Walkthrough Syberia 3 Walkthrough: All Puzzles Solved

After speaking to Kurk After speaking to Kurk, walk towards the door to your left and attempt at opening the door. Check the red button that is to the right and click it. The camera should be turned to the side until you can see an screw in the upper right corner of the box. There is also an inscription on the left side. Take a look at them, then go to the table, and look at it in detail and also. Use the knife to go back to your call button. Make use of your knife in order to remove the screws. To open the inventory in order to do this. Choose the knife, then turn your left stick analog counterclockwise, while pressing the button for action.

Select the cable in green on the left bottom and hold down the button to move it move it to the upper right corner in the box. Examine the cylinder that is in the middle, then push through the hole until you can hear clicking. Press the button to activate it and push the analog stick upwards to shut the box. Hit the call button red to leave the room.

Take a look around and speak to the patients and doctors. After that, walk to the left and then look at the door in front of the mirror. Look through it, talk with Dr. Mangoling and make sure to be honest with him. After you have spoken, go towards the cabinet Dr. Mangoling points out and open one of the drawers in the middle. Remove your belongings and go out of the space.

Access to elevator

Go to the left until you reach an elevator. Have a closer look at it, then take the key that was given your by Dr. Mangoling. Click it and complete the following problem. To make it easier to understand the puzzle, we’ve numbered each button, the upper one being the first , and the one below being the eighth.

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Press the fourth button and then turn the line of snakes to the left until it is in the position to cover the opening to the right.

Hold the third button, and then rotate the snaked line to the left and back until it is covered by the opening in the upper right.

Hold the eighth button, and then rotate the snaked line left until it is in line with the opening on the left.

Hold the button down and then turn the line of snakes towards the left, until it is covered the left opening of the two openings in the middle.

Press both the seventh and sixth buttons at the same time and then rotates both looped lines left until they fill the opening on the left side.

Press the fifth button, then turns the looped line left until it is covered by the right side of both middle openings.

And lastly make sure you press the second button and turn the snaked line to the left until it covers the opening in the upper left.

Speak with Dr. Mangoling once more and examine the key you have in your inventory. Make it so that you can see an elongated head right in your eyes. Then click it using the cursor. Turn the key to the left and click on the small hole that is above the head.

Remain in Dr. Magoling’s bedroom and study the desk on left on the left side of the polygraph. Unlock the top drawer and then pull books and the folders as much towards the left as is possible. Click on the red pamphlet located at the bottom right. Click it and flip it over until you are on the 6th page. Take it along with the key, and then return to the hospital room.
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Talk with Kurk and give him the book during the discussion. Take a break and look for the door that is open that is to the left. Mangoling’s bed. Click on the sleeping patient , and grab the key on his neck. Make your way to the elevator and then run to the left until the camera’s perspective changes. Enter the door, and unlock it with the key of the patient.

Through the door, use the automatic bird. Return to your room , and proceed to the right , to the balcony. Then, click on the grate to connect it to the bird’s mechanical mechanism. Make use of it, after which Kate will pass the brochure onto the owl who flew by.

After having spoken with Doctor. Olga Jeifmowa, return to the balcony and pick up the new key that the Owl has carried onto its hind legs. Talk to Kurk again , and make your way into the elevator. Make use of the key you repaired, enter the elevator and press the button on your left.

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