Walkthrough Torment: Tides Of Numenera: All Areas Solved, Class Tips

Take a look at the dark-colored shell immediately after you are able to move. Push and apply the force you want. Even if you fail to complete the task however, the shell will slide down the side and you’ll be left with one small scratch. Continue to follow the track to your left, and then touch the orb that glows. Make sure to mention during the reminder that you can hear footsteps from followers, and then deactivate your sonar’s pulse.

Go towards the next orb and warn the woman about the secret details. Review the construction for mechanical issues and proceed to the third sphere located in the south. Under the giant’s axe blast in the next reminder, and get past the soldiers.

The mirror is the place to march to in the east and then point to any Doppelganger. We picked the one who hides in the shadows and settled on the Jack type in character generation.

Speak with the ghost from the following scene, and go through the choices from the top to the bottom. Go to the reflection in front of you and destroy it. After that, run towards the second reflection to the southeast and take it down as well. The third reflection is which has a status effect that protects it consequently, you aren’t able to cause any harm to it using your fingers. So you should grab the glass that is glowing towards your left, and toss it into the reflection. After that, walk through the portal to the southeast, leaving the silence.

Contact both Callistege and Aligern , and then select every dialogue option available to have them join you. Examine the damaged mechanical arm in your feet and attempt to take out as many pieces as you can in the shortest amount of time. Check out the resonance chamber, and then take loot from the crate to the northwest. Look at the equipment to your left and request the bow repeatedly. Be sure to retain more information by anamnesis prior to either release cell 0 or smashing the device.

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Take the stairs up towards the east to access the fallen world reef . You can speak to Aligern again. Take a left turn and pick up the corner in the southeast. Click on the two cones floating in the north, and utilize your speed to get close to them. You can run past them on the right side and engage by touching the black mud. Then, you can touch it until you find an orb of the river tar.

Take the northeast corner, and check the door on your left. It won’t be able to open, head back to the cones, and then look at the obelisk that is to the east. It is possible to touch it several times however, you’ll need a lot of speed and skill to stay clear of the next flash of flashes of. It is therefore better to examine the hands from the south and look the hands. Also, make use of the speed of your movements to grasp a seed pod. You can also cut off your hand by using some strength to use it as an weapon.

Run back through the cones, then follow the steps north until you see Qorro. You’ll have three options to deal with the following scenario:

1.) You will tell Qorro the truth, and you get taken prisoner. This is the easiest choice, however it is unlikely to earn any points for experience. Furthermore, you’ll be taken straight towards the Order of Truth and lose Aligern as a member of the party in any event.

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2.) You trick Qorro with your wits, and the tiger simply passes you by. Following that, you’ll have to decide whether to proceed to Callistege and/or Aligern.

3.) You will tell Qorro what you know and then fight the guy. The most challenging way to go however it also earns more experience points. Additionally, you don’t need to fight. It’s enough to go towards Qorro with two other party members and try to make him feel intimidated. He’ll then end the fight and leave. Then, as in the second scenario, you will decide if you would like you to retain Callistege and Aligern as a friend.

Based on the way you handled Qorro depending on how you dealt with Qorro, you’ll need go into The Order of Truth next. If you’ve chosen the first choice, then you’re already there. If you choose the second and third options take the path to the northeast . Then, in Circus Manor, look for the stairs in the north , which will take you to the square of the government. In the square, you’ll discover an Order of Truth in the northeast. It is the only one you must enter.

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