Walkthrough Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Walkthrough, Tips & Guide Incl. All Secrets And Chests

A long time ago in a galaxy far in the distance, an innocent Jedi padawan called Cal Kestis escapes the purge of Order 66, but his identity as a scrap-metal recycler doesn’t last for long. He gets caught up in a thrilling adventure with new enemies and friends. Will he be able to lay the foundation for the next Jedi generation?

General tips and techniques:

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an Soulslike action-adventure game that has diverse genres of influence. However, because the foundation game’s combat mechanic is built off games such as Dark Souls and Sekiro, the game’s progression is a bit difficult in certain areas and may be challenging. We provide a solid walkthrough, but you can aid yourself by following some key tips.

1.) Set the controls in the same way you would in other Soulslikes.

If this isn’t your first game of this kind you’ve come across you can assign the controls for combat to the same way that you’ve been trained to. The default mode has players pressing the square button (PS4) or the X button(Xbox One/PC) to fight with the lightsaber, based on your specific system. If you’re familiar with games by From Software should be more comfortable using R1 or RB for the button to attack. However players who purchased together playing Nioh, Darksiders 3 or Code Vein can leave the setting to the default.

2.) Make sure you take your time with each opponent.

Like most games like this each encounter with a foe can turn dangerous. Even the most modest and weak opponents could be a surprise and cause enough damage that you’ll be disadvantaged in future battles against larger opponents. This is why having a fundamental respect for all opponents is required. Be patient, pay attention to his actions and respond with purpose instead of hitting buttons in a frantic manner.

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“p”>Star Jedi: Fallen Order can be played with four difficulty levels. you are able to alter at any point. But not in a continuous battle. The simplest one is known as “Story mode” and reduces your opponents defenses to the point that you’ll be able to slash them with ease. This means you’ll lose a significant portion of the game’s charm. There’s no doubt that the “Jedi Knight” difficulty level is tedious and tiring however, that’s the point of the game, and it’s what makes it worth purchasing initially.

4.) Scan everything that BD-1 can offer you


The little droid typically lingers on your back so that he can give you stim packs. If he does decide to leave your side and travel somewhere, be sure to follow him. He’ll not only provide you with gadgets to assist you on your way and also the little details that can be hidden in the walls or even appliances that are able to be scanned. However, you need to insist on him scanning them by pressing down the direction pad. These secrets don’t just add to the game’s collection of items, but they also grant you points towards experience (and are not too hard to come by!). It is therefore important to pay attention to BD-1.IMPORTANT You should also look up the database of defeated opponents. It also provides you with an experience, and you’ll find suggestions for fighting with the particular opponents within the databases.

5.) Get rid of all containers – if you are able to!

In every planet environment you’ll find crates that BD-1 can open to discover diverse objects. A lot of these are skins – whether to your spaceship Cal the BD-1 himself, or for BD-1 himself, or even as a lightsaber. In some rare instances you’ll also come across additional stim packs that could help you heal. In addition to the fact that each one provides you with an experience, stim pack are so useful that you should not risk missing these. But don’t be relying upon the map overview display. It will show you how many more crates could be found, but there are some aren’t accessible until you’ve acquired specific Jedi abilities. You can save them to use at a later date.

6) Take on the weaker opponents first


In this game, teams of enemies are likely to be able to attack you simultaneously. To cause the least amount of damage it is best to be able to eliminate them in a tactical order. In general, this meansthat you should first eliminate small adversaries as they’re unable to defend themselves, and then the more powerful ones. You must also differentiate between enemies that have melee weapons. The enemies with laser blasters are usually eliminated by a few sword strikes. Most likely, they’ll avoid or shoot at a high rate. With the option of reflection using the lightsaber, you could even bounce their lasers at you if your timing is perfect.

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If your adversaries are equipped with weaponry that can be used in melee (e.g. electric batons) It becomes more difficult. You have to either take them out yourself or repel their attacks swiftly in order to reduce their stamina. Keep an eye on their energy bar that is gray. If they are not stamina-rich, they will not defend themselves. But, these enemies tend to be more persistent and require greater focus. This is why it is beneficial to not need to be attentive to anyone or as little as other possible opponents.


7) Make use of the power strike whenever necessary


Cal can benefit from several Lore abilities very early in the game. Alongside slowing enemies down and reducing their damage, you can also use the Force Strike is an indispensable ability. If you see stormtroopers on the edge, you can eliminate them with just one power strike. Simply throw them in the abyss. Additionally, you’ll earn points of experience and you shouldn’t delay. If they fail to fall into the depths, they’ll typically fall from their feet giving you the chance to move closer. In the later part of the game, you’ll be able to utilize the force to retrieve objects. It is always helpful when you’re looking to crash them.


8.) Utilize all meditation pads and pads, but only heal yourself by using them if you need to.


Meditation pads reset points, should you pass away. This is where you can control your skill tree. You can you can also heal yourself, which refills your stim packs. Once you’ve healed however, all opponents you defeated previously are likely to return. This isn’t a good idea for every circumstance. You must decide if you require healing or not.


9) Relive your experience at the time you die


If you lose the battle in front of an enemy, you keeps all your experience points and status. You can recover the battle by returning and fighting the same opponent following a respawning from the saving point. The target will shine brightly, which means you’ll be able to recognize it immediately.

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