Walkthrough The Last Of Us 2 Walkthrough, Tips & Guide

General tips and techniques

You control two principal characters from opposing sides during the game:

Ellie, You’ve heard of Ellie from the very first episode. Ellie is the only one unaffected by the mutation-related infections that have affected humanity. There is no way for spores or bites to cause an infection in her. It is possible to be killed if she is bitten by an affected.


Abby is presented in the game as an adversary. You’ll learn more about Abby as the game progresses.

Both characters play similarly yet possess slightly different abilities that you’ll quickly learn. The controls are essentially identical for both.

The game provides several superimposed tooltips which provide important information about controls. There’s a separate tutorial; however, it’s not needed since the game’s layout gradually introduces you to each part.

However, there are always difficult scenarios. By following these tips, you’re prepared for the worst.

1.) Take anything tangible

Within the universe of The Last of Us 2, There are no supplies available. You will require materials to craft your own during the journey. Medi-packs, weapons, upgrade options for firearms, silencers, and much more. You’re only allowed to carry only a small amount of items, and you should be searching for more wherever you travel. There will be a shortage of things faster than you think you will! Don’t leave a closet or drawer not checked! Inspect every room and hallway!

2) The Assassination method is more efficient than shooting around

You’ll discover and alter various weapons as you move through the game. There is no way to live without guns. However, it’s always better to remain quiet and secure initially. It is possible to ambush your opponents, strangle them, or cut them with knives. So, you’ll be in the dark for a while and also save ammunition which can be extremely rare towards the game’s close. But, the place of your assassination attempts is often crucial because the bodies lay around and could be detected by other players.

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3.) Audio signals

Be aware of the game’s sound effects while playing in the dark and during firefights. If your character is in the potential enemy’s field of vision, there will be a loud sound that sounds like a. The louder it gets, the more likely it is to be noticed. The sound itself is not but a signal that you’ve been caught. However, it is a sign of the possibility of being seen, as the enemy is sure to detect you when you look in his direction. Therefore, calm yourself and ensure you are safe whenever you hear the sound. It’s not over at this point!

4.) The appearance of the enemy in firefights

The Last of Us 2 cultivates the sin of treating you less fair when fighting firefights than assassination killings. In simple English, this means that when you shoot then, you’ll have to contend with more moving enemies than you’d have to combat in the silent assassination. If necessary, it is required; the game will bring in enemies that weren’t before that – as if they weren’t there. The lag effect isn’t as intense with the infected as for ordinary people since you’ll see them later in the game. But there is a principle of thumb: “Those who shoot have greater dangers in front of the gun”. The greater the challenge level is, the more quickly and more numerous enemies will be when using guns. The difficulty level also increases as the game advances.

5) Dying can reduce your number of enemies, but it’s not always.

The game frequently generates save points automatically that you’ll be able to return to at the time of your death. It’s a good thing that Last of Us 2 is exceptionally generous in this regard. It does this in a minute-by-minute manner when the circumstances permit. If you can defeat a few enemies in an extremely high number of enemies, it will create reset points to save your achievement and reduce the stress of losing. The difficulty level will vary. However, the game isn’t taking the game seriously regarding the number of enemies. If you’ve been killed a few times, there are fewer enemies in the next round than when you last lost your life. Although this is a common principle that is commonly used, it’s essential to be aware that the game deliberately lets you only checkpoints in specific scenes to build tension. The closer you are to the end, the more often the game will require you to go through longer sections. In the final chapters, the number of enemies will not be diminished, regardless of how you die.

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6) Hacking safes using numbers

In playing, now and then, you’ll encounter safes with numbers that are unknown to you. The good thing is that you’ll always be able to locate the correct numbers to open safes that are in proximity. The numbers are usually written as a letter, and even if they’re not the numbers in the letter, they are a clue that can help you figure out the answer. Be sure to look closely when you spot a safe area, as the answer can be found within your reach. Even in the worst-case scenario, there’s a solution just a few rooms away.

7.) Booby traps and their usage

Booming booby traps can be especially helpful for the acoustically inclined affected. Lay them out, draw the infected toward the web with the brick or bottle, and boom! Humans aren’t able to walk into a booby trap often because they observe it. However, if you can hide them strategically, it can change the course of a battle in your favor.

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