Walkthrough State Of Decay 2 Guide: These are the tips beginners should follow

First, build the following facilities: Infirmary, beds, workstations. Your residents must be fit and well-rested first and most importantly.

The weapon can be repaired if you have a workbenchavailable: You can place a damaged weapon into the locker, pick it, and then press the button Y (on the pads). This will deplete some bolts, but enable the weapon to be fully functional once more.

Be aware of the noise levels! The presence of more people and buildings create a louder environment which draws zombies closer.

Make your beds more comfortable first, so they are a place for you to rest. You can also save money on resources, particularly in early stages, so you you do not need to occupy the entire construction site.


Keep the condition of your base on your mind! Make sure you are ready for any shortages. In order to look up specific medicines as well as ammunition, Co. ask the network (press the top of the digicross and choose network). After that, regions will be highlighted where you can locate fresh sources.

Every vehicle that is used for work comes with a trunk can be loaded with. Make use of this to carry more things on your return to the base of your trip.

If you are traveling with an AI companion is with you, you are able to change between him and him at any point. This means you’ll have an extra backpack that are ready.


Pick your character in line with the mission you are assigned! Characters who are quick and durable are suggested for missions that require gathering tough and robust characters are ideal to fight as well as other battles.

Specialize character values! They allow new buildings to be built in the base , and can have an impact on the asud duration fighting, collecting, and more.

Pay attention to the balance of your team! There are not just warriors however, you also need computer experts or craftsmen. So, be aware when you recruit new characters. whether they can help you in the future.

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Close doors. They keep zombies out for a time. However, opening a window will knock down undead that are behind it. Make use of this when playing in a group.

Get rid of Zombies from behind! This method of stealth killing is efficient against enemies that are only single. With a human companion take an undead, and let your partner stab the head of the undead.

If a dead zombie is lying upon the floor, you could eliminate it from behind.

If there is a zombie in the dirt, hand it the remainder with the combo of RT + X (on the pad). This can save time, and more importantly endurance.

Weapons for shooting are powerful, however they can be very loud and carry a limited amount of ammunition. If you must shoot, aim at the head.

Assist your NPCs in activities that aren’t yours, you seldom are under pressure to complete tasks. Utilize the reinforcements to take on an area of infection or a heart that is plagued such as.

If any of your characters is killed make sure you finish his death and then remove the things from his backpack.

Combat isn’t always a good idea! If you’re traveling on your own stay clear of zombies and the colossi. Particularly battered and with minimal equipment, sneaking around is the best option.

In the event of an infection center, close the screechers before you do, to ensure that they don’t generate new zombies.

Bloaters are killed only at a distance because they emit poisonous vapors. In addition, with your car, it is not recommended to drive right over them.

Game world

Be aware of your surroundings! Zombies are quick and tend to strike on the fly, so be aware of escape routes. If the path gets narrow, climb up rooftops or from vantage points – that way the brain eaters will not arrive.

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Look for merchants! Sell your most sought-after expensive items to gain an influence (the currencies). Weapons and consumables are typically expensive, so better save your money.

Are you looking to pause the game? Change into offline play (Start Settings – Settings – Multiplayer – Change for Offline). If you’re online, there’s not a option to stop the game Be aware of this in case you need to make a call or visit the bathroom.

Plan your travels and tasks! Consider bringing a few items of your own as well as a spare weapon. travel short distances, look closest to your base feasible, and bring an AI companion or human along. Particularly at night, solo excursions as well as larger missions (e.g. Plague Heart) can be a huge risk. Make use of the time to maintain your base , and conduct small explorations of the vicinity.

Be aware of the fuel along with the overall condition of your car while driving! The gas be kept with you. It’s fun to run over zombies but it also damages the car. Repair it as soon as you can by using the appropriate equipment in the earliest possible time when the car is burning!


Create the first posts near your base in order to increase the safety zone. If you do this, you will only see few zombies wander around that you can quickly deal with.

Outposts allow access to the locker as well as permit you to switch characters.

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