Walkthrough The Last Guardian Walkthrough, All Puzzles Solved, Taming Trico

Trico can be described as an animal and not just a machine: You need to be aware within The Last Guardian that Trico is a live animal that is being simulated. It is possible to call Trico and issue him small commands (more on this later) However, Trico won’t always respond instantly. In some instances, you’ll have to explain what you’d like to hear several times. But do not get too overly demanding and bother the animal by expressing your desires. If you’re willing, you can also believe in Trico when he is stretched upwards at any time and is looking at an opening, it could be an indication of where and how to proceed.

The right instructions:From a certain point you can issue Trico commands. In addition to the basic directions, you can instruct him to jump up or down, bang his head against an obstruction or even stomp onto the floor. When you give directions, make sure that you adjust the camera in a correct manner. It must remain stationary, or remain in place and, ideally, you’ll be able to be able to see the place where Trico should be. Sometimes, it’s beneficial to be sitting on the Trico’s head and giving Trico commands from there. In theory, he won’t observe you, but actually the animal will then know what you are trying to convey.

Take your time and patient: The Last Guardian isn’t a fast-paced first-person shooter, but rather a slow-moving climbing game and puzzle. While the camera isn’t easy to operate (more on this later too) You can manage numerous difficult situations by being calm and waiting for only a few minutes. Ascending Trico is much easier than it appears: Hold on his hind leg and pull up using your analog sticks until you can find yourself in the back of the animal or head. It’s even work even when your camera is zoomed very close to the point that it’s impossible to see anything.

Set the camera with calmness instead of arguing over it: Like I said the camera can be really a nuisance only at first. It is hung very close to the boy taking pictures of his small perspective and often dangerous circumstances. Like Shadow of the Colossus, it’s vital to not let it cause you to be annoyed. When you begin to feel that you’re not able to notice anything, you should wait for a couple of seconds before adjusting the camera towards a corner that can help. If Trico is near you at that moment it could be necessary wait for him to pass you by.

The Last Guardian walkthrough: the beginning of a friendship and The shield that protects against destruction

Duration: 90 minutes

The difficulty is medium

You can press the joypad’s buttons to your heart’s content until all characters appear on screen. When you have control over the boy, move around the dry well and then pull the spear from the back of Trico’s paw. Then turn around and head to the lever on the left back. Go through the door and grab the barrel. Transfer the barrel to Trico and then throw it at Trico. Get away until he stops focusing on you. Watch Trico eat the barrel.

Ascend the ledge over the door, and then crawl through the doorway. The next barrel is yours to throw it at Trico too. Go back to the door then turn left and walk onto the platform to grab three barrels. Also, take it and take it back to Trico. Keep waiting for a couple of metres until he’s eaten everything . Then, go in the direction of the animal. You will find another spear stuck inside the shoulder. Get up on top of the fur and take it out.

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You can repeat this process until you wake up and walk over the back of Trico’s paws and onto his back. Move to the neck, by pulling the handles until you are able to remove the chain from Trico’s neck. You can then run through the narrow ravine , and summon Trico when you are in the area of grass. Keep him waiting until he finishes eating the next barrel on his own and then sit on his head. Be gentle until he falls down, then leap from your back to the edge on which there was a barrel. Locate an alcove on your left where another barrel is sitting and throw it at Trico and Trico. Through the opening the barrel was blocking and follow the route.

Through another small opening and proceed to the back, right up towards the sarcophagus. Grab the mirror on the floor then return it to Trico. The creature awakes immediately and responds with the shield. You can use it to pinpoint any location in order you can ensure that Trico releases lightning bolts at that location.

The ravine is crossed, you stand on the wall behind and call Trico. He will climb on top of you and then jump from the top to the narrow passageway. In the back is another barrel, which you can feed Trico like you normally do.

Return to the beginning location with your fluffy companion and utilize the shield to ignite the wall of stone to just to the left that is where three barrels were. Watch for Trico to smash the wall with his lightning bolts, then climb through the hole. Follow the trail until you’ve climbed over clay jars. Continue calling to Trico until he appears and slams the jars into the deep abyss. On the other side of the pathway, jump into the water and swim towards the platform that is round to your left. Take it up and aim the barrier with a shields to ensure that Trico takes it down.

In the alcove next to the passage and then climb to the top of the ladder. Once you’re at the top, you can turn to the platform, and leap on the platform. Then, push the crate and barrels on top of the platform. You can then return to the platform using chain. Choose some of them, and go back on the lake. Place it before Trico’s eyes, and wait for him to fall towards you. Then feed Trico the two other barrels in the crate.

Be on the lookout for your friend as he jumps off the shore at the same time. You can call him back, and then take him to his back. Watch for Trico to swim ashore once more and be carried away to an end. Then get off, climb the wall that is in the alcove, and then crawl across the passageway. Then, jump down to the ground and then follow Trico. Make a right turn and walk along the narrow pathway next towards the wall of rock. Once you’re unable to proceed hold the chain in front of you. Move to the smaller platform and then immediately jump onto another chain.

Get on the big platform, then walk up to the back of the ledge. Be on the lookout for Trico and pinpoint the location that he is looking at. The barricaded passage is the target. Grab your shield and then run along the column that has fallen. Go up the steps to your left and pass through the two doors on your right. You will be running forward for few steps and then walk up to the second set of steps on your right.

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Find the dead-end and discover that you’re on opposite side of the barricaded path. You can call out Trico then wait till he’s beneath you. When he begins to turn in your direction, make a couple of steps backwards, and wait until he leaps over towards you. Reverse your direction and aim at the debris at the rear of the dead end. The shield should be directed at it until Trico eliminates it, then remove the barrel that appears. Then give it the Trico to eat, and then run down the steps.

Go left, and then sprint to the right side of the two doors and make a call to Trico. Ascend on him and climb up the ledge on your right. Begin climbing one ledge at a moment and then walk to the left. Go up the step and then leap to the chain. Go up it, and then go to the right side of the path. In the small cave, pick up the barrel that is in the alcove to the left of the back. Give it back into Trico and then go to the next passageway that is barricaded. It should be lit with your shield, so that Trico can destroy it.

Make your way to the grates which, at first glance appears impossible to overcome. Move to the right of it through the barely apparent opening and continue to run straight on the opposite side at which point Trico leaps onto the edge of the grates. Follow the wall to your right until you get to its conclusion. Reverse direction and walk up the wall to the left until encounter another grates. You can call for Trico and climb on his head. Take a look towards the grate, then watch for Trico to leap to the other side , with you.

Lower yourself and then push the platform by using the glass eye left to plunge into the deep abyss. Take the stairs up and walk along the passageway on your right. Make a left at the crossroads until you’re blocked by a second grates. Lure Trico towards you, then climb up on his head, and leap to the two cracks in the wall , through which bright light flows. Through it, jump onto the narrow edge.

You can climb all until you reach the bottom and then stand on the highest the ledge. Make a jump to the opening to your left, and then go through it. Lower yourself to pull the lever back to let the grate open. Then, turn right and hand Trico the barrel to eatfrom, which is in the middle in the middle of the dead-end.

Return to the steps you took and put a shield in the barricade on your right until Trico eliminates it. Move to the opposite end of the platform, and climb down. Make a call for Trico repeatedly until he is able to climb down to you. Then let him take you for a meal (! ).

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