Walkthrough The Legend Of Zelda: Link’S Awakening Solution And Guide For All Dungeons, Spell Shells, Heart Pieces With Maps!

Now what? He’s now stuck in this enigmatic island which he is unable to escape until you wake the wind fish from an enormous egg at the top of a mountain. The good news is that Link could convince a few of his friends quickly.

Link’s awakening: fundamental notes

The Switch version of the 1993 Game Boy classic is largely an adaptation of the DX version that was released for the Game Boy Color in the spring of 1999, but with some minor changes. The majority (though some, but not all) games and sequences are identical that were in the original version. Contrary to Game Boy versions, however the Swtch version is a shining one with several pleasant adjustments in the way controls are operated. There is no need to navigate to the submenu once every 20 seconds to control your weapons and other items.

After you’ve located the right items Once you’ve found the right items, the sword, shield, and Pegasus boots will remain in place and are activated by the B button, as well as the shoulder buttons. Nintendo offers this comfort in a deliberate way and increases the speed of attack and ability to strike while at the same time.

So, you should take these tips seriously: 1) Make Link’s shield active on enemy contact G as an absolute matter.

Press the shoulder button R1 and Link will activate his shield (if there is one). This shield protects him face-to-face and blocks the majority of weapons including spear, shield or spiked ball. The aspect that Link slows down during the course of his run shouldn’t worry you. The benefit of frontal protection is far greater than the disadvantage. Certain enemies are able to defeat in no way when they strike Link’s shield, and then surrender their shield protection.

2) Find a security shield in the earliest time is possible in case you don’t own one.

Certain creatures could eat Link’s shield. To ensure that you don’t wander around in the dark without protection and you don’t get any protection, you need an upgrade. You can purchase an additional shield in your first village either at The general shop or the mini-game grappling arm.

3) Earn regular rewards through the bazaar for shells.

Link continues to find magic shells as he travels throughout the entire island. They can be found in the ground, buried under rocks and the list goes on. There are rewards to be found in a specific home on the island by displaying at regular intervals the number of magic shells you’ve amassed. You can, however, lose certain rewards if you don’t make the stops in between which is why you should make sure to visit the market often.

4.) Collect the heart pieces as soon as you can.

If Link discovers four heart pieces, they will be joined to form a heart-shaped container, which expands his life bar. The heart contains 12 parts in total, which means you get three hearts full over the course of your adventure. The majority of heart pieces aren’t accessible at the start – occasionally you’ll need help. However, you must get the heart pieces as soon as you can to ensure that you are prepared.

5.) Always keep a spare supply of bombs, magic powder and arrows.

After you’ve discovered the initial details of your island you’ll gradually rely on other weapons to help you get through your day. Magic powder is available at the beginning of the game. It can be used to make certain enemies more harmless enemies, illuminate lanterns, or free the villager from curses.

Bombs are, however are powerful weapons for combating enemies. They also they break down crumbling stone walls, opening up secret pathways. You can find the first bombs at the end of the third dungeon, or purchase them at the general store of the initial village. They’re available in packs of ten for the price of 10 rubies.

The initial bow and arrow sets are exorbitantly expensive, with a cost of 980 rubies at the store. However, it’s also essential. It can be used it can be used as a weapon in combat at range, and it is also the tool used to turn on remote switches. Always ensure that you have enough regardless of which location you are. There’s no way to know when you’ll require these things and you’ll be irritated if you run out.

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6) Highlight important points in the world map.

The Switch version of Zelda: Link’s Awakening allows you to add symbols to the map’s overview. In the event that you forget to reveal some secrets undiscovered or things behind due to the fact that they aren’t accessible currently an icon of the same type will be added to the map to alert you.

7) Reverse the wheel literally on every stone

If it’s magical shells, rubies or maybe even a hidden passageway – stones and bushes are often hiding important information. We’ll be sure to provide the fascinating hidden secrets to Cocolint Island to you as part of this walkthrough. However, in the event that you play by yourself it will be more exciting. If you do you must take every place you can using a shovel, move every vase and rock, and thoroughly explore every corner and crevice in the area.

8.) Simply eliminate all enemies from the Rarooms within Dungeons.

The dungeons of Link’s Awakening follow the traditional Zelda concept. Apart from a specific instrument for progress the dungeon, there are five primary elements in every dungeon to help you progress, which include keys that are small, the large key (which will open the boss’s room) as well as a compass that provides tips for keys and treasures, the map that shows the structure of the dungeon as well as a beak that lets you understand the the hints from the owl statues. The compass is especially useful. If you’ve got it, it will send an audible sound when you enter a space where an unimportant key has been concealed. If you do not have it you could cut down on running around when you eliminate every enemy within the room. The reason behind this is quite simple: you’ll receive the majority of keys when you clear specific areas of enemies. If you do this throughout the entire room, you will never be missing any keys, regardless of regardless of whether you’ve got the compass on or not.

9) Take fairytales from the bottles with you

One of the most well-known elements in the Zelda series is empty bottles in which Link can store and capture fairies. They weren’t present in the original version of Link’s Awakening game Boy however, now with the Switch adaptation, the game has been changed. With the availability of three bottles, you must make use of these bottles. You should lock them up and then take them to the dungeons to provide life insurance. Be careful, however: unlike fairies from different Zelda games, fairies won’t instantly heal you if you’re over the edge. It is necessary to take them out of the bottle by yourself. The automatic revival feature is only available in this game by using an enchanting balm.

Important locations within the Island

The Island of Cocolint isn’t particularly big. It is a part of the Zelda games it’s even the smallest of the places. The island is nevertheless packed with key locations and has hidden secrets which are waiting to be revealed.

When you begin the game, only a tiny portion of the map is shown. As you move around and explore, the greater the extent of this map will be shown within the game’s menu. But, as you’ll need to be able to locate yourself to our path of solution It is essential to be able to speak about specific places even if you do not recognize them as of at the moment. This is why we provide two different models of our map for Cocolint here. They’re spoilers naturally however, for the game that’s been playing since 1993, there’s no need to be so squeamish about it.

The map below shows the basic plan of the island, including every area name. It’s not necessary to remember the names, but it’s helpful to have an understanding of where you are. You can also check out the maps in game.

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Naturally, we have an overworld map with captions to help you. But, you’ll find the map in this format only at the final stages of the game

A lot of places in Cocolint that you can visit multiple times, while some however, are just boring enough to be visited for a few minutes or even a couple of times at the most. We have listed the most popular places

The Seagull Village

Your journey begins in Seagull Village that is located to the eastern part on the map. There are several villagers who won’t offer much guidance but they’re genuinely happy for the needs of. There are however a couple of significant places in Movendorf.

Weathercock is the one that you will find your companion Marin is seated. But, the weathercock serves different roles.

The shop – The store where you can purchase a variety of important products

The mini-game of cranes where you could also win valuable things if you are skilled

The pond that fishhas an in-depth game that promises you money as well as specific rewards

The home of the family who is a collector of dolls. The house is home to Mamasha and Papahl together with their kids. You can put the dolls that include ShyGuy, Pokey, etc

It is the Dream Shrine The Dream Shrine, in which you will be given an important piece of equipment during your adventure. To get inside, however you must have the power bracelet as the entrance is protected by stones

The home of the phone consultant Ulrira. But, he’s quite shy

The home of the Madame MiouMiou and her chain dogs

The library is The library of the village. Here you can get important advice regarding how to play the game. Additionally to this, there’s a obscure book that is only accessible with a magnifying glass

It is believed that the Mov Village is the area you’ll be visiting the most, because a large number of plot stops happen there. However, there are other important spots that are on your map.

The Shell Bazaar

Within the Shell Bazaar, which can be found in the middle of Cocolint You can collect rewards on a regular basis if you discover hidden magic shells and then deliver them to the Bazaar. In default, you’ll get a reward every 10 shells. The details on this is available inside our book “All magical shells”


Boris is a dungeon creator. He teaches you a mini-game in which you build your own Dungeons (dungeons). For the sake of having fun. However, you’ll get also rewarded. The more dungeons you’ve been to in your game, the more choices you have to build your own Dungeons.

The Zoo village

The second city of Cocolint. But, it is not the only one. reside there. In the next game, you’ll be required to bring your companion Marin to the area, as Marin’s songs are loved by animals and an obese walrus that blocks the way could be woken up by the tune. The majority of people living in the village are not playing any significant role, however you’ll encounter the wife of Ulrira there after she’s gone from the seagull’s village.

There’s also Christine in this area. You’ll need to barter with her before she’ll even talk with you (see the chapter on this subject). Once she’s bonded with Link and becomes friends with Link, she tells you that she’d like to establish a relationship to the Dr. Wright. The Dr. Wright is located far northwestern in a region between the forests and mountains.

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