Walkthrough Titanfall 2 Tips & Tricks, Singleplayer Guide, All Pilot Helmet Locations

The weapon that is right for you

Within Titanfall 2, you’ll encounter both mechanical and organic adversaries, with its distinct strengths and weaknesses. They’ll require suitable tools according to the nature of their enemies. Human soldiers and predators from other species can be defeated with standard guns. With robots, drones, vehicles, and other Titans it’s a bit quicker, and sets you up for energy and beam weapons.

The same care should be taken with regard to the features of the weapon. Shotguns and machine guns are great for close-range combat, but you can use Rocket launchers as well as sniper rifles to fight at range. The weaker firearm is only suitable in emergencies, grenades can be ideal to smash into difficult-to-reach locations. One of the advantages is that the grenade’s path is shown as a pre-visualization. When you engage in physical combat enemies will hit you just as in the same way as you do, so you should only hit only one at a time.

Movement means health

Rapidity and agility ensure that you’re alive. When you’re on foot, you’re not able to endure a lot of bullets or even your Titan cannot withstand continuous missile fire for a long time. Always be aware of your surroundings in battles. Move in a sideways direction while firing, and make use of your Titan’s shield to block enemies’ projectiles prior to hitting. Utilize the invisibility mode to aid strategic changing your positions. You can get yourself out of danger or to engage opponents from behind, but not being observed.

Complete walkthrough

Chapter One: The Pilot Course

Inside The Titan cockpit, look at the two red light sources sequentially to check your eyesight. When the training simulator is loaded, run first through the beam that is blocking your way and then jump over. Then, run down the corridor until you’re able to do the so-called wall run against the wall. You can crawl through the gap in the wall to make it to the platform using two leaps.

The first collectible

Inside the armoury grab any weapon, load it, and aim it at targets on the range. For practice of these actions and again, the captain will take you through a brief training program. There you can race down the hallway playing different kinds of games, and then shoot the Holograms. Just before the end you’ll find a unique pilot’s helmet on an unfinished stone platform. The menu for pause always tells the number of collectibles are available per level.

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After returning to the room you are able to orally go through the same course again and improve your performance or complete the training by calling the captain. The captain will take you to a second scenario in which you will be able to summon the Titan. Titan however at this point , the training ceases due to the actions.

Chapter 2 2. Chapter 2:

You begin at a crash site which is being attacked by the enemy unit. The easiest method to deal with the robots of the enemy is to hit the red LEDs that are on their heads. After a short distance in, an adversary Titan will come at you, however the captain of your ship is able to save your life after having been mortally wounded himself. The villain Richter appears briefly, and after which you are able to talk to the captain one final time.

The next step is to locate the two Titan batteries to make to get the Titan unit BT-7274, also known as BT to work again. Get the four-legged aliens which appear to come from the movie Avatar’s Pandora as you follow the signals. When you do a wall run, it crosses over to two other aliens. Learn to master the double-jumping and wall-running moves in advance, since they’ll be repeated many times.

Again, in the fresh air Throw two soldiers from the cliff, and then shoot the third protesting one. The next part of the area will see numerous hostile units are visible at the same time. Be careful not to be too visible during the fight, and then rest until you’re healed following attacks, and make sure not to slip into the abyss during the chaos.

Blofeld would be delighted

The waterfall is at the bottom, so go over the zipline to the opposite side. Get the soldiers as well as the aliens as well as the flying drones. You can pick appropriate weapons from the crates. There you’ll find several Spectre robots that you can modify in close proximity. They’ll change their lights from blue to red and then shoot at your adversaries for around 30 seconds. Pay attention: afterward, they aim themselves at you once more.

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After a few new climbs You will be passing two drones, and then enter the wreckage of a spaceship that has been destroyed when you find a crate that has an orange glowing object along the path of a linear. The first step is to find the titanium batteries required. Instead of turning around this path will take you to another shortcut. Take care of the three soldiers, and then insert that first one into the Titan.

The second battery

If a second jump is needed, just take the marker and then jump across the gorge with a double jump. Once again, you’ll need to go on by using double jumps and wall runs. The next camp will be with a few enemies along with a container as well as a larger structure. Explore both, and then walk through them to the left, and continue to the entry point to the wreck. Like before, go through the cracks to collect your Titan Battery. Like the first one there’s a quicker route to return.

At BT then you activate the second battery before stepping inside the cockpit. Armed with the shield, you block the projectiles of shot of the enemy that are coming up and throw them back at them. BT will activate the weapons system and the movement system immediately after. Then comes the so-called Titanfall in which titans from enemies crash out of the sky. Avoid his attacks or capture the shots with your shield hand and then take on the enemy until his body explodes. After he has been defeated, your entry is over.

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