Walkthrough Thimbleweed Park Walkthrough: How to Solve the Mysterious Murder Case

Level of difficulty

In the beginning, you will have the option of choosing between two difficulty levels: an easy one or a difficult one. Make sure you ensure you select the harder difficulty! Otherwise , you’ll be missing a significant 3rd of an easy one. There are only a few puzzles and scenes that are not there. If you’re looking to play the entirety of the game, pick the difficult difficulty. It’s not too difficult. Honestly! If you’re still stuck, you can use the Thimbleweed Park walkthrough for that.

Get faster

Practical When you press your mouse’s button the character moves more quickly. Also, double-clicking on an exit. This can drastically cut down long walks.

Dust grain

What’s the matter with these dust grains that are pixel-sized you encounter? They’re items that are collectibles and you’ll receive Achievements when collecting 25, 50 or 75 pieces. Therefore, you should take them out every time you pass by one. Additionally, you’ll be awarded an Achievement if you fail to get any. In order to collect all Achievements, you’ll have to play the game at minimum twice.

Quick Map / Travel

In the third quarter of the game, you’ll need maps to explore the surrounding area the boundaries of Thimbleweed Park. This can also be used to travel quickly. Simply look it up in your inventory and choose the location you’d like to go to. Important: Every character must have their own map. After you’ve obtained the first map in a circular manner at the newspaper office maps for the rest of the characters are at the QuickiePal supermarket and are quickly picked up by other characters.

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To-Do List

Every character that you play has the to-do list, which gives you a summary of what tasks are scheduled to be completed, or have been completed. Make sure to check your list regularly when you’re stuck, and maybe you can find a clue based on the objectives. Particularly at the start of each section, it is recommended to take this step, so that you know immediately what you need to do next.

Switching Characters

Within Thimbleweed Park you play several characters simultaneously. At first, there are just two characters, agents Ray and Reyes Later, additional characters are added. The majority of puzzles can be solved by any characters. However, for some however, you’ll need specific characters and their particular skills. The characters can be switched through the menu selection located in the upper right-hand corner.

Part 1 The Meeting

This year it’s 1987 and bizarre events occur within the city’s boundaries that surround Thimbleweed Park. A message from the hotel’s room phone calls for us to go to the water beneath the Trestle Trail Bridge, and we were trying to relax by having the comfort of a Wiener Schnitzel. Then … We’ve arrived at our destination, an unruly homeless man is waiting for us by the fence.

Enter the gate and speak to Willie. The good guy, however, is so drunk, his presence is not of any value to us. Therefore, we take the time to have the time to look through our inventory. A message tells us what our strategy is: we must meet the contact person here and, as a way of indicating, to turn off the light in front of the sign. We will then meet him at the entry point into the sewers.

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The light is a few feet right of the sign. There doesn’t seem be a switch for the light. We have to call up guns that are heavier. In the water, there is the stone that is taken and destroyed the light source with it. Once we’ve done that and we go to the sewer, which is located on the right side, passing through the trees. However, instead of an acquaintance We meet … A ghost What? Who is responsible for our deaths? ?!?! It’s not the way it was designed.

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