ammunition is no longer available up, you’ll have to get to the detonator to reload.

Then, following the sequence, you race into the room that has the statues. Then, you must unlock the door on your right however it’s locked. On the opposite side , you will see another door that is locked as well. But, you can observe two camera lenses through the glass that are on the wall and another on the desk. If you hack into the second and look through the glass, you’ll see directly at a tablet that has an access key. Install it in order to unlock the second door located on the right in the area.

Be careful: the moment you unlock the door, you’ll be in danger! Make sure to take shelter behind the massive crate in the middle of the hallway and then activate the traps are able to be targeted. There are some fire extinguishers in yellow placed on the ground as well as along the wall. Use them to eliminate all the criminals that are standing in front of them.

After the hallway is clean and the hallway is empty, proceed to the next one and it will be the automatic (as as well as sad) ending of the first mission.

Employ DedSec again

After the dramatic opening task, DedSec is shattered and you have to resurrect the group. To accomplish this, hack into the Spider-Bot which is standing on the ground directly in front of you. follow the track until you are required to leap over an obstacle. Then, you’ll arrive at an access point for spider-bots where you can jump over by pressing the button.

On the other hand you can look over the wall on your right until you see the huge floral router. Hack it until a sort of staircase appears. Take this step step by step , and then cross the strut’s thick part until you reach the cluster that is straight ahead. Hack it again and then wait until the ground below increases. It is then possible to access two additional clusters that you can hack one after the next. Then, a flowering data core will pop up at the center of the cluster and you’ll also enable. Choose a specific agent and then wait until you’re able to regulate it.

You must get into the vehicle that is parked right before you, on the side of the road. Then, drive towards the yellow marker. After arriving, you will see the entryway to Earl’s Fortune Bar on the east-facing side of the block marked in which you will be given additional instructions.

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There is a chance that you will come across an unlocked door that has an electronic lock within. After you have scanned it you will see a few red and blue wires will be visible. While electricity flows through the first but the latter is not which you’ll need to alter, naturally.

The lines are linked to one another via a number of nodes. From the castle, there are two lines through the bar, one running across it and one directly to the wall. In the second case you’ll encounter an elbow, which you’ll need to turn two times. Then, this portion of the line will glow blue.

Then follow the line which runs across the bar, and then through a different node. There are two lines that, in one case, glows blue and is not what you’re looking for. On the other hand, you must turn an individual line into a continuous line. After that, both the node and the line should be lit up blue.

The node will now be unlockedand the line that connects both points be blue. Also, unlock the other node, then turn it once, and then unlock the node directly next to the door, and it will be able to be opened. The door is still locked behind you, and you must move the lever of the heater on one side to open the door to the secret hideout of DedSec.

Before taking a close glance at the hideout walk straight down the steps, and then go towards the left until you come across an area with an illuminated red keyboard. When you’ve completed the process then, you’ll be able to power up the hideout, and then activate Bagley.

The next step is to join Bagley in the system. To do this, you walk back to the stairs, and continue right up those steps. After you have spoken to Bagley then run back down the stairs and make use of the table that has that blue glowing image connect with Sabine

The table that is highlighted take the upgraded tech and purchase a gadget that you like and put it with your own inventory. Following that, you’ll need to make use of the nearby store vending machine that you don’t need to buy anything. As you go you’ll be able to access three additional agents, who do not appear to be randomly created: Gabriel Isa, Harriet Park and Joeri Martens.

Return to the computer that you utilized to activate the power source. If you continue to follow the next corridor and you’ll end up inside the arena. Follow the steps in the tutorial until you’re able to take on Connie Robinson in a fight. For this, you must use the counter- and dodge tactics you have learned, using which you will be able to get her to knees.

Then, you are able to go out, and the Missoin closes and the Spark of Hope begins.

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