Walkthrough Vampyr Walkthrough: Guide & Tips, Find All Collectibles

When Jonathan awakes at the start of Vampyr there’s not anything else to do but follow the reddish path north. Get rid of the mass grave in Southwark and continue on the trail. Within a couple of meters you’ll be able to see the outline of a spooky woman. Go up to her and talk with her to progress the game.

Be prepared for the horrifying things to come. After this, the local watch will converge on the barricades and pursue the suspect, Jonathan. After the other has been thrown into the ditch, take the road to the south. receiving one or two shots of grazing from the citizens with guns is normal. Do not let the scuffles and shouting rage bother you and continue moving south or south-southeast.

Then, jump into the ditch that is at the end of the road and take the machete that is buried within the chest of the dead and lucky man. Take down the barricade immediately ahead with it , then proceed to the next ditch. The factory is in your path. be sure to take care of the citizens who are angry within it and inside and inside it, who are likely to attack you immediately upon seeing. This is an excellent opportunity to learn the combat controls.

The North Factory

In the battle against the two fighters from the factory It is best to take your time and be safe. The first step is to lure the melee fighter in front and take him down with a simple combo of attack and dodge. The back fighter will attack using the pistol. Dodge the initial shot in a sideways direction and then cross the gap between them by sprinting. Once you’ve gotten to this adversary, he’s almost defeated.

A brief sequence begins, at the end where you discover the severe effects the sun has upon your body. Take the path through the next alleyway, in which a hostile equipped with a flaming weapon is waiting to be found. You should hide behind the wall to the left side, so that the attacker will be drawn towards you and quickly eliminated when they cross the street.

Then continue to the north, following the the path until you arrive at an open door in red. Then, open it, and be patient for the cut-scene and then take a look around the empty structure. To the left of you is the rare “Fire as well as Sun” which is in that category “Weaknesses of vampires”. Grab the piece of paper along with the shillings from the drawer opposite.

Follow the steps of the staircase, and interact with the mirror in the room to find out more information, and after that, you will be able to see the corpse in the following room. Take the diary that is bloody, that is located in the drawers of the chest close to the double bed. you must interact with immediately afterward. Hit the appropriate button at the moment you are instructed to do this and the story will be brought to an end.

Chapter 1. Quarantine Eternal Thirst

Once you’ve mastered your first abilities and mastered your first skills, the story in Vampyr begins. Jonathan would like to know what created him to become to become a vampire. The place to go is at the North Bank, in the northern docks. For this, take a break from your temporary shelter and walk to the bridge that is north of your location. To get there, walk back to the floor on the left and go past the entrance to the front and go through the door half-open that is behind it.

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When it is shown to you, click that button. when you reach the top, you can enter another room. Follow the the stairs and take the stake from the body of the person who died that is lying there. Go outside through the front door and look after the hunter who is on to the left side of the structure.

In the area behind the square – jump down to do this, you must face a large collection of hunters, however. It is advised to eliminate the hunter on the water, who is equipped with a rifle first. After you’ve removed all guards that were positioned then a stronger armored hunter will show up and you’ll need to do a lot of damage before you are able to suck it dry. Dodge often and make use of the new abilities you’ve acquired to ensure that his resistance be a bit less.

Infinite Thirst

Take the corpses away after the battle, and then follow the road to the east. You will then be able to go into the next building. Follow the path of the stairs all the way to the top. take the dead man’s body and place it on the floor , and then turn left to the outside. It is possible to cross the destroyed section of the crosswalk by making a the vampiric leap. Press the appropriate button as you approach the edge.

As the doors are locked as of this early moment in the game there is no need to do anything except to move further north and search for some change everywhere. Once you’ve reached the opposite part of the building, follow the stairs back down.

Find the killer

When you arrive in the northern portion in the docks. The route will lead one to the subsequent body. Once you’ve found it, you can activate your vampiric senses in order to detect the smell of blood. Then, jump up the wall (or go loot the chest on the opposite side first). When you are at the top your blood trail is going to take further north and eventually to an alley next to it. There you have the option of continuing following the trail of blood or leap across the alley to the left at the front of Turquoise Turtle Pub and take the shelter that is there for you.

If not, the trail leads directly to the pub mentioned earlier and, you will find that for the first time ever since the hunt began, you will not encounter any hostile individuals. In the presence of Tom Watts, owner of the bar and possibly a source of blood supply you will learn details about who you’re currently looking for. Then, follow the steps to the right; when you enter to the very first entrance on this level the short sequence starts and then a conversation follows with Swansea.

Interview the residents or investigate the vessels

Return to the top floor following the discussion with the doctor. Talk with the residents on the first floor to get more information about the person who attacked you. Look for Sabrina and ask for an explanation from her. You’ll find out more about Bishop and simultaneously, you’ll discover a secret regarding Tom Watts. Now that you’ve got the information you need, try to look for Tom once more and make use of your vampiric power to get Tom to reveal more about his close friend Bishop.

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After the discussion, leave the pub and go to the to the west, where you will see a dock that boats can use. You can examine the body by examining all relevant clues given to you, as well as noting the “Orders from the guard for Priwen”. After you’ve examined all the clues, turn west and leap to the opposite part of the canal in search of Bishop continues.

Chapter 1. Endless Thirst for Blood – William Bishop

Once you have arrived on the Western Docks, follow the blood trail that leads to the doorway leading into the warehouse next to it. Take the items in the opposite entrance and enter the dark and gloomy structure. The hunter should be approached from behind, and then attack him with a shock, and take his blood and feast upon it afterwards. Another floor up, another hunter is waiting to be killed to fight him , but you might uncover something from the modules.

Do not forget to pick up two chests on the first floor prior to you continue following the blood trail north, and eventually to the north of the building. You’ll need to deal with the protection before tackling the rather difficult other hunter. It is protected from the stabs and long-range weapons however, it is not very effective in combating vampiric forces.

It is possible to skip the cadets inside the building which now runs along the path on from the exterior, however you’ll need to deal with hunters with shotguns in exchange. You can also immediately enter and take out vampires at close the range. Or, whichever way you choose (you are able to sneak at them, naturally) You’ll find”worn Lupara “worn Lupara” (sawed-off shotgun 160 damage firing rate: 10 Reload time 10 seconds, magazine 2) at the top of the floor, inside an e-crate.

Tips: There is the remains of an Priwen student in the upper floor. It can be taken and give you access to the coveted “New Practices, New Tactics” and a handbook from “The Guard of The Guard of Priwen”

After you have beaten off the enemies at this point – whether by circling the building getting into the attic or just fighting to get through the building – your path will take you to the to the northwest. Follow the blood trail across the bridge that lies to the just north of where you are which will lead you towards North Docks. North Docks, where your route will take to an old and decrepit building. Take the pole for building and scythe, then listen to the sounds until you are in a position to confront William.

William Bishop Confronts William Bishop

After you’ve entered the room, walk towards Bishop until he is aware of the situation and engages you in combat. Bishop will attack only rarely and very slowly, so it isn’t a big issue for you. Be sure to spend all of your stamina to fight and keep a part of the bar to ward off Skal’s attacks. After you’ve defeated William Skal, you’ll be awarded The worn cudgel (65 damage with attack speed of 10, stamina 20).

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