Walkthrough The Surge 2 Walkthrough & Guide: All Missions And Bosses

You awake in a hospital bed and you see two huge screens hung across the wall. In one the screens, one of them states that an “unknown subject” has been put in a coma. am wondering if this means you?

Look around the corners until you come across a box filled with the Keycard for Medical Staff hidden behind the partition. You can use it to unlock the door to the opposite side. In the room that is behind it there is a drone flying around that will strike you right away It’s sufficient to stop the initial attacks and then counterattack repeatedly. Be aware that within a couple of seconds an additional drone appears in hovering over a massive gap within the wall.

In the opposite direction, just to the left of the hole, you’ll find another door behind which is an audio log Medical Record TS-2. There is also an initial aid station that is hung on the wall that can be used to treat yourself, if needed. The next step is to walk through the crack in the wall where the second drone pierced and into Cell B. This is where you are locked in a cell and have to be able to escape this is why the game Escape from Prison starts.

Be alert as you walk along the narrow road to your left in cell block B. In the cell block B area, you’ll be confronted by another drone in darkness, which is difficult to discern. Then you’ll be in another cell, and must defend yourself from the wrathful prisoner. Of obviously, it is for self-defense. If he does, they will take away the strong HL-1 defibrillators that are shackled on your hand.

A cell is down, and you’re able to only leap through a crack in the floor. Then you’ll need to take out the next prisoner as soon as you can. Beware: the prisoner is known to throw stones at you, that’s why you must immediately run towards him and surprise him.

Behind the prisoner, you’ll discover a door, that is locked and will not open it. This is because you’re currently slightly weak on the chest. To help, you should take yourself to a second first aid station that is located just next at the entrance.

To your left is an unfinished staircase before which the other two prisoners are huddled. Be sure to take care of the two fast and then expect an additional opponent who is advancing down the steps. Beware: The man carries an enormous Equalizer weapon and immediately swings it at you. Keep your distance and wait until the attack does not work. In the next moment, you will counterattack and, ideally, pound the head of your adversary.

Take the stairs yourself and listen for help of Benjamin Burke, who is locked in an cell. However, you’re too weak, which is the reason you’re unable to get the door opened for the time being it is, of course.

Continue in the opposite direction and you’ll see the door that has screens that has the JCPD emblem hanging over it. It’s possible to open it by going to the door’s controls located to the left and then look through three screens inside the room to see the prisoner’s control report.

Reverse your direction and stand again in the front of the door you entered earlier, and through which you entered the room. On the left there is an additional console, with another door controlthat you can use right away. It will open a shortcut which will lead you from Benjamin Burke’s cell to the hospital.

JCPD armory to fight the nitro

In front of the screens that display the prisoner report is the first aid facility as well as another door control, through which you’ll get into to the JCPD weapons storage warehouse. The door will close behind you, and an enemy that is slightly stronger called Nitro is waiting on the side.

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Be on the lookout for the weapon again, and then dodge the first two hits. You can counter by aiming at the head of the attacker that is not protected. Begin with three or four counterattacks before returning to the defensive.

First Medibay The Basics for Healing Injections

Once you’ve successfully mastered Nitro After that, you’ll receive the Keycard, the Keycard of Officer Johnson. You can then look around and identify two doors you are unable to open due to a weakness – not for instance, the one through which you got into the armory. There’s also an area with a locker that you’ll need a different keycard and an entry control located on the wall that you could use. In the next step you will find a room that is equipped with the appearance of a Medibay is likely to open its contents to you, and is accessible with the keycard that you’ve just captured.

Like in the initial section of The Surge The Medibay acts as the Medibay’s reset point for regeneration, upgrade and reset station. It is therefore advisable to immediately exchange your tech scrap from up to that point that you gathered during combat or upgrading stamina, health or battery performance.

Additionally, you will be provided with an exo-rig, as well as two implants which include The Omni Health Monitor and the Medivoltaic Injection. The health monitor will show the vitality of your opponents, following which you’ll know the time you’ll have to take on them.

The medivoltaic infusion, however, will heal you at the push of a button. However, it performs a little differently in comparison to its predecessors as well as Dark Souls or similar games overall. This means that you cannot recharge your injections simply through an medibay. Instead, you must fight any enemy in order to replenish your blue energy. Once the bar is filled you can swap the bar for an injection. To do this, you’re only allowed to keep two injections before the start in the course.

Free Benjamin Burke (side quest “Behind bars”)

Returning to your current surroundings just across the Medibay there is the audiolog. Are you ready for excitement?. Additionally, with the help of your exo-rig, you’re now strong enough break off all the doors that are jammed. So, go back to the armory where there’s a second prisoner.

It is recommended to target the left arm, and then cut off it in order to grasp his unintentional knife to stab his ribs. For this, you must attack your arm multiple times, then hit the button that is indicated to end the attack. Important note: You’ll also require a full battery bar in order to break it your arm, however, you should have accumulated it automatically by executing previous attacks.

If you don’t, return the fugitive Benjamin Burke and free him from his cell by means from your exo-rig. He will then provide you with Benjamin’s Keycard and advise you visit the evacuation camp known as Gateway Bravo. In this context the side adventure behind the Bars begins.

You can make use of this opportunity to walk back even more by climbing the stairs , and then entering the first locked door. Next to it hangs the first aid stations. You can then be able to poke into the soundlog through the line. Also, you’ll find a locked door the magnetic lock. The door can be opened only later this is the reason you have to return for your JCPD arsenal.

The fundamentals of building weapons

When you return to the armory, make sure to get the locker open by using Benjamin’s keys to access another weapon that is The Infinite INF Labs case. It’s more difficult to carry around in comparison to the one with the ribs stabber but it’s a lot more powerful.

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Another suggestion: If you take on anyone with weapons you already have, but nevertheless take off his arm you will be awarded the tungsten alloy. Then, collect three of them as fast as you can and then return into the Medibay with the three alloys. This will increase the strength of your attack on your Empty INF Labs case (or any other weapon you have) by using the alloys.

Security Corridor & Evidence Room

Then, open the last closed door to the armory. Then, go into then the the security hallway. You’ll see Director Garcia at the end of the corridor. He will then close the double door right in front of your eyes. To be precise, it is just in front of this door can you remove your Directional Block Analyzer An implant that determines the most effective block direction to defend against each attack.

On the right-hand side of the corridor , you will come across a door that you are able to open. It is recommended to lure your opponent’s attention to you , and go into The Asservatenkammer just after you have fought. To the back of the dark corners are several pieces of plane debris that you are able to take a look. So, take just a couple of steps and look at the gap in the wall of stone. You will then encounter a table sporting android legs, and on the steps that run behind it , another enemy is moving around.

Take the stairs up and proceed to the next room in which you will be immediately welcomed by the villain who is next. To the left of you is an unassuming path leading that leads to a small amount made of metal scrap. It is possible to convert this (and other items you discover in the course of play) to tech scrap during the next Medibay visit. The scrap will not expire until after your death.

You’ll then have walk back down the steps and you’ll find yourself in a different part within the secure corridor. You’ll be able to find two door controls that open an area with a heap of scrap metal. The second is the exact doors that Garcia shut before your eyes. This means that you can gain access to the access point towards Medibay. Medibay through the opening. You you can continue following Garcia.

It is then that you will come across another door that seems to be securely secured. The lock is in the wall, a few feet further ahead. It is necessary to press it, and then swiftly sprint through the opening until it closes. This will lead one to the Automated Injection Charge implantthat transforms a battery bar into a healing injection prior to the energy runs out.

To your left to your right, Director Garcia awaits you. He is the very first final boss in the game. Before facing the boss, make sure to be aware of the status of your medivoltaic injectors: You can take one of the injections as described previously, fighting opponents and then converting the battery energy they produce into injections.

If you’ve got only one injection or none at disposal, go back to the medibay to beat the new prisoners who are available for fight. Be sure to avoid taking off any body part since this can also drain batteries energy. Only focus on the hoarding of injections.

If you’re on the other side you have two medivoltaic injectors available, proceed through the door and go into the lobby of the JCPD.

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