Walkthrough Styx: Shards Of Darkness Tips & Tricks, Find All Posters, Badges And Emblems


Be aware that although you are not visible at this point however, you will be heard. Therefore, jogging enemies and jumping around in a frenzied manner might not be the most beneficial ideas.

Prevents fall damage

If Styx slip and fall in a climb and he loses his footing, press the button to grab it so you don’t fall all way down and end up dying.

Never kill your enemies

If you’re not looking to kill your enemies but you want to be left out of winning the Mercy award, you can use poisons found in food, explosive barrels or crates, or even falling objects to kill opponents. This method is considered by the system to be an accidental event, not a murder.


Always be aware of the dagger that’s on the back of Styx since its glowing will show how obvious you are to your adversaries.

Lure enemies

If you’re planning to throw a chandelier at your foes, pull them onto the red carpet immediately below using a distraction device prior to the drop to eliminate as many foes as you can.

Avoid a melee

Styx: Shards of Darkness is a stealth-based game and must be played in a manner that is safe. Avoid combat in melee with your character since you will be beaten by a tonne. At lower levels of difficulty, Styx is able to parry, however this won’t guarantee you victory.

Iron ore is a valuable resource.

By launching arrows, you can eliminate guards in a short time. To make these incredibly powerful weapons, you’ll require ore. Keep an eye out for it and try to collect the most you can.

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Avoid alarms

In addition to the obvious method of not revealing your identity to your enemies You should also be sure to cover up any dead bodies as well as unconscious corpses,. Keep in mind that finding the Goblin replica doesn’t count towards the statistical statistics. At best, you should shut off lighting sources and look around rooms with this.

How to find your way

If you get stuck, turn on Styx’s golden resin vision. This will highlight the places that you are able to climb.

More Experience points

To make your game simpler, you must complete as many side and collecting tasks as you can. This will help you learn new skills quicker and complete your tasks faster.

Styx Shards of Darkness A Guide: Locations of every poster — Mission 0: Prologue

Poster #01 : Follow these instructions which will take you to the badge #01. The same room is in which you can discover this rare item poster, the one you’re seeking is also displayed on the wall.

Poster #2 – Just to the left of the point in the beginning, the scene where you and your Goblin allies engaged in fighting, you’ll see a tiny cave in the rocks. The wall that is outside are Poster #2.

Poster #03: Approach the building’s large size, and you’ll need to go back through a search. The right-hand side of the building the poster can be found upon one of the pillars made of wood.

Poster #04 : From the room in which you located your documents searching for, walk up the stairs and then through glass towards the back part of the house. Be on the lookout for two guards and avoid them. In the back room there is a collectible waiting for you.

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Poster #05 – This poster is similar to badge #04, can be found at the entrance of the huge building. If you go down, the object you’re searching for is located in the wall to the left.

Poster #06 is a copy of badge number 04. This poster looks exactly like badge #04.

Poster #06 – Inside the house of guards, there’s an enormous wooden table almost entirely centered on the lower level. The poster you’re looking for is located on the table, and is guarded by a large contingent of guards. Be extra careful.

Poster #07 – You will locate this poster in the guards’ house 2nd floor. Find this poster in the area where you will discover the reward for guards. Poster #07 is hung in one of the posts made of wood.

Poster #08: Once you’ve located all objects in your quest You must reach the highest point to get rid of this floor. When you reach the top, take care of the two guards. Leave from the building to the side and take the poster by one of the posts made of wood.

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