Walkthrough State Of Mind Walkthrough, Tips & Tricks For All Puzzles

Take a look at everything and speak to everybody:The course of State of Mind can be quite straightforward. The majority of the time, you remain in one place and shouldn’t quit until you’ve considered all relevant items and contacted all accessible individuals.

To accomplish this, be aware of the triangular marks you can observe from a distance. If one of them is empty, then you may use the object in some way or speak to someone. If the marker is not filled it is possible to at least examine it. In any case, it’s always a good idea to look through all possibilities.

Be sure to check your CloudCall frequently:In most cases, you’ll get a notification that you’re supposed to contact someone using CloudCall. However, sometimes it’s worthwhile checking. Perhaps you’ve received an email in the interim that you should at the very least listen to.

The Mosaic Puzzle:You find fragments in the course of the game that you have to solve as Richard right. When solving the puzzle you’ll be in the center of a virtual space and able to rotate and click on specific segments to switch the layout.

There are a myriad of options or rooms you could design in this way. However, only one option is always the correct one. To help you, point yourself to two key clues The first is that the segment you’ve got before you in the beginning is in the right room. Therefore, you can use it as a guideline and complete the segment in either counterclockwise or clockwise.

On the contrary, Richard will occasionally comment on a segment that you have just modified. If he appears confident and enthusiastic and confident, then you’ve discovered the right one.

Correct hack As you play the game,, you need to visit the Doomsday Club with Richard and make contact with your friend Mina to do this. Mina is already in the club, and it is not possible to contact her due to the block on reception. But, you’ll receive the known as Wizzard from a vendor called Smee who could hack the CloudCall device.

The hacking process always adheres to the same basic principle The hacking is based on the following: You can see two spheres right in front of you, and they rotate rapidly. Now, you must move them around using the analog stick until both spheres are aligned and white. It is sufficient to remain there for 3 minutes.

The fastest route to platinum:Here you will find our “h2”>The box from Adam’s dream sequence, as well as the three articles on J.

The box in Adam’s dream Sequence: The third time you take control of Adam and you’ll be in the dream sequence. You will be able to find that the Cabin Car, where Richard and Richard were involved in an accident, and inside it is another small box. However, before you are able to go in, the entire surroundings disappears and you are plunged into the depths of.

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Then comes a short sequence where you are constantly falling and have to catch the box. It is vital to not just rotate, but as well “fly” either forward or backward! So that you can get near enough that you can capture it.


Three articles on J:Richard learns from an individual known as Jace who is believed to have died. It claims to be the existence of a J or Jay who’s real identity must be determined. Along with your colleague at work Steve you browse through a number of pages on his computer at The Voice’s office. The Voice, from which you have to find three identical.


While reading two names that immediately come to mind: Jack McHale and Jeff Kosowski. The articles on McHale are revealed to be fake which is why you are focusing on Kosowski. Kosowski appears in the news articles at the extreme left and the middle. He is identified as an ex- Kurtz associate on one hand, and militant on the contrary. This is confirmed by the report in the lower right that discusses terrorism.

If you pull these three articles together and then combine them to tell the tale, it will continue.


The Doomsday Club


calling Louisa on the Doomsday Club:In the Doomsday Club, you’ll eventually have to phone the barmaid Louisa however, without even noticing. In any event, Richard will not call upon getting the CloudCall number until he’s found a quiet spot.


One option is in the upper part of the dance hall If you visit your close friend Mina there and stroll past Mina and the DJ lady to your left, you’ll find a table which is located near the railing. A man is seen there occasionally however Richard does not bother him. Therefore, you are able to sit near at the dining table Louisa contact.


Shut off the drones within the bar:Shortly after you have spoken to Louisa and a specific Phil comes to you, you need to head to the VJ desk in front of the DJ lady and turn on the three lasers that are in the dance area. They will instruct you to get three drones out from the club.

The three drones are easily found when you select the laser that allows you to see your dancefloor from above. You can focus on one drone in the lower part of the room and the other higher up in the dance floor in addition to taking out the drones by pressing an appropriate button. If you succeed, they’ll appear red rather than green.

This drone difficult to locate, as it is only visible from a distance of the two lasers. It is located right near the bar, which you can notice by its glowing neon signs that reads Fox Sake.

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The bearded and bald Jack:Your last task in Doomsday that you’ll confront after getting to know Jeff Kosowski personally, is to track down a certain Jack. Apart from his name it is all you know is that he’s beardless and bald.

There is an aircraft to locate him. You can fly freely around the venue. You can even scan the people with it, however it is not suitable for all. Don’t be surprised when you choose to target a male or woman in the right way and the scanning process does not begin.

The search for Jack is quite difficult since the man is hidden away in a corner. The bathroom is for men and is visible only when you fly into the bathroom then turn around and look at the wall that is to just to the left entryway.


The man who was in Simon’s notes, examining the room with the investigation of Dr. Sykes investigation


The Man From Simon’s Records: After you decrypt the initial information fragment, and then play it in the corresponding series, Richard is contacted by his friend Steve. He’s gathered a few records that he would like to utilize to track down the mysterious person Tracy encountered. After you visit The Voice and talk to Steve You’ll have to locate three similar clips and then combine them.

Take a look at all MoveScans until you locate the audio of a specific Kurtis, Peter in the middle and slightly towards the left. The likelihood that he’s the wanted man you are looking for is 99.7 percent. An equally strong candidate is Ylmaz-Onay with a probability at 99.6 percent, however according to the centrally-located police database, he’s deceased.

The top of the page is Kurtis his database entry and a record of him being also called Wight, Stanley. What’s missing now is the correct contact number The contact in the lower left corner appears to be a false flag because , although Kurtis, Peter appears there but there’s any mention of the CloudCall pseudonym. Instead, select the contact on the left that also mentions Wight, Stanley.


The room is explored during the Dr. Sykes examination:After Adam is promoted and you discover an information fragment following another earthquake, you are able to go to the clinic and be examined with Dr. Sykes. With the help of Governor Cain who is on the premises, the examination is completed in a matter of minutes. It’s immediately evident the moment the Dr. Sykes leaves the room and walks away.


It’s not enough to keep waiting until the exam is completed: You need to stand up and explore the laboratory. The goal is to find the left-hand side of the terminal that will provide more about Adam’s story.

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