Walkthrough The Pillars of the Earth Completely Solved: All Decisions And Consequences, All Optional Puzzles And Quests

The consequences of decisions and the implications

Pillars of the Earth Pillars of the Earth is not your typical adventure game. Its structure is more like Telltale’s games as you’ll often need to make decisions that will have significant implications for your game’s gameplay and story. The majority of the time the consequences are minor and affect only a few different phrases of dialogue. Certain decisions, on the contrary, can dramatically alter the direction of the events. In our guide we will explain precisely which choice will result in the most impact and what it will mean.

Optional quests/puzzles:

It’s important to keep your eyes peeled when playing The Pillars of the Earth! Since there are numerous “side missions” (or puzzles) that can be completed. You do not have to complete them in order to advance in the game, however you could do them to gain knowledge about The world that is The Pillars of the Earth or to set things in motion that might influence the story in the future. Particularly, the NPCs (minor characters) frequently have wishes you can fulfil, but do not have to do so, e.g. Brother Milius who wants to be able to grow seeds so that it can grow a tree. It’s probably worth watching out for seeds. There is often an award or achievement to be won. It also gives you an extra score at the conclusion of every chapter.

Answering puzzles correctly or poorly

Many puzzles, including the previously mentioned “optional puzzles” are solvable “good” as well as “bad” which is usually one simple solution that you don’t need to work hard, or there’s an elaborate solution that gives an improved result. For instance, in the scene of birth the baby will be born regardless of what you do. But there are ways to help make this birth simpler to the mom by taking the proper steps that will not alter the outcome but bring you praise and sometimes an Achievement Award.

Chapter Evaluation

Following each chapter, you’ll be given a list of the things you did and what you did to make a decision in difficult situations within the story. You could also make use of this as a guide to discover the things you missed or took the “wrong” choice. It could be worthwhile to go back through the chapter to consider different decisions, and also to catch up with the side quests that are often overlooked.

Save often!

It is important to keep track of your game’s progress frequently with different saves! Since this way, you will be able to “rewind” when you make a change of decision and decide to take a different path. In addition, this means you are able to “experiment with” for a little while if aren’t sure what to do.

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In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the controls and game aspects that are in The Pillars of the Earth. The first step is to move to any location: Click anywhere and you’ll see your avatar move to that location. Then, the “thinking” is done by clicking your right-click several times over the screen to capture the short thoughts your character is able to make about the situation. It is suggested to do this repeatedly and repeatedly throughout the course of play to discover potential solutions for the challenges as well as useful suggestions.

Then, you’ll learn the hotspot key Use the spacebar or mouse wheel to display all the objects shown that you are able to interact with. It’s a good idea to try this out immediately by left-clicking on the tools to the right side to access these tools. You’ll see them in your inventory near the bottom in the window from this point from now. Take it and then use it to activate the gargoyle. Then you will get an idea of a mini-game you’ll come across many times throughout your game. In the mini-game, a circle moves between two points on an object. Press at the correct time when it reaches the green zone.

Now, you will meet Sally. Contact her and select either to the cough or the wave. Contrary to most adventure games the dialogues are in The Pillars of the Earth are multi-directional, which means you don’t simply “click through” dialogs until all answers are available however, you must make a the decision of how you want you’ll act. A lot of these choices are influenced by the future direction of the story which can be larger, or smaller. Like those in the Telltale games. We’ll learn more about this in a minute it also has an time limit in which you must decide. The option to remain silent is also available.

The cathedral is now gone and we learn that double-clicking can help you accelerate your progress. This is the end of the tutorial, and the game starts.

Prologue: The birthplace of the forest

Shiring, England, 1135. Tom Builder and his pregnant wife Agnes together with their daughter Martha are headed to Shiring which is in the town where Tom expects to get employment. They stay in the woods and attempt to light a campfire in the cold winter months. Luckily the son of her Alfred is already able to find a few branches. They spread them out around in the pit for fire. Tom is surprised to find that they’re dry. They also have flints stored in his inventory. The fire starts with it.

The next step is that Tom has to go in search of water. However, before that his wife engages him in a sly inquiry about his future career. Choose a solution and it won’t be a major issue. We do however learn about a different game element in The Pillars of the Earth A clue. They are “collected” similar to objects and then “used” in conjunction with other people for instance, to talk to them about the issue that is at hand. They can also be “used” in conjunction with objects, giving fresh perspective or idea.

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Use the cauldron made of metal. If you continue to look at Tom’s staff, you’ll get an entry into the in-game encyclopedia that contains many details on the item. Continue to the left, leaving the camp for the night and head into the woods. Tom arrives at an ice-covered water puddle. The ice is hard for his hands, but the cauldron made of metal is able to smash into the frozen water. To do this, a fasttime event is launched with the requirement to take 3 green areas at just the correct time by pressing a button to create.

Tom was able to do it. The kettle managed to cut through the ice and now he’s got an entire pot filled with Ice. Then, he heads back to the camp that he slept in where he hangs his kettle on the flame. The conversation continues regarding Tom’s plans for the future and his love for cathedrals. In his head, he designs an entire cathedral along with daughter. Discuss in a dialogue what the cathedral should look like.

In the present his wife is in labor, however, it seems that the birth seems to not be going as planned. She is suffering great bleeding and pain.

Optional puzzle The optimal birth

In the next scene you are able to act in various ways. Depending on how well , or poor you perform when you give birth, Agnes will react differently towards her husband later on and either with a smile or a snide comment. Speak to her first, and ask her repeatedly how you can assist. Do not touch the girl with your cold fingers, and avoid telling stories to keep her entertained. Also, take charge of your children: ask Alfred to find fresh water and request Martha to take the reeds. Then , put the cloak over Agnes for warmth. Continue to talk to her until Alfred is back with the warm water. Then, immediately send him away to purchase new firewood, and build the fire. Warm your hands with warm water, and then stroke Agnes.

However you are doing it will happen that the baby will come regardless of how well or poorly you do it, however Agnes dies soon after the birth. The prologue ends that follows by opening credits following which you are given an overview of all the decisions you’ve taken so to this point.

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