Walkthrough The Surge Walkthrough: All Levels, Bosses, Weapons, Tips, Secrets And Strategies In The Walkthrough

The Surge The Exo-Rig

The Exo-Rig is an artificial skeleton Warren comes with. It offers the wheelchair-bound not only a huge strength but also the capability to walk. Once you have control over Warren the man is already fitted with an Exo-Rig. You’ll see two upgrades throughout the tale:

You can find the initial upgrade, which is called Creo EX02 Prototype Exo located within the Manufacturing Complex B. It is housed in a glass case and is in a room located on the upper floor of the tower of circulation. Soon after, you’ll find the entrance for workers and the boss who is Big Sister 1/3.

The second version, called the security exo-rig CREO Ex06 is kept inside a box at the service station. It is the one you will encounter when you visit Boardroom Level. The box is locked initially and can only be opened when you have escaped a circuit which you’ll encounter shortly after defeating the final boss, Black Cerberus.

The original exo-rig there are eight slots to implant implants (more on the subject in a moment). There are four slots when you upgrade to the first and the second upgrades. If you begin the game again with New Game+, you’ll be able to get an additional slot every upgrade.

The second upgrade also has a second benefit: Once provided with this upgrade, it will be able to access all security doors. With New Game+, you will lose this capability until you upgrade again.

The Surge.

The Surge Metal Scrap Metal

Scrap metal is a form of currency you can make use of to boost the core strength of your exo-rig. It can also be used to make new weapons or armor and then upgrade the existing ones. In addition, you’ll require scrap metal to improve the performance of your exo-rig but the amount you’ll need is quite tiny.

Scrap metal can be obtained by two methods such as killing enemies, or by collecting heaps in scrap iron. In the first instance the scrap metal you collect will be added immediately to the account you have. In the second scenario you’ll have open your inventory and click on the scrap piles beneath consumables to collect an amount of scrap. The concept is the same as the souls in Dark Souls, where you also get them through killing enemies, in addition to indirectly taking items.

After your death and you pass away, you forfeit your scrap metal however, not your trash. If you are looking to reclaim the scrap metal that was lost, you have to return to the spot of your death to retrieve it. But, you’re only given an amount of time for a few minutes to do this that you can at a minimum increase by taking out enemies. The time limit is also frozen instantly when you’re at an establishment for service or an elevator.

If the timer runs out or you die before you had the chance to take the scrap metal you lost and it disappears forever.

In any event don’t let the time limit frighten you off track. Because of the many interconnections and shortcuts that allow you to access almost any area of the city from the station within the timeframe, provided you’re not slowing down.

The Surge The Implants

There are three kinds of implants: fixed implants implant, plug-in implants, and injections. It is necessary to have a certain amount of power in the core for every implant you to use them. If you don’t, you can swap implants with ease or even have more of the same type to enhance the effects of the one you are interested in.

The Surge is Fixed Implants

Implants fixed are only fitted or replaced at the service station. The most effective implants are those that boost one of the three energy sources dependent on the power of your core. Implants fixed, in contrast to injections, function continuously or whenever you’re in poor health (see Auto-Med and SNS Disinhibitors)

Endurance Boost: Boosts the endurance of your core strength.

Vanadium Energy Cell can increase the power of the blue that you can collect based on the power of your core.

Vital Boost: Boosts your energy by relying on your core strength.

Aggression Booster: Restores life energy after you have killed an opponent with a final sequence.

Auto-Med automatically helps you heal when you are lacking in energy.

SNS Disinhibitor: Boosts your stamina , and provides more energy in the blue following each dose when you’re lacking vitality energy.

the Surge Plug Implants

Plug-in implants can be installed or removed anytime regardless of which location. They can improve your attack power and increase the amount of scrap metal that is seized or decrease the energy loss. Additionally, plug-ins have very unique capabilities that allow they can, for instance identify hidden objects, or get details about your adversaries.

Distance sensor: emits the sound of a beep, which pulsates whenever you’re close to an object. The frequency of the sound is getting smaller and smaller as you move nearer to it.

Medical Monitor: Shows the live energy of the enemy you are targeting. This isn’t useful for bosses in final battles since the energy will be displayed as a free home in front of it.

Additional Core: Boosts the core power.

Exo-Capacitor: stores a minimal quantity of energy in blue which can be lost only when it is used.

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Preservation Matrix: Reduces down the loss of blue energy.

Voltaic Dynamo increases your blue energy that you receive upon hitting.

Red and Blue X-Cables: Reduces the price in blue electricity when using the finishing sequence.

Kinesthetic Enhancer: Enhances the handling of single or dual-mounted weapons.

Tactile Omniboost: Enhances the control of staffs, two-handed and one-handed weapons.

Pneumatic Calibrator: You’ll lose less stamina when you dodge.

RecyclingBuddy The result is more scrap metal with each opponent you take out.

The Toxic Auto Filter neutralizes harmful gases.

The Surge Injections

Injections can be only equipped or changed at an authorized service center. Also, you’ll need to turn them on manually in order to, for instance to replenish your energy levels or boost the strength of your attack.

Typically, you can utilize an implanted injection for three times prior to returning to the station. If you are able to use an injection implant more than once it will increase the dosage according to the number of times: six times the number of times, nine times, twelve times, etc.

Vital injection: generates life energy.

The Plasmic Regenerator allows you to frequently receive new energy for life every 30 seconds.

Medivoltage Injection: Transforms blue energy into energy that is life-giving.

Implanted electrodes: Generates blue energy.

The Energetic Battery increases the basic damage to your weapon.

Mechanical Counterbalance: It increases the damage that the weapon causes.

Adrenaline Injector: slows down the movement of enemies.

The Surge: Armor, Weapons Components and the Drone

There are five weapons: Staffs, two-handed weapons, one-handed weapons that are single-mounted and double-mounted weapons. The five types differed in the area of attack power and attack speed.

Single-handed weapons have average strength and speed.

Sticks can be a bit slower, but are more versatile.

Single-mounted weapons are very powerful but they’re very slow in return.

Two-sided weapons tend to be slightly more powerful, however they require more stamina per hit.

Both-sided weapons are very swift, yet very weak.

Furthermore there are two other aspects: Energy gain and skill scaling. The energy gain is the measure of the amount of blue energy you can get for each successful strike. Concerning the skill scale of weapons it is necessary to explain some more

If you kill an enemy by using either of these five weapons that we have mentioned, you accrue experience points to demonstrate the weapon’s proficiency. This amount are displayed in the form of an orange bar that is located on the left-hand side on the display. When the bar is fully filled the ability of the type of weapon you’re using will increase by one level.

The longer the story The more enemies you take out with specific weapon types and weapon, the more their capability improves.

The skill level of the weapon is then able to determine the impact that your ability can have on your weapon’s attacking strength. It is important to note following that the impact isn’t that dramatic. The damage amount for the gun is the most important factor.

There are two ways that you could acquire a brand new weapon: either by combating an enemy by cutting his (usually left) arms, or by acquiring various objects. Additionally, you can upgrade the weapon you own by up to five times however, we’ll explain the process in greater detail in the section below on components and armor.

Components and Armor

You can add six different pieces of armor to an exo-rig. They include an head module, chest module and two arm modules as well as two leg module. It is necessary to create almost every module yourself at your service center or the assembly facility, respectively and you’ll require three elements to make them:

The scheme that is similar

enough scrap metal

appropriate components

You can get the plan by fighting an opponent and cutting off body parts fitted with armor. You’ll get a bit of scrap metal, and some identical components during the same manner, and they are available in four types: Mk Mk II, MkIII, and Mk IV. There are also nanocores that are part of Mk V. Mk V class. You will only see them only in specific red boxes, and only a few exist within the game.

For further clarifications you can provide a concrete example that we would like to make an LYNX head module. In order to do this, we require the code, so we look for the rivals within the area that is the start of the abandoned production. We seek out a man wearing a helmet on his head. To do this, the head must be glowing with yellow instead of blue when we aim it.

After we have defeated the foe and remove the head, we can get the design that will be used to create head module LYNX head component. Additionally, we acquire the use of three MkI class cortical processors. To build a head module , we need 10 of these processors, so we slash a few more enemies, and then cut off the head covered with armor.

After the fourth adversary, we have finally got twelve cortical processors. This is the reason we go into the assembly facility at our service center. We have taken 537 scrap metal that we require along the way This is the reason we’re now able to construct our head unit.

If, for any reason, you’d like to design a second head module that is similar it is possible to spare yourself the hassle of searching for the appropriate scheme. You’ll require ten additional cortical processors. However, you can also get them from an opponent wearing RHINO armor.

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Once you’ve put all your gear in place but you’re not done As the game progresses you’ll be confronted with stronger and more difficult enemies against which the armor you built from Mk-I parts won’t stand up long. This is why you can upgrade your modules using Mk-II, Mk-3 and components from Mk-IV. It is possible to outfit a Mk-I armor with Mk-IV parts, however you’ll require a large amount of scrap metal to do it.

The one exception is that, in order to upgrade an armor to Mk-V nanocores it must already be equipped with Mk IV components.

In this article we’ll list the armors you can use when fighting your enemies. As we go through this list we categorize them by type of parts you acquire:


LYNX armor

RHINO armor

Mk. II

SCARAB armor

Liquidator armor


Danger defense armor


MS Gorgon armor


Blood stained PROTEUS armor

Chrysalis armor

MS Cerberus armor

Furthermore to that, there are two specific armors you can only acquire once during the course of a game:

Black Cerberus Armor


You can obtain the former by knocking down Black Cerberus, the Black Cerberus boss in the Board of Directors area in a particular way (see our section that addresses solutions: Board of Directors Level: Black Cerberus). The latter can be obtained by demolishing all five smelting equipments and then putting the money that you have collected at an extremely special vending machine (see the Addendum: The Smelting Machines).

To ensure completeness In order to be complete, we’ll include all names of components:

Cortical Processors: They are needed to construct or upgrade head modules.

Force Regulators are needed to build or upgrade arm modules.

Pneumatic Helix It is needed for the construction or upgrade of leg modules.

Exo Scaffolding: Required to build or upgrade chest modules.

The alloy of tungsten is required for the upgrade of weapons.

Nanocores are required to upgrade Mk. IV. (whether armor or weapons).

The tungsten alloy is created when you take off your opponent’s weapon arm. However, it doesn’t matter if the alloy is glowing yellow or blue when you shoot it. Like all other components (nanocores exempted), tungsten alloy is available as Mk I, Mk II, Mk III along with Mk IV categories. The class depends on the kind of weapon your adversary is carrying and is usually (but never always!) similar to his armor class.

When you acquire a new weapon, it’s at first “naked” and doesn’t belong to any specific class. Therefore, you must upgrade it by using an assembly unit from the service station and so increase its damage.

Not to be left out it is possible to enhance the strength of a weapon that is equipped with MK-IV tungsten-alloy, which is similar to armor made of nanocores, making it part of the Mk.V class.

The Surge Drones

After you have reached Manufacturing Complex B, you arrive at the registration area for drones. Here you will receive an aircraft, which you will be able to fight enemies from afar and, more importantly draw them in. The accompanying module is dubbed “Focused infra Blaster.”

Additionally, you’ll encounter the following five modules in your game’s course:

Shock Module The module lets you control your drone to hit the person you want to target. This module can be found in the conveyor belt central in Manufacturing Complex B. Take a run to the junction of the numerous paths and take a look at the long platforms that there is, amongst others, the single opponent that has the rocket launcher is positioned. Sooner or later you’ll encounter the missile.

The emergency cooling mechanism: by using it, you make a small zone where all enemies as well as their movement is slow. The module is located inside the Resolve Chemical Refinery of Manufacturing Complex B. When you are in the area and see the steps going down, you’ll need to walk down towards the lower floor. check the corner to find a couple of green boxes that house the module.

Industrial Electromagnet The Industrial Electromagnet the electromagnet in industrial settings to draw enemies toward you. It is necessary to enter the hole inside the vast area of the Resolve Biological Labs, which will take you to the second section of the sewers’ outer part. If you proceed towards the corner you can leap over the railing to the beam on your right and then turn around and you will be able to see the module.

Flamethrower Tank: Thanks the tank that fires it is possible to give your adversaries a huge chance to run. Enter the restricted area of Project Utopia in the research department. You will find an opening within the wall, over the platform that is elevated. You can break through this door, and then jump through it to on the floor below. It is behind it that runs an exit that will take you to the room.

Anti-kinetic shield: This shield is the most effective drone module. When you activate it, you’ll be protected for a period of time and be able to lose less life-energy in the event of a hit from an enemy. From the service station, walk into the adjoining room, which is occupied by three guards. Find the corner marked by the dark brown walls, and look underneath the ramp to find the module.

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