Walkthrough The Walking Dead 4: The Final Season Trophy/Achievement Guide: Guide to 100% All Collectibles

Playing duration is approx. 16 hours

Playthroughs 3 (can be reduced to 1 by clever buffering)

Episode 1 Done Running

Unlike previous Telltale games, in The Walking Dead 4: The Final Season you will only receive a fraction of the trophies/achievements automatically during the playthrough. A lot of trophies can only be granted only if players make the correct choice in the appropriate scenes. Also, the story path branches out in the middle of the game, so you’ll theoretically have to play through the game two to three times to get all the trophies/achievements and experience the entire story. If you can save your score in the right spots, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of time you spend to the minimum. We’ll discuss what you can do for the appropriate places.

Additionally, collector’s items are offered as the very first in the Telltale adventure. There are six in all. Six of them can only discover by making the right choice along the branching story line! In this guide, we’ll explain precisely where to look for them.

The Achievement Guide and Trophies is designed by chronological sequence and includes every collectible. So you can check it off point by point to bag all trophies/achievements and collectibles

Note The middle part of the show, the story branched out in the middle of the episode when Marlon asks you if are interested in going fishing or hunting. Depending on which decision you make, you will receive different trophies/achievements. To earn the entire set you must theoretically go through this game two times. But, if you record your score prior to playing it will spare you the effort. We will explain, at the right section of the guide the best time and method to do this.

Action sequences: The action sequences in The Walking Dead 4: The Final Season are much more difficult than the ones you’re used to from the previous Telltale games. You can easily make a mistake here and even mess up the associated trophies/achievements for the complete game run. We also recommend saving the game before you start so that you can play again, if needed. We will also mention this in the right spots in the manual.

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Collectibles / collectibles locations:

We will explain the location of each collectible at the appropriate locations on the map. To help you we suggest this video from YouTuber PowerPyx:

Act 1:

Collectible #1: Deer skull

The cabin before When you’ve taken out the first biter while to get items, don’t enter the cabin immediately however, turn around towards the left. There you will discover the first item you can collect which is a skull of deer.

Collectible #2: Artificial flowers

Find AJ When you spot AJ and listen to the music for a while you’ll end up facing a huge staircase that’s flooded with illumination. If you look under the stairs, you’ll discover the second thing you’ll want to collect artificial flower.

Tickle Monster – Bronze / 15G

Tickle AJ.

In the school: when you spot A.J., decide to make him tickle. This will award you with the award.

When you click, you tickle Bronze or 15G

ALL traps that are used.

Soon after you discover AJ The biters begin attacking the school, and you need to take on them. You have 4 traps to choose from. To win the trophy, you need to utilize each one of these traps. The traps are clearly marked by red bands on the trees. They are activated by pressing the action button that cuts the rope in all cases. It is, however, impossible to activate the trap in a hurry or too late . You are able to activate it only when there is there is a zombie within the field.

The trap will be activated in front of your face when you first start. Then, it gets harder. Move with skill between the trees, and lure the biters to the marked zones on the ground, triggering the traps. Remember that you can temporarily disarm the biters using an shin kick!

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In the first round , there are four traps as well as four biters. Then, there’s an additional round, with new biters. In this round, it’s sometimes easier to trigger the other traps. We strongly suggest finishing the trophy in the initial round since there’s a save point in between the two rounds. This means that you won’t be able to go back to the first round after you’ve completed it. So keep in mind: it’s 4 traps for 4 zombies. You must eliminate the biters using traps, not knives! If you do not, you won’t be able to collect the prize.

Collection #3 Real Flowers

Schoolyard in the evening When there’s silence at dinner, and you have time to speak to everyone in the family, make an exit to the left of Mitch and Willy to the hallway which is at the end of which, in the corner is the third collectible, real flowers.

“Party Animal” – bronze 15G

I spoke to EVERYONE during dinner.

Night schoolyard: during dinner time, it is important to make your AJ’s friends. AJ. Discuss with all the kids in order to do this. Beware Be sure to talk to Marlon must be done after the trophy is already popping up! If you have a conversation with Marlon before the story goes on, and you’ll not be able to win the trophy.

They are the ones you should speak to:

Collector’s #4 AJ’s Drawing

You’ll receive it as a souvenir. In the evening, AJ will draw a drawing for you. To get it, in the end it’s irrelevant whether you decide to keep the pencils, or give them to Tenn

The Final Station Bronze 15G

Act I was completed.

Automatic Trophy/Achievement: earned after completing Chapter 1.

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