Walkthrough The Walking Dead Season 3: A New Frontier Guide: All Episodes, Decisions And Their Effects

The episode begins by flashing back into the previous. The episode begins with a phone call. You are sucked into the body of Javier Javi, also known as Javi in short. He rushes towards a home. The house is occupied by your brother David is seated on the front. Arrive just enough to learn about the demise of your father. You also receive a snub.

Evidently, you were caught in a jam. Your brother is furious with you. Depending on how you react to him, he’ll either throw you down and kick you in the face, or you’ll fight in a standing position. Your nephew Gabe is able to arrive at the right time to shield yourself from further harm.

Following this scolding There are more conciliation tone. Your brother offers you a glass of wine and declares that he is in love with you. Respond as you think the best way, but this response will influence his view of you. David will tell you later that he would like you to remain with the family.

You can answer him however you like It has no impact on the future. Kate arrives and walks out of the front door. It is imperative to enter and speak to your mother. The couch is hers and welcomes you right away with a hug on the face. The family arranges for the funeral.

However, there seems to be no need to have the funeral. In the end, the father isn’t dead, but is in an active state of zombie. The family is set to find him. It is not possible to intervene in this situation, but simply sit back and be an observer.

Following the incident, the family goes home and then a leap into the present. The present shows a more mature Javi and his partner Kate. Both appear to be being hunted by an horde of zombies and are stumbling through the streets in vans during the late at night. Both are contemplating their future.

Kate is looking to smoke some marijuana. You could offer to roll it up for her or smoke a puff for yourself. You learn you know that Kate was the spouse of the twin brother David and that he’s no longer in their lives. Both of them talk about the past, and Kate offers you a deal.

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Evidently, she would like to be with Javi. Offer a counter-offer however, before you are able to take action, Mariana, one of the children, awakes and interrupts your. Mariana is smelling the weed. You may deny having smoked however she’ll easily reveal the truth.

However, for the moment, these are not crucial to taking the next step. When Gabe has woken up, and Gabe has also woken the entire group makes the decision to stop. It’s a matter of buying new items. When you arrive at the farm. Javi arrives first and uses an axe.

Mariana prays before leaving. The prayer will inquire about what could be utilized. It is possible to make it known that you are looking to replace the water bottle that was previously used. Kate suggests you search for gasoline. A zombie-like man will appear. Grab the crowbar that is stuck to the body of the man and take him out to kill him.

Bring this weapon along. Gabe is the child disappears, without saying anything. The crowd disperses and search the garbage. Begin by going to Mariana and speak to her. She is looking for a pen you to pen down an old tale she received from her mother.

Encourage her to follow this advice to improve your relationship with her. After that, stroll through the trash dump. On the right there is an unclean mattress. Examine it. After that, you can go to Kate who is back , surrounded by containers. The thoughts of the zombie hoard.

Talk with her for a while and then come up with a positive answer. After that, you can examine the car, which is marked with the words “Where” across it. Fill the tank with gasoline. Take out the zombie invading you, and take a second look at the tank.

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Javi pump it to empty. On the left side of the container, you’ll discover an object. However, you cannot retrieve it. To the left of it is a car. It is also empty. There are also inoperable tires. Take a look at the truck that is there at the bottom of this container.

By using the gasoline it has, Javi has collected enough. To the left there is another truck. Nearby are a few barrels, however Javi cannot utilize these. Go past the truck to the left, and then climb the ladder. It will lead you to a container. Kate along with Gabe will meet you just in front of it.

Gabe finds an ambulance. Go up to it, and attempt to unlock the door. It’s locked. Grab the crowbar you used to eliminate the zombie earlier and use it to break off the cap on the gas. Javi will begin filling up the car with gas. This is automated.

It’s locked, and you aren’t able to investigate further. The visitor will come from an undead. Take him down and follow his path. You’ll arrive at an hut that has a fire that is burning. It is accessible by climbing up the steps in the front. This is the main doorway. closed and even the crowbar will not assist.

Take a look through the window at the door and you’ll be able to enter. Then, at the bottom, you’ll find a hatch. Ascend the stairs once more and you will see a wooden wall on the right. There is behind it a small shaft. You can crawl down it and then traverse it. Then climb up the ladder into the room and you’re inside.

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