Walkthrough Trüberbrook Walkthrough: All Riddles, Puzzles, Items And Conversations

The year is 1967. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, or more precisely between the West German interweaving of small and insignificant towns, lies the small Truberbrook village. Truberbrook. Although it’s small and unimportant, there was an era in which many resided there. What is the reason? Why, so many years later, does American scientist Hans Tannhauser end up here in the first place? A point-and-click game Truberbrook solves all of these questions. However, solving these mysteries requires numerous smaller puzzles. This walkthrough will ensure that you don’t end up stuck in any place.

Controls and general tips

Truberbrook is a standard point-and-click adventure game. You can spend all the time you like for the game as there aren’t any sequences of action. Instead, your abilities of observation as well as a bit to think in a combinatorial manner are key to achieve the goal. You will be able to skip many of the clues in this tutorial by following the guidelines.

Be sure to look at everything with care.

Except for the prologue which is a little different The game is always controlled by the main character , Hand Tannhauser. Hand Tannhauser always moves wherever you click (and can run faster if you use a double-click). Be sure to take time to look at the entire scene, even the smallest of details. Particularly later on in your game you may take certain details for granted since you’ve seen them before in the past, yet it’s the tiny particulars of a scene that frequently can lead to the solution of an puzzle.

Make use of the highlight function

By pressing the spacebar in your keyboard can highlight all objects and individuals you could interact with. They may not all be helpful for a walkthrough however that way, you’ll know immediately what’s background graphics and what’s not. People and objects that you interact with display an outline of white dots in front of them whenever you use the spacebar and they also show frames when you interact with them using the mouse.

Speak to the characters, sometimes several times

Every person who appears in the games has something interesting to share, and is included in the walkthrough. When you click them with your cursor and the menu for round actions is displayed, and four icons. The icon with the speech bubble begins the conversation, then the conversation can last for up to 4 minutes. will appear in the middle of your screen. You can select these words to guide the conversation for yourself. Every phrase is not going to yield a valuable response from your partner However, often you’ll gain valuable insights or even set the process in motion. If you’re stuck Sometimes, a conversation can aid, even if you believe you are familiar with the topic, as certain answers are not the same over time in accordance with the direction of the tale.

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Always consider all possibilities for action

Hans discovers a variety of items throughout the journey. If you press the key on your keyboard, you will be able to browse through the inventory to find out what items are accessible to Hans. If you’d like to switch something on or poke it or other ways, you utilize the action button on the menu for action in the shape of a hand that has an index finger that is stretched out.

However, you are not able to utilize items that are not in the inventory. If you wish to combine objects with items it is also necessary to make use of the menu for interaction. However, this time choose the lower icon that are in the form of a wheel – it is used to indicate actions that can be performed with objects. In this case, the tools are available in the same location are displayed automatically. This means you don’t need to be concerned about which item corresponds to which object. However, you must always look through the entirety of Interactive Objects to determine what game recommends an item you can make use of.

Make sure that the voice output is set to English!

Truberbrook is a lot more enjoyable when you choose to use it with the English vocal output (see the menu options). If you are worried that you won’t comprehend something you are unsure, then enable the German subtitles to make this. The reason for this is easy to understand the game’s humor often based on the punk “Denglish” accents on the speakers. But, you won’t hear them if you choose to use your German vocal output.

Truberbrook Walkthrough Pre-Sequence: The Gas Station

The main character in this game is named Hans Tannhauser In the brief pre-sequence, you are in control of another player for a short time, specifically an 18-year-old woman named Gretchen is required to stop for a while at a petrol station while riding her bike. When you use Space bar you’ll be able to see every object in the game’s graphics that you can interact with, like the cooler located on the left, next to the cottage of the gas station attendant or the door leading to the cottage. The door, however, is locked. It will require an entry key.

Check out The rain gutter that is to left to the right of the cooler So, place your mouse over it , and click the action icon from the circle action menu (looks like an index finger). Gretchen is then able to kick it. The key is released. Grab the key by clicking the action icon, and then head through the door. When you click on the door, a circular action menu is displayed again. Click on the lower quarter in the action menu that is indexed by an gear that shows the items that you can use for the door. In this instance the key you took home. When you click on the key it will be used to open the door so that you are able to go in. Be careful not to do it quickly. Begin by taking the pliers out of the toolbox located right close to the door. Then you are able to access the cottage.

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Inside the cottage at the gas station, you go around and then press the spacebar on your keyboard to show which objects you are able to interact with. There are a lot. For instance, the images that are on the walls. Check out the picture in front of the entrance and engage with it. Behind it lies an electrical switch which you can utilize to activate the power or the light, at the gasoline station.

Once you have a clear view of all the details, you can examine the other images hanging on the walls. You can work your way until the counter. There is an card. The postcard depicts the streets that are in the vicinity – an excellent tip to Gretchen. Also, grab the cup lying across the desk. The right side of the room, there is an music player. You can turn it on. You can then turn it off. Before leaving take the pliers and cut the cable near the door. This cable is used to power your Eiibox outside.

You’re now back in the outside. If there is no power the cooler in front of the door is unable to cool the water. Make use of the cooler when clicking on the mug within the actions menu, to load the mug up with water. Bring the cup on you motorbike and utilize the water inside the cup along with your motorcycle, to power the cooler. Since the stom at the tank house is turned on and the gas pumps are working as well. Utilize gasoline pumps to refill your motorcycle. Take a look at the small red stone that is on the outside of the station (on the ground). Click for a second on any of the stars on the sky. Then you are able to ride your motorcycle and go on a ride. The introduction sequence of the game is followed by.

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